Tuesday, February 15, 2011

January 31st, 2011

Hi Everyone,

It sounds like you all have had a good week! That is what I like to hear :)
It also sounds like when I leave Mom and Dad decide to change everything.
Whats the deal?! But I´m glad you are all doing well. I feel like nothing
much has happened this week so this letter might be short but here it is:

Rosario, our investigator (well we dropped her yesterday, so she isn´t
really our investigator anymore) but I swear she has Alzheimers because she
can´t remember anything. She is so funny though. We took her to the church
so she knew where it was and then the next time we went she asked us where
the church was so we took her again, and when she went to go home a while
later, she was walking in the opposite direction. And on the walks there I´m
pretty sure we heard the same stories about 6 times. Man, I hope I never
loose my mind. But the funniest part is that sometimes she knows she forgets
and other times no. It´s always an adventure. But we dropped her because she
wasn´t progressing. But I'm not going to lie, I'm kinda relieved that I
don´t have to hold my breath in her house anymore (from all the stink of dog
urine, oh she loves her dogs).

On Sat. as always we went and played soccer and basketball but we also had a
breakfast morning. Hermana Buckner and I made french toast creme brule, it was
soo good. Our district loved us, to say the least... haha:) So it was worth it
waking up at five to make it.

Mom and Dad, I got the Valentines package! THANK YOU! It was so fun to see
pictures of the family and thanks for the treats and the things I asked for.
I am all set now!

Maria got confirmed yesterday! It was so great! She came  down from the
stand and started to cry and just said (in a loud voice, because she can´t
whisper during the sacrament) she felt so good and this was even
better than her baptism last week. It was so awesome to see her feel the
difference in her life. She has honestly progressed so much in the short
month we have known her! To listen to her prayers and her knowledge about the
gospel is amazing!

Yesterday we found 2 new investigators. They are from Peru (the people from
Peru are usually more receptive than the Chileans, but the Chileans don´t
like the Peruvians one bit, it´s an interesting circle) but they are great.
It´s a Mom and daughter. The other day when we were on splits Hermana
Buckner contacted a young boy and he said to come by so we did, he wasn´t
there but we taught his mom and sister and they seemed interested and want
to know more, so hopefully they can keep progressing.

I just love the kind of people you find in every part of the world. When you
start to talk to someone, you have no idea what is going to happen. It´s the
best. I was thinking yesterday that life in the mission is like a Sunday
everyday, not because the church part but because we just go visit people
all day long, and that is what we always did on Sundays. It´s pretty cool :)

Then last night...the night of changes... we thought we were both going to
stay here together and then I would change next cambio and Hermana Buckner
would finish here with someone else. But I should have known to expect the
unexpected. Hermana Buckner got changed to Los Andes (a small town in the
middle of no where) and I'm here with Hermana Dymock who used to be there,
so we just did a little switch. I'm excited and nervous. It is going to be
fun to be with Hermana Dymock, everyone says she is super great (she is from
Paradise UT, just south of Logan) so I´m excited to be with her, but I´m a
little nervous to direct my sector. I feel like I have no idea what I'm
doing, but I guess it´s all part of the mission process... haha:) That
is pretty much all that has happened this week. Not much new here. We are
going to have to work really hard to keep this sector progressing, but I
love a challenge, so here I come. I think I will be here for 3 more changes
(4 1/2 months more) because Hermana Dymock finishes the end of April and
then I´ll probably introduce someone to this sector for a change and then I´ll probably get 
shipped off. So that is my prediction.

I´m sorry I never really answer any of your questions, I always just go off
about myself but I´ll try to remember what you all have asked me and answer

Keith & Amber- I´m sure you are busy with primary and the boys. I bet they
are growing up so fast! I loved your family picture and the picture of the
boys! SO CUTE! That is awesome you are going to be doing the finish work on
Craigs house. It´s crazy to think he is building a house... that is cool!

Liz & Joel- I'm glad Ethan had a good birthday! Sounds like he had as much
partyin as a 2 year old could ever want haha. But you´re only 2 once so you
might as well live it up :)   (that is my excuse for every age)

AnnMarie & Calvin-  Sounds like you two are busy busy, how is the play
coming along? When is the performance? Calvin, are you still going to Idaho
a lot for work? Sorry about all the questions. About the people you home
teach. Just be persistant, not annoying, but try to help them. I´ll try to
get you this paper that we teach all the inactives here (which is a lot) it
talks about the Holy Ghost and how important it is, it´s the best gift we
can have in this life, but there is a problem- we sin and can´t have the HG
with us. But there is a solution- Jesus Christ. He came and atoned for all
of us that we can return to him and have his guidance. It is great, and I
think I have one in English so I will try to get it to you sometime. But
yes, all the time people set appt and then don´t show and it´s funny when
you can see people in their houses, talking or have the TV on but they don´t
come out. They think, if we don´t move, they won´t see us or something like
that. It´s always interesting. But I have learned that there is no point in
arguing or trying to push people. Everyone has their time and so just
planting a seed might have to do for a while. But just try to be their
friend and serve them. They will come around sometime.

Mom & Dad- Yo pense que debo escribir un poco en español para que pueden
practicar por todo sus vacaciones, y tambian no se si papa habla mucho
español estas dias. Pero, gracias por todo! Ustedes son super buen ejemplos
para mi! Grasias por todo su ayuda en mi mision. Lo siento no estoy usando
punctuacion correcto, no se donde estas cositas en el computador, entonces,
ojala pueden entender mi casi español.
Daniela (left) and her friend who make really
good alfajores (a cookie, cakey, chocolatey, carmely thing of
deliciousness). She is super buena to help us out with anything. She is my
age and she is practically a missionary so it´s awesome. She isn´t from my
ward here but she still comes over to help us when we need it.
I had to take this picture just to show you that I'm closer to home
than you think :) This isn´t in my sector but it is where we catch the bus
from playing soccer on Saturdays. So I just had to snap a shot- don´t judge
me for the way I look, its early alright... haha:)

Well, I hope you all have a good week and don´t forget that there is an
Hermana in Chile loves you very much and is sooooo grateful for all your
prayers and support!

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