Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March 7th, 2011

Wow, I have been out for 6 months tomorrow. Crazy! It seems like it was just yesterday I was there, but also seems like years. I had a good week this week. We started it out with some excitement... Monday night Hermana Dymock wanted to wax her legs so we warmed up some wax and put it on. Then when we got done I decided I wanted to wax my eyebrows so I put it back on the stove to warm up. Well, we got peeling off the wax of Hermanas legs and forgot about the wax on the stove until we saw the smoke come into the living room. So I went running into the kitchen and the wax was on fire. I freaked out and didnt know what to do so a went outside and got the gate guys and they came in and helped us... haha:) It wasn´t too bad but there was smoke everywhere for a hour, but it was wax so it didnt smell like smoke so that was good. But we are going to repaint a little bit of the kitchen so no one knows. (This definitely doesn´t get to Pres. May... haha:)
We have been putting up a table in the faria on wed and sat announcing English classes (by the way I LOVE the faria, it is the greatest place to buy whatever you want, but the fruits and veggies are cheap. I bought 2.2 pounds of grapes for 1 dollar, its great! And they are super fresh so it´s even better) but anyways, we had our first class this Sat and we had about 12 people there. It was really fun. It´s so funny to listen to them speak but then I have to remember that this is what I sound like to them everyday. But it was good.
Also this week we were in heaven because for lunch a Hermana served us tacos (it is impossible to find Mexican food here) and it was so good!!! I never thought I would miss beans so much... haha:) But we have been teaching a lot this week. Peoples lives are so complicated, it would just be so much easier to live the gospel, then we wouldn´t have so many problems! Matilda, one of our investigators, needs to divorce and get married but she doesn´t want to marry the guy she is living with because he is an alcoholic and she doesn´t have a job so she 
can´t kick him out because then she won´t have any help with the bills....ah the circle of life. But she came to church this week (we had stake conference) and all they talked about was getting married and serving missions. It was a little different but what she needed (hopefully it wasn´t too strong) but, it was good. And then we stayed and watched 2 boys get baptized from other wards. It was fun to be there.
I have had weird dreams this week. Sat night I went to bed without flossing my teeth and had a dream that they fell out and I didn´t have money to fix them and the mission wouldn´t help me so I was just so flustered (I´m never not flossing again, it was traumatic... haha) and the other night I had a dream that we were at a members house and we turned on the tv and there you were on skype, so we said "hi and Joel was trying to get everyone´s attention to come to the computer, then Hermana Dymock, said I couldn´t talk to you guys and she shut off the TV... haha:) So those were my weird dreams this week. (not that they are important, just something to talk about because nothing exciting happened this week)
We went to teach some girls English that we talked to in the faria and they said they want to  learn more about what we believe because they don´t really go to church or anything. So we are going to teach them tonight and hopefully everything goes good. Also, we gave a lady a Book of Mormon in the faria and we went to teach her yesterday and she had already read to the middle of Nephi and likes what she has read. But she and the guy she is living with needs to get divorced and they need to get married but they are working on it and she said when they get married she will get baptized but it will probably take about 4 months more. So hopefully she can keep leaning and everything.
That is pretty much everything that happened this week. I don´t have any cool stories of dogs or anything but maybe next week...haha:) On Sunday we have changes, but I don´t think Hermana Dymock or I are going to change. I think I will be in this area for another 3 months but only time will tell. So, I will keep you updated.
Sounds like things are good there. Mom and Dad, have fun with the boys and AnnMarie good luck with your performances and at the doctor! (be sure to update me on everything that goes on) and like always good luck with work everyone. Tell everyone "Hi" for me and that I love them! Amber, have fun with your sisters and enjoy some peace and quite :)
Thanks for all you do for me and hope you have a great week!
Bueno, voy a excribir un poco en español para que papa puede tener algo para leer. Pero, no sé que decir, pero, le amo and gracias por todo que lo hace para mi. Es un buen ejemplo and el mejor papa en total el mundo! Soy super bendecido! Ojala todo esta bien y esta disfutando todo. Con tanto amor! Steph

Tuna, a fruit here that is kind of like a kiwi but not as good and the seed are hard and just kinda weird, but we eat it a lot for dessert at the members houses
My district bowling last week. me, Hermana Dymock, Elder Tello from Peru who only has 3 weeks left in the mission. and Elder Vance from IF who came with me.
Hermana Campos from El Salvador and I in intercambios this week. She made papusas. I was in heaven, I felt like I was at the Salvadorian restaurant I always bought them at in Logan (well its more just like a hole in the wall restaurant, but sooo good!)
Hermana Dymock and I celebrating her 17 months in the mission and me my 6 months. So we had a quesadilla and popcorn (strange combo I know)

Me showing off my cheleaness (that probably isn´t a word, pero soy cheleana!)

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