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October 25, 2010

Hi Family!
Sounds like you have had an exciting week! Mine has flown by, it seems like nothing has happened. But I'll try to think of things to write about. I also thought you should check out cause I think people should be able to write me through there even after I go to the field then it would be a lot faster and we get it once a week, I think. Our new zone leader is an Elder from Idaho Falls and come to find out he is Scott and Peggy Hansens nephew. He is going to Mexico- he is super cool and a great missionary.
This past week Elder Nelson came and talked to us! It was AMAZING!!!! He gave some really good thoughts about being a good missionary. I forgot my notes but he said to always smile and keep your battery charged. It was fabulous and I need to remember that because I never used to think about the field but now I think about going to Chile everyday- it's going to be so fun I can hardly wait. But I only get the MTC once in my lifetime so I have to enjoy every min of it! We don't need visas to get into the country so we don't have to worry about that luckily because no one is getting through and we should get our travel plans on Fri so I will keep you updated and let you know when I might call and all that jazz.
I can't believe next week is Halloween! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!! Has it snowed there at all? It only flurried here today but there is snow way up in the mountains. I kinda want snow before I leave just because I won't see it 2 years. Who would have ever thought I would say I want snow :)
We don't work in the call center. I know they have missionaries specifically called to do that and they might have people who speak other languages do it but we never do. We have girls next door to us in the residence hall from Mexico, Columbia, Bolivia and I'm not sure where else. But they are so fun to talk to. I need to practice listening to spanish so thats how I started talking to them. I don't understand what they are saying sometimes but they are all really good at english so they help me. It's fun and gets me super excited to go to Chile. Sorry I keep mentioning going to chile but I just can't stop thinking about it CHILE!!!!!! jeje (I feel truly hispanic when I laugh with j's :)   Based on how fast the last few weeks have gone by I know I'll be shipping out before long. I hear from a teacher in our zone (her little sister is in my mission) that it's amazing and the food is really good and there is a lot of Dominicans that she can understand but she can't understand anything the Chilians much to look forward to :)
I saw Daniel Wong a couple days ago. I think he said he leaves a week from tomorrow. I'm excited for him. His english is really good. He said he is nervous about the winter but I told him he will like it! Our roomates (withers) left for DC yesterday- they were so excited. It's so crazy because you get to know so many people so well here and then you will probably never see them again in your entire life. Its amazing how fast you can get to know people  (granted we do spend all day every day with eachother). We got a new zone this week too but we had two leave so we are still pretty small. It's cool though in our new district there is an Elder that is 25 so he barly made it since you can only be 26. He said he left the church when he was 18 as soon as he could and then he just started going back to church a year ago and his first week back in his bishops interview his bishop said you need to go on a mission so he prayed about it for 3 weeks straight and new it was what he should do. It's sooo cool he is here and how dedicated he is. He left behind is career, his house and everything. Now that is dedication. I feel like I didn't have to give up anything compared to that. Thank you mom and dad for all your support. Yesterday the church mission department guy (I don't know his title) Brother Allen came and said that even though your parents are working really hard to keep you out here (like you are) the people you teach, convert, and effect will not only thank you but thank them for eternities for their work to keep you out. Thank you for everything. I have the best family ever!!! and friends!!!!
Glad the game, parade, Liz's and everything went ok. And at least I didn't miss out on the game :) but I hope it's all good and everyone is well. I love you sooooooo much and it will be exciting to talk to as many of you as I can. Oh by the way- i don't know anyones phone number so if you could send me them that would be great- I can't just look them up in my phone anymore :) Although, I don't really miss having those things and I will in a couple weeks just for different uses. It's going to be wierd going back into the real world again.
Oh and the elder that joined our district who broke his leg (elder Rouse) just got clearance today to leave this week so that is so exciting. He deserves it after being here for 14 weeks!!!! Tell granny and grandpa to look out for him and Elder Pond in the Dallas mission. They were both in my zone and hopefully remember me. SO if they see them tell them Hi for me :)
Thank you for everything!!!!!! You are the best! Thanks for your prayers- they help me a ton! I couldn't do it without them!

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