Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dec. 12th, 2011

BIG NEWS this week! Claudia got baptized yesterday!!!! It was the best day in 3 1/2 months. She is so cute and was so happy. Everything went wrong though, her husband didn`t come but left the car for her to take but then he left with the keys in his pocket. So she calls 15 min before church starts and says she is waiting for the bus, which passes about every 1/2 hour. So then she gets to the church late, after walking super far in the hot hot sun and 5 months pregnant, poor lady. But everything goes smoothly until we get to the baptism part and we are all there waiting for her to get into the water and we are waiting, waiting. Turns out they can`t find the keys to open the font. So they finally get it open and then the water was too hot so we waited a little longer while they put cold water in, and then finally, she got baptized. The Bishop baptized her and he said that when she came out of the water, she started crying and was so happy. It was the best! The only sad part is that her husband and her daughter didn`t come, but she did have her oldest daughter there so it was good. We are hoping she is our next baptism :) We were joking about when her baby gets baptized when he is 8 he can really say that he got baptized 2 times.
As far as Christmas goes, we are getting really excited!! We have been singing lots of Christmas songs and are planning on going caroling to the members. Also, we are excited to see you! I am going to see little William for the first time, yay! And if I`m lucky I`ll get my friends wedding announcements too :)
I feel super lame because I don`t have anything else to say, the only exciting thing of the week was Claudias baptism. We helped this old guy that goes around to the stores collecting boxes and junk and puts it in a hand cart and goes around the neighborhood. We always feel so bad for him because he is soo old but he is so cute. So we helped him pull his cart all around town. We didn`t understand a lot of what he was saying becasue he only has about 1 1/2 teeth. But it was fun to talk to him and he said we could come and visit him and teach him. He lives in Elders area but Hey, it was a good time.
Are you all getting excited for Christmas? I can`t believe that its here already! It`s going to come and go and it will feel like it never even happend. Just another day in the mish :) but I hope you all have a great week and I`ll be talking to you soon!
Claudias baptism yesterday, Obispo Urra, me, Claudia, Sister Bramwell (my comp from Rigby area) and Claudias daughter Barbara

After the bapism, the member we were going to eat lunch with forgot so we went to our apt and made PB and nautella sandwiches to celebrate. We found them for the first time in a long time and we decided, Hey it`s Christmas, we are going to buy us some PB and nautella. It was delicious!

Our presents under the tree. We may be ghetto Chileans but, we are loving life

  Abunch of sisters last week when we had a sports day.

Hope you enjoy them :)

Dec. 5th, 2011

Good morning, well it`s morning where you are at at lesat :) How was your week? We have been busy here but doing good. Good news, we found a place to skype for Christmas. I will be on at 9 am Sunday morning and can talk for 40 min. This family is great! So, it will be fun! They have a bunch of Christmas decorations and a big tree, its about the only place here that I feel like its actually Christmas. And we are spending the 24th with them (because that is when they celebrate here) too! So, we will just be best friends after being together for 2 days.
So some funny things that happened this week, we were walking from church to lunch and this family was in the plaza and the guy said ¨Come here please¨ (when they say please in their little accent you just have to go.. haha:) He was drinking but I figured, Hey, why not? So we were talking to him and his little one year old son started playing with and licking his beer bottle. His wife starts laughing and says ¨look, look!¨ after we walked away I was thinking, you`ve got to be kidding me. That`s how they roll here in Chile town :)
One night we were walking to our house and  these 2 teenage boys came by on a bike and whistled at us, it was so funny because they were sharing the bike piggy back style! I`m not too sure if I would be so proud of that. But then they get off and they are walking with the bike trying to get our attention and they ran into a sign. We coudn`t help it and busted out laughing. Then in the morning we left the house and we didn`t get 2 blocks away before a guy on a motor cycle yelled the B word at us (in English because I don`t know the swear words in Spanish... haha) and then some teenagers threw paper and stuff at us... haha:)  You never know what is going to happen out here :)
Claudia is doing good. If everything goes as planned she will get baptized on Sunday. We are so excited and she is so ready. She had a baby shower this week and was so cute. (Baby showers aren`t very common here, it`s kind of a new thing) and then yesterday we went with the presidency of RS to see her so everything worked out good. This week was the Telethon here, its a orginization that has a big 2 day fundraiser for kids with disabilities. EVERYONE watches it and they go to the bank to give money. You know at that time that no one is going to come out of their house because they are too busy watching the Telethon. But it`s pretty cool that they do it.
That is pretty much all that has happened this week. We are just living and lovin everything. I hope things are good there in the northern lands and that you are all enjoying the holiday season :)

Nov. 28th, 2011

It sounds like yall had a good Thanksgiving weekend. It seems like a lot of stuff went down throughout the week. My week wasn`t quite as exciting as yours but it was a good Thanksgiving. We cooked a pretty good meal. We went to the fair where they sell a bunch of food and made mashed potatoes and bought some chicken but when we took it out and cooked it, it wasn`t very chickenie. It was falling apart and what not but we ate it and in the end, it wasn`t too bad. It wasn`t chicken but at least it tasted kinda like chicken :) But both of us have been a little sick this week with head colds so we didn`t celebrate too much.
Monday was kind of a bummer because we went to the country with this family (who are members) to have  FHE with our investigator who was going to get baptized yesterday and when we get there found out that she got in a car accident and was in the hospital. It was with a big bus but nothing to serious happened. She is 5 months pregnant and started having contractions so she had to be in the hospital for a day and now she is on bed rest so she coudn`t go to her interview or get baptized yesterday. But everything is good and she is going to get baptized on Dec 11. 

Then as a Zone Saturday morning we had a turkey bowl where we played football Americana for 3 hours in the blazing sun. It was hot but fun. But now we are feeling it. Our whole body hurts but it was fun to do something different. Because usually we just play soccer. Every Sat at 6:30am, every zone activity, soccer soccer soccer. But my skills havn`t gotten any better because the Elders are ball hogs... haha:)

Yesterday was the primary program in Sacrament. It was good but I missed our programs. Here, there are only about 15 kids in the whole primary and none of them did anything funny. But it was a really good program. All of the older kids wrote their own talks about different subjects and it was good. But I am excited to go to our primary program to get a few more laughs. Oh and we were teaching a lesson with a member and we heard a crunch outside... It was another car accident! Luckily, the member who was with us is studying to be a doctor and so he was there to help this kid whos head was split open all the way across. We decided, that is why he had to accompany us :) So we had a week of excitement with car accidents. 

Thats my week for ya. We found a lady who is so confused. She is catholic and all that jazz but she watches this stuff on TV about how scientists say that they can`t find evidence that Christ lived and another says he lived but that he wasn`t perfect, he had sins because it`s impossible to not sin. And she just believes everything she hears. So it`s always interesting to hear what she is going to say.

Have a great last week of Nov and I`ll be talking back at ya in a jiffy
Sergio, he writes music about God and wanted to give us a little flavor, every time we watch it, he makes us laugh
Our delicious Thanksgiving lunch

Hermana Bramwell and I sending our Thanksgiving love

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nov. 21st, 2011

So... this week...just lots of good, but not so interesting news.

1) We didn`t get transferred. So starting today we are going to start looking for a place to Skype for Christmas. We didn`t want to do it before and jinx ourselves with transfers. Not too many people have internet in their houses and if they do they don`t have Skype. There is a family that offered but they live way far away so we will see what happens. 

2) We contacted this guy who is a hair dresser, Rodrigo. He starts going off about the picture of Christ we gave him and how it looks like something from "Jesus Christ Super Star" and all this jazz. Then he starts touching our hair and asking us who does it and if we could be his models. But he was the type of guy that I would never let do my hair. He says he`s not a hair dresser he is a style designer. It was so funny because he thinks he is the hottest thing to touch the planet. He told us we could come back but we both never want to go back again. 

