Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 14th, 2011

I hope you all have had a good week! Sounds like a lot is going on. Tell Austin congrats on the engagment. I can´t believe it, it´s so crazy! Glad to hear that Mom and Dad had a good anniversary! At least you got to spend the whole day together :)  Tell Barbara Happy Birthday for me. And I pray all is well with Granny! She is super strong and amazing, she can get through anything.
Not too much has happened here this week. It rained for the first time since I´ve been here. It was weird because it was so stinkin hot outside when we went in to teach a lesson, then when we got done it was pouring like crazy. But the people let us use their umbrellas so it was good. It was nice to cool off. Then it was cloudy for the next two days so I didn´t put suncreen on for 3 days! I think I broke a record because I usually have to wear it everyday. But enough about the weather...
On wednesday we were walking to the members house for lunch and out of the middle of no where this dog comes up and tries to bite my foot. He only gets my shoe but he broke the little strap buckle thing. Once again...freaking perros. But the people we had lunch with fixed it so it´s all good.
We taught this crazy guy the other day who was a missionary for some random church and he tried teaching us but we held our own and he still tried to deny all that we believed but oh well, one day he´ll find out the truth, even if it is the hard way. But we at lunch yesterday with the familia Barros. He is a 70 and they did an American lunch with lasagna (not the same but close) and salad without oil. It was a miracle. The first salad I have had without oil. It was so delicious. I´m so scared to take my cholestoral and I still have more than a year to go... haha:) After a while it starts tasting really good. :) Anywho. He said that President Monson might come to Santiago in Oct. That would be so awesome if he did!
Oh and one day we were walking and there were some creepy guys about 25 and they started talking to us and we asked if they have shared with missionaries before and they said no but we would like to, you can come to our house anytime and teach me (in a suggestive manner), what do you teach about. And we told them we teach about repentance and the law of chastity. It was pretty funny because then they just went the other direction... haha:) Being a missionary is great!!
Yesterday all the Elders in our zone came to our sector to help us find people to teach (we go to a different sectors every week and work there for 2 hours) and so it was great. We have 20 new references to go talk to and so hopefully things pick up. In March, the kids start back to school so people will hopfully be getting back from their vacations soon. But ya, that is pretty much all that is gonig on here.
Today we went to the hill of Santa Lucia again...
so, this is me with the snow on the mountains so it was kinda like I was in winter. (the snow looks like the clouds, but it´s really snow on really big mountains) 
This is the new metro (it´s like the subway). They just opened a new station in my sector so I took a picture of it this morning. (it´s the blue thing with the white cover). and it´s the only station I know of that is above ground so it makes it that much cooler. But I hope you have a great week and a great Valentines Day!

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