Monday, February 28, 2011

February 28th, 2011

Good Monday morning all,
How has your week been? I got the update from mom that as far as she knows everything is good. So hopefully it´s the truth :) Good luck in your play Annie! I´m sure it´s really good and you are going to do amazing!
This week I got my carnet, which is my visa for Chili, so now I can officially say I´m a Chileana... haha:) We were talking yesterday about how we are here, trying to blend in and be like the people but we just have to face it that we are weird. We are gringas, who walk around in a skirt all day, trying to speak Spanish, and all we talk about is Jesus Christ. We are weird... haha:) Oh well, I might as well get used to it.
The Dymock guy who sold with Calvin in Texas is Hermana Dymocks brother. It´s such a small world. I think Hermana Buckners welcome home might be on the same day but I´m not sure. I don´t know how long her parents are going to be here for. But that day is also mothers day when I get to call home so you might want to keep it a little open. Well, unless you don´t want to talk... haha :) just kidding!
This week we put a table in la faria, bueno, la faria is on a different street everyday and it´s where they sell anything and everything. It´s where we try to by our fruit and veggies because it´s a lot cheaper than the super market. But we put up a table with all our pamphlets and pictures of Christ and a sign that said, "Take Free" and another sign that said "English Classes Free". In the begining no one came so we started to sing Hymns (like I said, we are weird) but it worked. People started to come and they were mostly interested in English but it was a good way to contact a lot of people an now when people see us they say, oh we saw you in the faria. But we are nervous for our English classes because I know how to speak it... but that is pretty much all.
We found a golden investigator this week, well we hope she is golden. She is about 26 and has a 2 year old little girl. Her name (the mom) is Edica or Erica, I´m not sure, I just try to say it like she said it... haha:) She has liked everything we have taught and has been looking for more than what other churches have. So hopfully everything goes well. Her baptism date is for the 27th of March, so we are preparing for that, hopefully it goes through. She didn´t come to church yesterday, bueno, none of our investigators came to church yesterday, but she had to go get her Mom at the beach but hopefully she will progress.
Oh, when you all are in Logan and need a place to eat, you should check out Ya Po (I have no idea how you spell it) but it´s a Chilean place in front of Staples and Ross (Main street and about 14th north) it´s in the building next to Chilis and if it´s still there (Hermana Dymock ate there before the mission) you can try a little bit of what I´m eating down here. Order a completo or an empanada de pino. They are pretty darn good and Hermana Dymock said that they are pretty much the same as down here. So just a little tid bit if you ever want to try something new.
All the people here are getting back from vacation because school starts this week but things are still a little crazy, everyone is out buying school uniforms and all that jazz (everyone here wears uniforms) but it will be good when the people get in a rutine again.
That is pretty much all that has happened this week. Not too much new. Just more teachin' and preachin'. Thanks for all your love and support and all you do! You all are the best!

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