3) We were contacting this old lady and these guys were opening up their meat shop after lunch and they started talking to us and he offers us a glass of water because it`s really hot outside so he brings us a huge wine glass with carbonated water (I hate water with gas in it) and so we take turns sipping out of it while we are talking. Then this drunk lady comes in and is looking at the meat and she falls down and goes off about how we must  have waxed the floor with stuff , we decided we should leave. So we down this sick water and then he fills it up again. So we down it again and say goodbye. Then as I am walking out he sees my water bottle on my backpack and dumps out my water and fills it up with my favorite gassy water. Oh, how I love Chileans :)

4) The best news ever...Claudia from the country is going to get baptized on Sunday! She is excited and a little nervous. But she is amazing. She is 4 months pregnant and her niece is a member but her family doesn`t want too much to do with the church. Her daughter who is 16 comes with her sometimes but her husband and other daughter don`t come. We are so excited for her! I feel like we haven`t done anything. She accepts everything we teach her and so it`s been super easy. Plus we get to go to the country to visit her 2 times a week so it makes our week better too :) 
Yesterday we had a ton of people at church. 5 investigators and a bunch of people who are inactive that we have been visiting. It was a great day. But I`ll be sending pics of the baptism next week. 

Have a great Thanksgiving there! I will be thinking about ya'll feeding your faces :) But looking on the bright side, one thing I wont be missing is the sweet potatoes that I have never liked and I`m sure I still think are nasty. Remember that one time that we had a big Thanksgiving dinner at Granny and Grandpas when they lived in Ogden and we went to dish up our plates and we thought the sauce for the ham roll-ups was gravy and we dumped it on our potatoes and then they were super nasty. ..haha:) I didn`t realize that Granny puts eggs and jazz in her gravy, I thought I was just getting the gravy that was plain. We live and learn right... haha:) Good times. 


The back of the Santiago temple and myself:)

We took this pic after church with Roxanna, who got baptized a year ago, and her daughter, Fernanda, who got baptized in Jan. Now we are just working on their Dad and brother :)

Nov. 14th 2011

This week I  have completed 1 YEAR IN CHILE!!! Can you believe it?! I remember my first month, I thought I would never get to this point!! haha:) But also with 14 months in the mish, the news I have gets to be less and less.

This week, Claudia, from the country, said she wants to get baptized on the 27th. So we hope she comes to church before the sacrament because she always gets their late. But she is excited. We made cheesecake and took it with us. They liked it a lot. They aren`t used to things that are so sweet but they thought it was good. We also made fudge with another investigator and they liked it but they couldn`t eat very much because it was so sweet for them. They could never live in the states... haha:)

We had a lady in the street contact us and ask us to come by. She has a cute little 2 year old girl and then when we looked down realized she was playing with a cigarette. Who knew it was the latest toy for your kid. Some people, I don`t understand them. 

Yesterday in Gospel Principles the teacher asked this lady to say the closing prayer and so she stands up and starts praying but not only a prayer, its her life story about her sicknesses and her kids and her neighbors. I couldn`t help but laugh a little and then after about 5 min of this, I open my eyes to see what we should do and the Elders are looking at us and we all start laughing and then I look back and she is praying with her eyes open and is more like she is giving a talk so the teacher signals for her to finish, so she tells one last little story and then finishes. I think it was the longest prayer I have heard in my life... haha:)

We are still eating the beats that this guy gave us. We both got a little sick to our stomach from eating them so much so I think we are going to give the rest away. We have transfers this weekend. We are starting to pray even harder that we don`t get transferred because we already have lots of plans for Christmas and everything. And I want to be with Hermana Bramwell for at least one more change and stay in this area, for the rest of my mission if I could :) But I`ll keep ya'll updated on what happens and all that jazz. 

Start preparing your stomachs for Thanksgiving, only 10 days more :) 
View form our 3rd floor apartment at night!

Nov. 7th 2011

This week was an amazing week. We got lots of gifts from random people. Yesterday we were counting it up and besides the normal things like fruit we also got red beats, onions, sandwich, pop, and cotton candy. It`s like the people love us or something!!! haha:) just kidding.

When we were in the country we went into a little store to buy cookies for a FHE that we were going to have that night. And we started talking to the people in their and they bought us a sandwich and pop because they didn`t want to listen to our message but thought we were so great for being here to teach the word. Then we were walking to our apartment and there were people harvesting something, so we took a pic because they harvest by hand and then throw it in the back of a pickup and so we stopped and asked if we could help so we unloaded the truck of beats and helped cut off the tops. (Picture included :))We were so happy to have dirt under our nails and our hands all dirty, and then we taught them about the Restoration. The boss is actually form Israel (the first person I`ve met here from Israel) then they took us on a tour of their place and showed us their pigs, fields, onions, and sent us home with a bag of beats and onions. Then yesterday we were walking and there was this guy that has a bike with a cotton candy maker on front and he gave us cotton candy (yes, picture included again) I remembered about half way through that I don`t really like cotton candy a whole lot... but what the heck, I`m only in Chile once right. Oh, we also had this guy give us an army salute too. He was a little off his rocker and was up walking on this fence when saw us he jumped down and gave us an army salute. I thought about contacting him just to try to find out why he is the way he is but knew I would start laughing so we just went on our merry way. Hermana Bramwell and I always have that problem and if one of us starts laughing we both start and it`s hard to stop, but life is made to laugh, right.
Also, this week Elder Cook and his wife came and we had a conference with the East mission. It was great. He talked a lot about D&C 31 and how our calling is to establish the church here in Santiago by helping members, in-actives, and baptizing. Then yesterday we had a stake conference with them again. They focused everything on the family and how we have to have prayer, scripture study, and FHE together because in the future everything is going to be attacking the family and if we don`t prepare we will fall apart. When we were with him as missionaries, we all went up and shook his hand and then afterwards, he got up and said he loved that because it was like a spiritual interview looking into our eyes. It made me think, oh shoot, but bueno, it was fun to be there. Sister Cook talked about the song (the special musical number) ¨Lord, I would follow thee¨ and in the 2nd verse it says ¨in the quiet heart is hidden, sorrow that the eye can`t see¨ and when McCloud was writing this she or her sibling or something had a baby die and they went and bought a dress for the baby to be buried in and the clerk was so happy and so excited that  the pretty little girl could wear this for her blessing and all that, but she didn`t have any idea that it was for her to be buried in. Then these words came to her mind. I liked it a lot, so I thought I would pass it on. Songs always have more meaning when you know where they came from. 

Well, thats pretty much all from my life this week. We found a lady yesterday who is so ready to get baptized. So we are going to start working with her. Her son who is 18 is on the wrong path but he wants to listen to us (I don`t know if its just for our accents, but thats not important, at least he is willing to listen) But the kid who was getting ready didnt come to church yesterday so we are waiting to see if he really wants it and that he is going to prove to God that he wants it. So ya, we are just workin away here in our summer wonderland of what should be fall :) I hope things are good there and that your teeth aren`t falling out from all your Halloween candy. Have a grand ol' week and I hope you`re lovin life!
Con todo mi cariño,

ps. another town in the country is called Campo Alegre, yes, Happy Country. So I had to take a picture. And actually the airport is right behind me, about 1/4 of a mile.
More beets then one will ever need!!!

Cotton Candy

Happy Country

Monday, November 21, 2011

Oct. 31st, 2011

¿P-day on Halloween? It`s pretty cool. I don`t know what we are going to do but we are going to live it up :) I can`t believe that we are almost to Nov! Que loco! First off, I want to send a big shout out to Amber, HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week! 

