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January 10th, 2011 -Part 1 & 2

Hello all,

I´m glad to hear things are going good and that my nephews are still stinkin' cute! :)  This week has been kinda crazy here. I went and took out my carnet. Its like my card to live in the country legally (I guess you could look at it like a social security card, but it looks more like a drivers licence) and it was crazy.

This first picture is part of my MTC district because we all went together and then the next is...

all the people waiting. The next is...

Me and Hermana Stevens reunited once again. To do all this jazz I went on exchanges with an Hermana who was taking out her carnet too so we changed on Thurs afternoon and then that night Hermana Stevens and another girl Hermana Player (I love her name ps, it makes me laugh) but they came and we all stayed the night together at a house closer to the mission office and down town because we had to wake up at 4 in the morning and go to the office and then go to a government building to get a stamp in our passport. There was a huge line and we were in the 30s but we missed our number because we were looking at the wrong board, so we had to get a new one which was in the 140s so needless to say, we waited a long time.

Then we went to the police place to register in the country. we waited in line there for about an hour then we had to go get our carnet at another building and we had to be there before 2 so were were running through Santiago asking people directions because we had no idea where we were going and of course we are in Chile so everyone tells us something different but we finally found it and got there 8 min before 2. Then we had to wait in line until 4 to get it all done. But I got it done and don´t have to do it again until next year. Then it was another story trying to find the right bus to catch. They told us to catch one of two buses but we couldn´t find where they stopped so we caught a bus that we thought would take us at least close and it worked pretty well. We were only lost for about an hour... haha:) We finally found the office. Now the only problem is that I never will be able to catch up on my sleep. Getting 4 hours for a missionary just doesn´t cut it but oh well, like Mom and Dad always say "You can sleep when your dead" ;)

Then when we got back I went on exchanges again (you have to do it 2 times each change) so I didn´t see Hermana Buckner for like 48 hours, it was so weird. But it was kinda fun to direct my sector. The girl I was with didn´t speak spanish very well (about the same as me) so it was interesting, but fun.

Earlier in the week we dropped ALL of our investigators because they weren´t progressing but we found a new one who is really great (the Lord blesses you when you put your faith in him and that he is really preparing people) it was a contact from a while ago and we had stopped by before but no one came out. We decided to go back and she is super great. Her name is Maria and she came to church yesterday (our first investigator in the church here in Los Mares) she said to the Bishop that she really likes it and that it´s a miracle that we just happened to talk to her on the street. We set a baptismal date for th 6th of Feb. Hopefully I don´t get transfered so I can be here. She is excited to go to the activity with the RS. All the members here were so sweet and nice to her it helped so much because we knew that would either make it or break it. But it was super good!

That is pretty much all that happened this week. It was fun to see the people from the MTC and to be able to have some changes to switch up the schedule. This week I have a training in the mission home so that will be something different too (and I told the office to work it out that I go with Hermana Stevens so it will be that much better!). It has been great here, it´s weird to think that I have been in this area for 4 weeks now. Time flies. And Mom, you said that my mission is almost 1/4 over, is that seriously true? That is crazy!

Thanks for all your letters and the updates! Its always great to hear from you. I got the dearelders from new years and the letter from Pres Andersen but I haven´t seen the one from the family. But it should come soon. Tell Marshall "Hi" and "Bye" for me. He will be an amazing missionary and will have a great time! Beth and Lee better start saving up again so they can go get him :) Sorry, I only have one hour to email today but I´m so excited to go to this laguna deal it has been so hard for me to focus this morning. Me and Hermana Buckner are going to make pancakes for the zone class tomorrow. The pancakes here aren´t like the ones at home though. They are like crapes except thicker like a pancake but not fluffy, sorry they are hard to explain but you just put jam or manjar (I don´t remember if they have that in the states but its kinda like carmel but not) and they are super good. So we are excited, hopefully they turn out ok.

The last picture  is...

a cool building in Santiago with a pond and stuff in front but I didn´t have time to take it good as we were running though town so it´s kinda lame... but ya.

Well, that is enough rambling for now. Keep me updated on the happenings there and remember that I LOVE YOU!!!! Thanks for everything! You all are the best!

January 10th 2011 -PART 2!!!
Hopefully you aren´t sick of all my emails today. I´m back to do my other 1/2 hour because the freaking laguna is closed on Mondays... haha:)  
We took the bus out there and walked up and found out it was closed. The gate guy asked the boss if they could let us in but they didn´t let us (I don´t know why, that was probably the most people they would have had there all summer) but we decided to go find some place to have a picnic because we all brought food and stuff. So we walked in the dessert for a long time, but it felt like home with a mixture of Nevada but I saw my first cow...
and all the houses were freaking poor...
but we also saw some sheep and some goats so it was basically like a zoo...:) haha. We were all so hot and sweating so bad. I know I´m going to be sun burned but it´s all in the experience I guess... haha:) We walked around kinda to the other end of the laguna so I took a picture of the water 
 We were so close yet still on the other side of the fence... haha:)
Hopefully this isn´t too boring, who knows, you might have just had to be there but it was so funny to see all of us missionaries -24 of us- when we saw the sign that said it was closed....memories.
So that has been my exciting Monday, I hope you all had a great one too! Well I guess its pretty much just starting there but have a good week and I´ll talk to you next Mon!
Love always!

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