It`s been a good week here in grand Santiago. Last Monday I tried my first ¨ass¨. Its a hot dog bun with chopped meat and whatever toppings you want. I got one that I couldn`t pronounce very well and it was pretty good. Its not to die for but I have seen it on the menus my whole mission and I couldn`t not try an ass. So now I can at least say I`ve tried it :) 

We ran into one of our investigators (Luis) who`s wife and daughter got baptized about a year ago. We were talking to him in the street one night and we finally found out his doubt! It was a miracle! He has been coming to church for the past year and has only missed 4 Sundays. He`s stronger than most members... haha:) But he is afraid that after his baptism he won`t endure to the end. So we are working with him and we have faith that he is going to get baptized this next change. It would be the best Christmas present ever! Also last night we were there, and they have a son who is a little rebellious and never wants to share with us, he just goes upstairs and turns on his music ( he and his Dad are DJs) But last night, we got him to sing and everything with us. Then we had him show us how to DJ. It was awesome!! Sister Bramwell and I decided that it should be our future part time job!! haha:) So now he (the son) is our next project :) One day, they are all going to be in the temple together!

We have been tired this week and so everything is super funny. Plus here, for day of the dead it`s a 4 day weekend (they don`t work today or tomorrow) so everyone has been drinking their lives away. We were outside the fence of our investigators calling him and a drunk lady that lives in the street came and asked us for money to buy alcohol and then she wouldn`t leave us alone, she kept telling us how beautiful we are and how we have to be careful so people don`t rob our backpacks but the worst part is that she kept kissing me. It started with my hand and then she kept kissing me on the cheek with her slobbery alcohol lips. It was so funny!!! Afterwards we couldn`t stop laughing. I wish I had my camera to take a pic with her. Then yesterday we listened to a drunk guy explain to us the picture on our pass along card. I freaking love those Chileans haha:)

This week, we have someone from the 12, a 70, and the presiding Bishopric coming. We have a big conference with them on Sat and then on Sunday we have a special conference with them in our stake. It will be sweet to hear. That is pretty much all that is going on here in the southern lands. Its getting really hot and I`m already having to use a lot of sunblock. But life is good. 

Have a great Halloween and don`t eat too much candy :)
My first A&$

Kiss the Lamb??

A random super hero board thing that we found yesterday. Obviously we had to take a picture :)

Oct. 24th, 2011

Bueno, where to start... This week was a little crazy but it was good. We had a conference with the 1st counselor of the Presidency of Chile (Elder Zeballo), he is Chileano but lived in Utah for a couple years. It was fun to hear from him and his wife. He talked about how we have to use our Spanish after the mish and we can`t forget all that we have learned about the language. And how we can use it to fulfill our church calling and help other people. Little did I know that this would come up later in the week. Because the 2nd counselor (Elder Richards) was coming to our stake conference Sat and Sun. I got a call Sat afternoon asking me to translate for his wife in the conference for the adults on Sat. I asked ¨Me?, Sister Whyte?!¨ and then I thought of Elder Zeballos talk and of course had to say yes. So we went on Sat night and we got there right before the meeting started because we were teaching before and they told me that they already had someone else doing it so I was off the hook. I was so relieved and enjoyed the conference and then afer wards they asked me translate for Sunday. That is even worse because it`s the huge meeting and there are quite a few youngsters that speak English, so I was  nervous and Sister Richards said I have no idea what I`m going to talk about but just pray for the Spirit and you`ll do fine.
So on Sunday we had to go early because they did a special meeting for all the recent converts and investigators. Which was  great because I got to see all my friends from my other ward. Then for the conference I had to translate the whole time for Sister Richards and the wife of my mission pres, which was a little hard but not too bad. It was hardest when a teenage girl got up to speak and you know how they talk, super fast! But it went ok and then when Sister Richards talked I had to go up to the microphone and translate everything in front of I don`t know how many people, a lot! It was full, even the stage on the other end was packed. And I really don`t remember how it went at all... but people said that I did good and that they could understand. So despite all my fears, it turned out ok. Plus, its like a huge family reunion because I`ve been in the stake so long that I have gotten to know a ton of people, plus it was good to see my old converts and friends from my other ward. 

I was also on divisions for 2 days this week. I was with a Sister from Mexico City. It was so great to be with her and talk about our favorite Mexican foods and everything. I didn`t realize until I was with her that her accent is so different. She has a little more of a Chilean accent and it got me thinking, I hope I can understand other people when I get home... haha:) It was fun to be with a latina comp for a couple days. 

I can only think of 2 things that happened this week that were funny. We were walking to an apt and there was this drunk lady that is always lingering in the streets yelling and asking for money and all that jazz. But this time she was passed out in the street. It was the first time Sister Bramwell had seen her, the funny part was that she was laying down in the sidewalk but her pants were undone!  Sister Bramwell asked if we should help her feel a little bit better about herself and pull up and button up her pants so the poor little kids didn`t have to see her. I wasn`t about to do it so we just kept walking. A few min later we passed  2 guys who were gawking at us and yelling "Hi" and everything and then they tripped on a broken part of the sidewalk and fell down. It was too funny... we couldn`t help but laugh:)

Also, we tried 2 new things. There is a fruit here that is called chirimoya. They have it in everything. And I like it in cookies and yogurt and everything but I had never tried the fruit. So this week we bought one and tried it. It was so weird, there is nothing like it. It has a little bit of the taste of a pear (but not) and the texture of an old weird kiwi. It was interesting to say the least. I didn`t finish my half. I didn`t think it was worth it. Then someone gave us the coconuts that they grow here in Chile. They are the smallest things I`ve ever seen. I didn`t think that they could really be coconuts but an investigator helped us crack them open and sure enough, it`s a tiny little coconut. OH the things I`m learning about Chile  :)

Well friends, that`s all for today. Stay tuned for the happening in the wild life of Hermana Whyte haha. Have a great week and I`ll be talking to yall laters

Con MUCHO cariño,
This is the tiny coconut

Sister Bramwell and I after stake conference yesterday, they gave us a tulip for translating

This is the strange fruit, chirimoya

Sisters at the conference on Wed. The one to the right of me is the mexican (Hermana Martinez) that I was with this week.

Hope you like em


Oct. 17th, 2011

So, this week I feel like I went all around South America. For the celebration of 50 yrs of missionary work in Chile they did a program that was pretty cool. There were about 2,000 kids who participated and they re-enacted a few stories from the BOM and then they had dances from all over South America. The Chilean and the Mexican dances and costumes and everything were my favorite (I don`t know if I`m just bias but they were cool). There were also a lot of missionaries that had served in Chile. It was cool to have a stadium full of people to celebrate together. As missionaries we sang (from all the Santiago missions, Viña del Mar, and a few from the South) it was cool to be there for it. I also saw Lucy Griffiths and her Mom. We only got to talk through the fence for about 5 min. But is was awesome to see her. It was like my mission life and real life together, kind of weird. But it was great to see a familiar face and hear about things going on. It was weird when she said, ¨Ya, I held your new nephew Will, last week¨ and all that jazz but it was fun to see them.  Then by the time we got to the subway after seeing a million people and taking pictures with the dancers and stuff the subway was closed. So we had to take a bunch of buses back to our area and finally got home at 1 am (which is late when you are always home by 10 and sleeping by 11:30) But it was a great adventure. We were in some sketchier parts of Santiago and it`s interesting to see whats going on there on a Sat night, but as Noah would say, I wasn`t scared because the Elders have ¨the power of God¨.

As far as the work goes... its going great! Matias (11yrs old, his Grandma is a member) came to church and brought his friend and his friends little sister. They are all getting ready to be baptized Nov 6 (it`s how I`m going to celebrate Ambers birthday :) ) because Matias`s grandma has to work on the 30 so we moved it back a week. After the lesson yesterday we went to the friends house to ask their Dad if they could get baptized (he is a member but inactive) and he was so drunk so we just told the kids that we would come back a different day. I feel so bad for them (Edwardo and Nayareth) they are so cute and loved church and want to get baptized but their Dad is a lame sauce alcoholic now. It makes me so grateful for my family!!!

We had a great lesson with an eternal investigator this week. His wife and daughter got baptized about 1 yr ago but he just wants to hold out a little longer. He goes to church every week, goes to activities, helps in everything you need him to, takes the missionaries where they need to go when we get transferred. But he just doesn`t want to get baptized. We taught a lesson super clear about baptism and everything. Then we extended the commitment. We were in silence for about 5 min and then he said ¨no.¨ Hahaha:) Looking back on it, its so funny because we were both praying so hard and the spirit was so strong but he just wants to give us a challenge of finding his doubt. So we are working on that right now. I love this family, they are so awesome. Luis (the investigator) told me that when I first got here they couldn`t remember my name but they always just called me Hermana Brittany, because they think I look like Brittany Spears... Haha:) One day while I`m here, he is going to get baptized :)

We also had 2 people from the country come to church yesterday. Which is a miracle because people that live 10 min walking from the church usually don`t come but they came 25 in car. It was a miracle. They liked it a lot so hopefully they will work towards their baptism and progress. The Mom is pregnant and her husband told her she has to get baptized before she has her baby so that the baby is healthy and all that jazz. He doesn`t understand completely but... Hey, if it helps her get baptized sooner, it`s ok!!! Haha. 

That is pretty much all that has gone down here in Chile town. I am doing great and it sounds like ya'll are doing good too. So all in all, we are living the dream. Any new news? 
Welp...thats all I`ve got for now. Have a great week and remember you`re never fully dressed without a smile :)

My new comp, Hemana Bramwell, and I at the end of the 50 yr celebration

This is from transfers last week. Hermana Mera, Me, and my old comp Hermana Eborn

Me with Luci and her Mom on the other side of the fence.


Oct. 10th, 2011

Soooo, it`s been a good week. I love all the news from home! Happy blessing day William! I am expecting pictures :) Haha!!   All these people getting married, not getting married, having kids, ect. Life is good! 

Yep, that`s pretty much my life. I didn`t get transferred. I`m still here in this ward, but my comp Hermana Eborn left to go to the area where I started. It`s crazy! She is going to be in a trio with My old companion Hermana Player (from Logan area) and her companion from the MTC. What a little mission world we live in. I am now companions with Hermana Bramwell. She is from Lewsville Idaho (close to Rigby) she is so nice! I think we are going to get along really well. She has been here in Chile for 3 months (the same as my comp Hermana Eborn). I am excited to get to know her because we just met but it`s going to be great!

There is a girl, Cynthia, who if from another ward in the stake who got baptized yesterday. She is so funny and loves to practice her English. But she wants to serve a mission so she went out with us this week for a day and it was so great to hear her testimony and the changes in her life. She just met the Elders 2 1/2 weeks ago. She went to the church looking for them. She had been to every church but not ours and never saw the missionaries in the street so she went to church to find them and now, 2 weeks later, she is baptized. She called us and is going to come with us again this week and said she is going to bring Skittles!!! Haha:) She spoils the missionaries!!

Then, yesterday, we met a lady at church who was inactive. She got baptized about 3 years ago but has been working on Sundays. She stopped working so now she can come to the church. We were excited for her but didn`t really know who she was. Then we were walking to lunch after church and a kid came running up behind us and asked us to pass by his house. So we did and it turns out it`s the members house and this kid is her grandson who lives with her. He, Matias, had taken the discussions before but is scared to be baptized   in front of lots of people. We told him that he can just have a small baptism. So he is preparing to be baptized on Oct 30. We are excited. Can you say miracle?!?!

On Saturday we had a party to celebrate 50 years of missionary work in Chile. It was just a fireside but we were walking to the stake center and there was this guy on his bike with his machines selling popcorn and cotton candy. He yelled for us to come over and we told him that we didn`t have any money (plus we were fasting) but he gave us a big bag of popcorn ¨because you are so beautiful¨ Haha:) So I put it in my bookbag and then in the fireside whenever I opened my bookbag it was like we were in a movie theatre with the smell. Haha:)  Oh Chile!! This coming Sat we are going to have a cultural celebration. It should be pretty cool. We, as missionaries, are going to sing. If you can watch it, do it. I think there will be a lot of singing and dances and jazz. So it should be fun. 

Right now we are teaching a lot of 7th day Adventists. There is this one, Gladys, who is so confused... she got baptized about 6 months ago but doesn`t believe in the church, she just likes that their sabbath day is Sat because that`s what it says in the Bible. We taught her and then we went back and she said she didn`t want us to teach her. But we got talking and she let us go in. So we taught her again and she is so confused about everything but doesn`t really want to listen to the answer. In the end she said come back on Wed and I will give you the answer, if I want you to keep coming by or if the Book of Mormon is wrong and you never come again. So everyday we have been leaving little notes or talks or whetever to help her read the Book of Mormon. I am excited to see what she says on Wed because she is always so dramatic and has to sing us a song from the Bible before we leave. Oh people, they crack me up!

Sorry, my letter turns into a novel a lot faster than I think. I just keep talking but I`ll just stop. But I do want to hear about your lives! What`s going on? That is so crazy that it snowed! It`s only the first of Oct what is going on! I am excited for spring here. It`s warm in the day and cold at night so its not too bad. Update me on the kids, life, other peoples lives, whatever comes to mind :)  I hope you are all doing good and just keep on keepin on, ya!


I am finally getting around to attaching pics, hope you enjoy, I don`t have anything exciting, but just a little feel of my life
This is when we taught a family (of 3, hence the 3 fingers) who are so amazing!

The view from my apt on a cloudy day

Last night after a long day of working, a member who washed our clothes gave us mouth wash and juice.
They are so great!

This is the sunset on the country part of my area. The city part is completely different but I like the counrty here

Monday, October 3, 2011

Oct. 3rd, 2011

SO this week was a good week. On Monday we did service for the stake by washing all the chairs for General Conference. Then on Tuesday we went to the country and found 3 new investigators who accepted a baptismal date for the 30 of Oct. So that was a good day. It was so funny though because its on a dirt road with all these ghetto houses just made out of scraps but then there was this house of cement and it was nice. So we stand at the gate and say ¨halo¨ (that is what we do here) then out eyes go to the left just after we yell to a huge cross on their patio. We imidately think oh crap it`s a church. But it was too late the people were already coming so I just tell Hermana Eborn that we should just offer service because we aren`t suppost to proselite close to the churches so the lady comes out and we offer service. She says no but we get to talking and she says that they are catholic but not active, so we ask if we can come in. haha. So we go in and share the restouration and it was great! Then at the end she is talking to her daughter and says, they offered to help me do the dishes or sweep, they are so nice. haha so it was funny but maybe thats what got us in the door.
Gerneral Conference was amazing. I loved the Christ theme and all the talks. It seems to pass by so fast these days. I remember when it was forever long but now it just flies. I loved the talk by Elder Carl Cook when he talked about ¨It`s better to look up¨ I also loved when Pres Monson came to the pulpit and just said ¨hello¨ he is awesome. I decided we just have to enjoy life and if we are being more serious than the prophet someting is wrong. So here I am just enjoying life. Also, Leder Matthew Richardson totally reminded me of Keith. Not in the way he talked or his manner but just the way he looked. I felt a little like I was there. But we do watch it in english (the gringo missionaries) so it was even better. The voices of the tranducers (whatever you call them) just aren`t the same.
I did get to see a lot of people from my old area there. So it was great! They are all excited for when I finish and can come back to visit them. Glorian (a convert) was there and she wrote me the best letter I have ever gotten in my mission. She said that after conference on Sat she felt like she had to write to thank me for helping her and her family. Then when she gave it to me she explained what she felt and she started crying and so then I started crying ect ect. Its crazy how I am just living my life teaching the gospel and don`t think much about what effect it has. After talking to Glorian yesterday and seeing how greatful she is, everything is worth it. All the hot days sweating to death, all the doors slammed in my face, all the guys whistling at us haha. Its all worth it. I miss you all sooo much and am excited to see you, but am starting to realize how much i`m going to miss all my new friends here in Chile. Thank goodness for facebook and skyping so I don`t ever really have to leave them. :)
Oh and the Presidents wife said that we are going to be able to use skype for Christmas so I really will be able to see you in 3 MONTHS!!!! YAY! I am excited already. How are things in the good ol USA? How is harvest coming? I have a list of things to do when I get home and this week thinking about harvest I put on the list to play the farming game. So whos in? haha. Sorry my mind is just going crazy thinking about everything all at once. I hope you don`t feel like I have thrown up on you with all my random thoughts. But remember I love you all sooo much and hope you are doing good.
Have a great week and I will be updating you soon on my not so crazy missionary life here in the south.

Sept. 26th, 2011

So, there isn`t too much new this week. We went to the zoo last p-day. That was pretty fun but it`s a really small zoo. I did get to see some animals that I havent seen in a while so it was cool.

OH wow, on Saturday we had lunch with a member (along with the Elders in my ward) and it was HUGE. We get there and they have salad on the table (you eat the salad at the end of the meal here) and they brought out a plate of ¨casuela¨ its soup with potatoes, veggies, and meat (pork chops). So we ate that and felt perfect but then they say, ok now we will bring out your second plate. And all of us are thinking- oh man, why didn`t they warn us there was more, I wouldn`t have eaten bread. So they bring out the 2nd plate and it`s a serving of ribs and a serving of chickin with a heaping pile of mashed potatoes. It was super good but I didn`t think I was going to be able to do it. I started out ok but about 1/2 way through all of us were thinking we were going to throw up. I really thought I was going to loose it so I asked where the bathroom was (nonshalantly of course haha) just to know wher to run if I had to. I really couldn`t do it but luckily my comp is a saint and ate some of my meat and potatoes. Then they tell us that there is icecream. Usually we are super excited because we don`t get icecream a lot and it was hot outside but it was hard to even get the ice cream down. haha. I haven`t had a lunch like that in a while and feel like I am finally starting to feel normal again :)

Then on Saturday night we had just left an apt and were walking to a members house to get them to accompany us to another apt and we were in the street when all the lights go out. Usaully it`s just a part of town or something but this time it was most of Santiago and Viña del Mar and a bunch of places. So we went to the members house and they give us food and soda and all that jazz. We go and do a little visit by candle light and then we just had to go home (about a half hour early) but it was interesting. At home when the power goes off we just kinda chill but here everyone hangs out in the streets and its crazy. So that was pretty interesting. 

Yesterday the Elders in our ward had a baptism. Juan Seguro got baptized. ¨seguro¨ means ¨sure¨ so everyone was crackin jokes about if he is sure eh wants to get baptized and stuff. But this morning I finally realized who he reminds me of. Because  his eyes are a little crazy (he has a wondering one, I`m not sure if its blind or what) but he looks like the guy off of 50 First Dates with the crazyish grey hair and the crazy eyes. I`ll have to send a picture some day. But he is awesome and his son is going to get baptized the week after conference. 

We are so excited for conference. It is like it`s bigger than Christmas (because it`s 2 days and Christmas just passes in 1, and yes, we are missionaries haha) We don`t get the RS broadcast until this Saturday. We watch it just before the morning conference sat. And there is a 3 hr difference between us so we have conference from 1-3 and then 5-7. Right in the middle of lunch! But I hope to see some people from my old ward here in the stake. It will be fun to see how they are doing. 

That is pretty much all that is new here. I officially have 6 months more in Chile and then real life begins.....  I hope things are good there. It sounds like you are all having a good time and busy so life is good. Transfers are in 2 weeks (the 10th) of Oct. I don`t think we will get changed, but we never know. I either want to stay here or go to the country. So we will see if that is what the Lord wants too :) 

Have a great week. Know I`m thinkin bout ya and I`ll be talking to ya next week. 

Sept. 20th, 2011

Happy days my framily, friends, fans, ect. 
This was an awesome week to be in Chile! We celebrated all weekend long and it was great. On Saturday we had an actividad in our stake. It was fun. Every ward is in charge of something (we were in charge of churipan, another soda, empanadas, ect.) there were games and stuff. Then the primary kids put on a program. Every wards primary did a dance and then afterwards people just started dancing. It was fun! Plus, I got to see some people from my old area, like Glorian and Paz (my last baptisms) they are so cute. Glorian made me a little jewlery box and some crocheted earings (she said she knew how much I like earring) so it was great to see some old friends. 

Then on Sunday we didn´t do much. The work is a little harder because no one wants to open their doors. But we were knocking a door and the neighbors started saying   hey gringas, come over here, we thought is was just some more drunk people but we went over to them (they were just in the street having a BBQ) and they offer us some meat (which was soo good) and come coca cola so we are just chattin and then come to find out they were baptized in the south a long time ago but haven´t gone in many years (obviously, they are all drinking like crazy and have a liqor store) so it was pretty funny. They tried to get us to dance with them but told them that we would come back in a year and a half and then dance with them haha. 

Then yesterday we had a ward activity. It was so chilean but so fun. The ward supplied meat and rice and then everyone brought their own plates, salad, drinks ect. and we ate lunch, played games ( so much fun to play basketball, volleyball ect again) and it was even funnier trying to explain how to play lightning and just when you think they understand it they say ¨get in line¨ and you say¨ no i´m out, that is the point of the game¨, but they say ¨oh it doesn´t matter just come and play¨. haha los chileanos....

It was fun to see a little more of the things typical the chile (dances and stuff) Everywhere you went this weekend it smelt like alcohol and everyone you talked to was a little bit tipsy but it was fun to spend more time with the members. 

Also, I went on exchanges with Hermana Stevens, my best friend from the MTC. I went to her area and we had so much fun working together. They had just gotten bikes the day before so I finally got to ride a bike. It was great. And we helped an investigator make empanadas and so it was a great day. 

But that is pretty much all that has happened to me this week. I have a TON of photos that I want to send but my camara has one too many viruses and it wont open on a computer. So Im not sure if you will be getting pictures for the next six months. I´ll have to see what happens. But that is that. Just imagine me having a good time haha. 

The work is going good to (we do do more than just party) but not too much new. We have found a lot of new people to teach so we will see who progresses. We don´t have anyone with a firm baptism date but there are some who are ¨waiting for their answer¨   so we are working with them.

Thanks for all you do and I hope you all have a great week! Thanks for the pics and jazz. It´s so fun to see and hear about things going on. Have a great week and well be chattin a little laters. 


Sept. 12th, 2011

So this week was a week of good things. We found a TON of new investigators and had a good time. There is part of our area that is out in the county and there is a member out there. So we decided to go out there and check things out. So we catch the bus and are riding out there. We pass the airport and I see Hertz and Eurocar and all this stuff of my ¨past life¨ and think, where in the heck am I. So we keep going. It`s about 30 min bus ride and I keep asking the guy in front of me if this is my stop and he keeps asking me exactly where I want to go and I just tell him I`m not quite sure but luckily we get off at the right stop. The bus drives away and it`s silent..... What?!? Am I at my house? There is a farmer guy there getting ready to plant his garden and so we ask him where the road is that we need and he tells us to come back next week. Then we walk and everyone is so happy to see us. Not too many missionaries go out there because it is so far. But then we decide to knock on a door (well, we didn`t really know what to do because there aren`t fences, so we didn`t know if we could just walk up to the door and knock it or if that was bad manners or what) but a lady comes out and turns out its the members Grandma (none of her family are members) so we go in and the whole family is there. Aunts, sisters, uncles everything. They said, well we don`t know much about your church- what do you believe? So we teach them and they try to give us all of their delicious homemade food. And then we leave to go find the member. Well she isn`t home so we decide to go and meet some people. Everyone was so nice and they want us to come back so we are going to go back to heaven this week too :) It reminds me a lof of Arco area, mountains and stuff.
So then we are back in the city and we knock this door. We teach a kid who is 18 years old and his mom and dad. Come to fnd out the kid is on house arrest for fighting so I felt weird when I invited them to come to church and then come back and teach their son what they learned haha. They didn`t come and when we stopped by the little girl said that Luis wasnt there (thats not even a good lie because we know he can`t leave) but ya it was funny. My first time teaching someone who is on house arrest.
On Wed I had to go to a training so Hermana Eborn was here with another sister who got her the same time as her. They were nervous, but we at least had an apt so they went to the apt and turns out that our investigators husband died. We had only taught her one time and she said her husband was sick with his stomach but was going to the doctor the next day and everything should be normal. But then they show up and he is dead. The people are saying stuff but they don`t really understand. They walk in the house and the casket is just chillin there and they don`t know what to do or what to say so they just give Maria (the wife) a hug and said we will come back later. hahaha it was pretty fun. Poor girls.
Our hot water heater was broken and we got sick of taking cold showers so the office came to fix it. They came 3 times and it still doesn`t work but at least now it is luke warm. They are going to come back and fix it for good this week. They are so funny though because they went to fix the hot water and they were testing it in the kitchen and the faucet in the kitchen broke then in the end they ended up buying a new hot water heater and a new faucet for the kitchen and bathroom. By the time I leave this place it`s going to be brand new haha.
That pretty much what happened this week. The Lord has blown up this area. Now we have 17 new investigators and so we are going to be working like crazy to help them progress. This week there are lots of patriotic celebrations, basically all weekend. So I am excited for that. And yesterday I got a little sun burned and started sweating...summer is in the air. But life is good.
Oh one more story. So yesterday we were walking looking for a house and this guy who we have contated before is in the street doing a BBQ and he and his wife are SUPER drunk, his wife is sluring her words and doesn`t even make sence. So I was just going to keep walking but Hna Eborn stops and talks to him. He then forces us to try his chicken and sausage (that looks disgusting) so he goes and gets a plate and puts some food on there. When we walk into their house there are a million beer bottles and the chicken isn`t cooked very well but there is no turning back now. So Im just praying like crazy that I don`t get sick and die haha. So far I feel normal. So that is a good sign. But it was hilarious. Oh the friends we make...
Now that you have spent your whole day reading my really long letter of my life... How are you all doing? I bet it was fun to get to see Grandpa for a bit and spend some good ol time at the fair. How is work and everything crackin? I hope things are good. Just keep swimming and I`ll talk to you next week!
I was going to send some pics but these freaking virus filled Chilean computers won`t let me. So hopefully next week. Plus the pictures is basically just looking out our front yard.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Sept. 5th, 2011

Hows life rollin for you all? I am just here in my little world still trying to believe that I have a new nephew. WILLIE! I am soo excited. And it`s so wierd to think that Annie and Calvin are parents. Not that they are bad parents but I just can`t get over it. BUT I am super excited and even more excited to be holding him.
Noah, I can`t believe how old/big you are! And you are playing baseball and basketball?!?! LUCKY! You are going to be an allstar by the time I get back! Thanks for praying for me everyday buddy!
And how is the fair this year? Basically  the same as every other year- except the people are older and it gets more and more fun to people watch with all the it! I am missing so many rodeos!! haha:) But next year... and to think that this week I am going to have 1 YEAR in the mission. WOW! It really was just the other day I was at the fair watching the rodeo and eating a carmel apple. Except now I look in the mirror and think "Wow am I 40 years old or do I just look super old?" haha:) Love life!
I like my new area a lot. It is about the same as my old area but there is an area that has new houses that makes me feel like I`m in a subdivision in AZ or something with a pool and all that jazz but then there are areas that are a little more poor but, not too drastic a change from my last area. The airport is in my area and another little town that is outside of the city (I think we are going to go there this week) and that is pretty much all. It`s a big ward so we share it with the Elders and they have the part that is more dangerous.
Yesterday after Sunday school I get a tap on the shoulder and it was Enrique Cardenas. He is a Grandpa from my old ward in Los Mares and couldn`t believe it!!! We left without saying goodbye and that we weren`t going to come to lunch this week so he had to come say goodbye to us. He is so cute! It was fun to see him. And in this Ward they have me playing the piano and if you thought I was bad before I came to the mish wait until I haven`t practiced in a year and then see how it sounds but they are patient and tell me it`s ok. They are all super nice.
So about the investigators here. There is a guy, Luis, whos wife and daughter got baptized about a year ago and he goes to church and everything but says he doesn`t ¨feel¨ like he is ready to get baptized so we are going to work with him. We had a great lesson and he said he is excited to have us here. So hopefully we can help him make up his mind.
Also, there is a guy Browlio, who has been inactive for 7 years. He is a  returned missionary and everything and his girlfriend isn`t a member but they want their daughter to be raised with beliefs in God so they went to church for 2 weeks but to a different ward and then we visited them and tried to convince them to come to our ward (they say it`s a little to sketchy, but it`s really not) and he came yesterday to check it out and said he is going to bring his girlfriend, Sandra, next week. They are awesome and soo nice.
We also have two other invstigators that are pretty good but didn`t come to chruch so we have to find out whats up and all that jazz. But that is pretty much my area, life, and week.
as for the pictures...
 I might have sent you this already but this is a school on strike. They put the chairs and desks in the fence. oh Chile...
 Hermana Eborn and me at a ward activity this week. They have a saying here that says ¨Pasamos Agosto¨ (we passed August) because it`s the coldest month of the year and lots of old people die so they had a party to celebrate that we all make it through alive.
 Hermano Amable (nice), yes that is really his name. He is the cutest old guy ever. When I was here on splits a while back we contacted him and taught him the first lesson but he lived in the area of the Elders. They taught him and he got bapitzed about 4 months ago. He is sooo cute. His assignment is to welcome the people when they come into the church, so he gets there at 9 (the meeting starts at 10) to make sure he fulfills his calling. He came to the party in his getup to dance the cueca, a typical chilean dance. So I had to take a picture with him and his outfit because he was so excited to be there and dance. I told him that maybe he would find a lucky lady to be his wife and they could dance the night away... haha:) ( I can't seem to get this picture to rotate...sorry)
and that is all I have for now. But I hope you all have a great week and remember I LOVE YOU and have some fun for me :)


Aug 29th, 2011

How has the week been for ya`ll? There has been lots going on. I hope everything is going ok with the kids, Annie with the house and the baby, crazy.!! I have had a good week here. Paz got baptized yesterday! It was AMAZING! She was so nervous but so happy! Her Mom who got baptized a month ago gave a talk about the Holy Ghost that was so good. All the members said ¨I would have thought she was a member her whole life¨ she was so nervous but it was so great. They started crying so I started crying... haha:) It was a great day.
Then last night they called with our news on transfers. They told us that we are both staying here in this area. I was freaking out! I didn`t know how I was going to live with 10 and a half months in one area. Then the zone leaders called and said there was a mix up and that both me and my companion are going to go to San Francisco, which is a Ward in our same Stake. It`s like we are going from a Pingree ward to a Thomas ward. It`s basically on the other side of the road. Well, not really but it`s here close. Then when they told me that I couldn`t believe it either. I was freking out again! It still doesn`t seem real. I have been there quite a few times on splits and so it`s crazy to think that I am going to be serving there. But I like the area a lot. It has a little bit of everything, rich, poor, and everything in between. It`s really close to the airport so the planes are always passing super close. It will be a good change. The Sisters that are there right now are just switching with us and will come to my area.
Yesterday we were walking to our apt after lunch and we saw this guy on his motorcycle get hit by a car. It was crazy!!! We didn`t stay to see what happened but it just added to the craziness of the week. This week there were a bunch of protests and everything for the schools. The public transportation and everything went on strike and they did a bunch of stuff. They were making bon fires in the the streets and they burned a Catholic Church and they burned a car and a kid got shot and who knows what else, that is just what the people have told us this far. But nothing happened in my area so it was just another day for us.
I cant really think about what happened this week, my mind is still crazy from the changes but I think that is pretty much all that has gone down this week. My letter is so short I`m sure there is more... but nothins comin so I`ll just save it for next week :)
I know you are all super busy but I hope your busy things are good. Keep me updated on the nephews and when I have a new one :)  I can`t believe it`s already fair time and all that jazz. Time flies! I am always thinking about ya`ll and pray things are good. Remember I LOVE YOU and have a great week!
Besitos (Chilean style)
Paz (12) and her little sister Cony (4) before the baptism

Celebrating Paz`s baptism. Luckily it wasn`t raining

Glorian, Paz, and Cony at their house saying goodbye

Aug 22nd, 2011

What a week! It`s amazing how time changes. It`s hard to be here without Granny but like Annie said, she has always been a missionary and is probably working her tail off (as usual) on the other side preachin the word. On Wed I read a talk in the conference Ensign for this conference in April. ¨The Atonement Covers All Pain¨ by Elder Richards. It is so good. It made me feel much better. Then come to find out that was the day that Granny passed away. The Lord works in amazing ways. I know she has helped me this week because we found 9 new amazing investigators (which to find 9 new investigators in a week is really good). I was thinking about her and how she always loved watching the movies on Lifetime. I never liked them because it was the same lame story; a couple and then he cheats on her or beats her so she has to escape from him. But I just watched them because she liked them and plus she always had chocolate to eat while we watched so it made it worth it... haha:) Then I was also thinking about when she came to our house and brought P90X to work out. She puts it in and starts doing it and AnnMarie and I are over there dying trying to keep up with her. She is so amazing!
And this coming Sunday Paz is going to get baptized! She is excited and it will help her and her Mom stick together to come to church and everything. Her sister Connie is 4 and said the prayer the other day and it was so funny I started laughing because she prayed for all the random things that kids pray for and then at the end she said, oh ya, please bless the kids so they dont have a knife because that is dangerous. I LOVE their family soo much. We have transfers next Monday (we find out Sudnay night). So I will let you know what happens. I am 99% sure I`m leaving but the question is if Hermana Eborn is coming with me or not. She doesn`t want to leave because this area is amazing. It will be hard to leave. I started crying last change when I said good bye to Maria (my first baptism here) and then I stayed so it was ok but now I think I have to say goodbye for real.
Doing contacts in the street this week was pretty great. We were talking to this guy and he said he had to go because his boss was waiting for him in the truck and was looking at him angrily and then he went over to the truck and gave us a bunch of avacados...haha::) It was great! Yesterday we passed a guy that we had contacted before and he had warm freshly made bread and gave us some bread. You never know what is going to happen in the streets of Chile!  Then I contacted this kid who was about 16 and he wouldn`t listen to me and was just being rude so I told him ¨Hey, be somewhat of a gentleman and listen to me.¨ Maybe it`s not the best thing to do but it at least got him to stop and listen for a min.
Oh, on Wed we ate soo much food. We had a huge lunch with an old guy in our ward who LOVES the Missionaries and so he gives us everything he has. Then we went to Glorian and Paz`s and they had hot chocolate and cake waiting then we went to Maria`s and she had hot sopapillas (that are a little bit like scones) waiting for us. What can we say? The people just love us... haha:) One of our new investigators made us 2 kinds of empanadas yesterday... And this is the life of a Missionary. The only thing that changes in our daily lives is the food we eat!  But that is pretty much all that has happened this week. I hope that you are all doing ok and keepin on the sunny side of life. We are here to be happy so we have to make the best of each moment.
I LOVE YOU ALL SOOO MUCH and wish you a great week!
con todo mi cariño,
I tried to send photos but there is some kind of virus that won`t let me either on my camara or the computer, I`m not sure but I will try next week.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Aug 15th, 2011

I think I have seen the movie ¨Together Forever¨ one too many times... haha:) I`m such a missionary...
What a week!! I`m sure you all are busy with summer coming to an end, things in the family, work, and just life in general. But I hope everyone is doing ok. I hope you all keep me updated on everything that is going on. If you have memories of Granny it would be fun to hear about them. I know we all have a TON because we have a great family an have all had a LOT of good times! It is a blessing that she isn`t going to suffer any longer and that her and Grandma B can be best friends up there and take special care of Grandpa to repay him for all his hard work. People are always worried about what is going to happen with two wives but like Mom always said, ¨God has everything planned out¨ and I know they are going to be up there partying. so we might as well be here partying a little too  :)
This week has been good. A little crazy but good. Hermana Eborn rolled her ankle on Tuesday morning when we were running and we thought it was ok until about 3 o'clock when she couldn't walk anymore. So we spent a day in the house with her ankle elevated and on ice. That stunk but now she is feeling almost back to normal and can maybe start running the end of this week.
Paz, the daughter of Glorian (who got baptized a couple weeks ago) finally decided to get baptized on the 28th of August. I am SOOO excited! She is so ready and loves the church and knows so much. She is 12 and so cute. They did a stake activity here where each ward represented a South American country and they did a dance and told about it and had typical food from there. We couldnt go but I heard it was awesome and Paz danced and the whole family went and loved it. They brought back pictures and it looked super fun. So it`s practically like she is already a member but now she is actually going to be a member. And the best part is that I will for sure be here. It is the last day of the change and I will probably get transferred so it will be the best going a way gift ever!
Also, Ximena, the wife of Jose (who got baptized about 3 months ago) (the crazy cat lady) she wants to get baptized on Sept 18th. Which is independence day here and so she said, I can get baptized and we can have a big party :)  So we are excited for that. She is scared of the water but we are going to help here with that. The funny part is, that she doesn`t like us (the missionaries) at all. But she loves the church and everything. She just tolerates us because she knows that we have to teach her everything. So hopefully everything goes ok and we don't die of cat smell before then... haha:)
That is pretty much all that is going down here in Chile. All the schools are still crazy but not where I`m at. Nothing really happens here. It has started warming up (depending on the day) sometimes we leave with just long sleeves on, which makes me love my life! And hopefully we are leaving beans season. Everyone feeds us beans because it`s warm and like they say ¨has lots of protein¨ but as it gets warmer, they snap out of the warm food season. Things are good here in the south.
I hope you all have a good week and that you are doing ok. Annie keep me updated on the baby (and if you cant, just tell someone to tell me when you have it) and good luck with work, home, life, ect.  Have a little fun and remember I love you all so much and am always thinking about you!
A little taste of Sanitago last Monday
 Hermana Whyte, Hermana Ellsworth from AZ, Elder Coats from SLC, and Elder Saenz from Argentina. We have all been in this stake for at least 7 months so we took an alumni picture (Elder Coats goes home today)
Just some people who set up in down town (Plaza de Armas) and were playing so we just stopped for a second.


Aug 8th 2011

CELEBRATE.....I officially have 11 months in the mission. I remember my first month in Chile, I thought, "Wow, I am never going to be that old." But I guess that`s how the cookie crumbles.
This week....I feel like I have done a lot of things but when I put it on paper it`s not that much. There has been a lot of protests with the education. They want to to be free (ya I don`t understand) but they have been protesting for a long time downtown. Lots of schools have already lost the year and are going to have to repeat. On Thursday night we were in the street and people just start making all this noise. I was thinkin, "What is going on? There isn`t a soccer game tonight." Come to find out. it was part of the protest for everyone at 9:00 start pounding on their pots and pans in their houses. It was pretty funny because there were people everywhere just pounding on pots. We couldn`t help but laugh.
There is this old guy in our ward, Victor. He got baptized 2 years ago. He is so cute! He lives alone, has never been married, and is on dialysis. We go visit him every Wed. and he always makes me smile. This week he gave me a little Buddah guy that you can put incense in to burn. It`s so funny. He also gave me a random little painting thing he did about 3 months ago. I am starting to collect all this stuff that I have no idea what the heck I`m going to do with it but oh well, good memories I guess :)
Another thing, they have so many holidays here. Yesterday was Kid`s day (ya, just like Father`s Day or Mother`s day) so all the kids were so happy with all their new toys and stuff. Then on Fri. it was balloon day. So everyone had balloons. They just make up different days to switch things up I guess. But it`s pretty fun.
Glorian got confirmed yesterday. She`s so cute! She knows so much and studies the BOM like crazy. It`s awesome. Everyone in gospel principals jokes that she is too fast finding the scriptures and interpreting them. As for her daughter, she said she still doesn't want to get baptized. She wants to but doesn`t want to do it super soon. So we are trying to be patient :) But we have been having a lot of success. We have found 8 new investigators this week and last week too. It`s amazing how people are being prepared to accept the Missionaries. (And it helps that I`m a blond gringa... haha:)  I figure if they are the ones that are contacting me, està bien :)
As for winter,Its still here, but its not too bad. Everyone raved about how horrible it was so I was expecting the worst but ìt`s not too bad. It rains about 2 times a week, cloudy about 3 days and sunny 2 days. So I`ll take what I can get.
I can`t think of any other exciting news... Oh, in Moms letter she asked me to write about stuff that has happened. So here is a story from about a month and a half ago. It was, once again, a random catholic holiday and so everything was closed, so we were taking pictures by this fountain (4 sister Missionaries) and we were just kinda hanging out looking at the pictures and Hermana Player looks up and says ¨He has a gun¨ so we look over and there was this guy who was running from the cops and there was this undercover cop who is just walking normal and then when the guy running from the cops comes, he just whips out a gun and has it to his face. Then the cops caught up and took him away and the undercover cop just walks away. It was so crazy. We were all just looking at each other thinking, did that just really happen? We felt like we were in a movie... haha :) That was the most exciting thing that has happened in a while.
It sounds like you had a good little camping trip. I bet the kids loved it. And Mom and Dad came :) Did they remember their tent poles? haha
Annie, I still keep telling myself every week when I get your update. Wow, she really is going to have a baby. LOCO! But I`m super excited!
I love hearing about all the people that are going on Missions and getting married (oh the circle of life) I can`t believe all the changes. It seems like because nothing has changed in my life, everything and everyone should be on freeze too. Bueno.
 This is Andrea and David Gonzalaz, they are the cutest couple in our ward I swear. I freaking love them, and she makes really good food ;)
 This is the Moneda. To tell you the truth I have no idea what they do there or anything but it`s a government building that is on all the postcards so I thought I would take a picture of it... haha:)
 Hermana Sampson and I went on intercambios this week. She got here 3 weeks ago. She is from South Jordan and is awesome!
That is my week in a nut shell. I hope you all enjoy your week and know that I LOVE YOU!!!!!
Hermana Steph

Aug 1st 2011

So, good news....Glorian got BAPTIZED!!!! It was so good! She was nervous, but happy, and didnt really know what to feel. When we walked her to the font, she started crying because she was so happy. I love her so much and am so excited for her. All the members thought she was already a member because she knows so much. And her daughter Paz loved the baptism and I asked her afterwards if she would prepare to get baptized on the 14th. She kinda freaked out and didn`t accept, but said she wants to get baptized and is going to pray about the 14th.
On Monday, President Essig called with a reference for us. So we went to visit them. We walk in the door and there is this lady who had come to church on Sunday. Her husband is really inactive and she has been investigating religions and came to church to check it out. We planned to stop by later on in the week. But then we show up to this references house and turns out that the reference was her daughter. So we taught the daughter, the Mom, and the daughters boyfriend. It was super great!
Then on Thursday I get another call from President Essig and he said. Sister Whyte,  I just had the office print me off a list of how long people have been in their area. Have you really been in your area for 9 months?!? I laughed and told him yes and he asked ¨How are you doing with that? That is half your mission in one place. Do you want transferred?¨  I told him that I was ok for this transfer (the next month) but after that I am ready to leave. I was tempted to take special transfers but I would feel bad for leaving Hermana Eborn here, plus I want to see more of the people I have taught get baptized. That is one plus, we have been teaching Glorian off and on since January and I never would have thought I would be there the day she got baptized, but I was! So it`s all good.
On Friday we went to the Mission home for training for the newbies and the trainers. It was really good and best of all I got to see lots of people from my district in the MTC, there are 5 of us who are training this transfer. So it was awesome to see everyone again. That afternoon, I contacted this guy (who was a little older) and he randomly asks us if we like opera music,  then he just started singing to us in his opera voice. He wasn`t too bad, but it was just so funny I was trying my best not to laugh because who in the world just starts singing so someone on the street. But it was a good time:)
Oh, I felt so bad for Hermana Eborn. On Saturday it was raining pretty hard and there were a ton of puddles. She doesn`t have rain boots but we were just walking through puddles up to our calves and we were crossing the street were there was all this mud and she lost her balance and fell down. Everything was so dirty but it was so funny at the same time. It was right in front of a meat shop and everyone was staring, so it made it that much better. But it was all ok, because we found 8 new investigators this week (which is really good) so we are super excited for that!!
How is LaRee and everyone hanging in there? I hope everyting went well and that they are good. How is Granny doing? I am sure she is doing too many things, but whatever she wants to do let her do it I guess :)  It sounds like Annie`s baby shower with her friends was fun. I can`t believe all of them have so many kids. It is crazy how fast life changes! I can`t even imagine. It seems like I just graduated from high school a year ago. And poor Noah with staples in his head! That must have been a pretty big rock. Kids will always be kids won`t they. Did they have to shave a part of his head?  It is crazy to think that Eric Young is home. It seems like the mission life and real life don`t go together. He was a great missionary. All the missionaries talk about him and say he is so funny. So I`m sure he did well on his talk.
Well, I can`t think of anything else to say so I will write back next week and give you the next update in the life of Hermana Whyte. Have a great week and try to stay away from flying rocks, and keep on the sunny side. :) Remember I love you all and I love you more than a Chilean loves Colo Colo (the soccer team here that everyone is crazy about)