Monday, February 14, 2011

January 24th, 2011

Hello all,
This week has been a great week! MARIA GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! 
She was so cute! She wasn´t nervous, just content. After church when we were walking home she couldn´t stop smiling and said she couldn´t describe how she felt. Neither of her kids came to the service but there we about 15 members there to support her, so it was good. It´s amazing how you can come to love the people so much in such a short amount of time! Next week she will get confirmed and be offically a member of the church! She loves that she finally feels like she has friends and is part of something. She is so sweet she gave us earrings that her daughter made and she also gave me a shirt that she had made for her daughter. Because I get these little weird dots if I get too much sun so I have been wearing long sleeves and she felt bad and said she had a shirt that was more light weight so she gave it to me.
We tried to fix it up with a belt but it still looked like I jumped out of the TV show "That 70´s Show"... haha:) But I would wear it a thousand times if it made her feel good. All the Elders loved it and wanted to take pictures, so who knows, I may be famous in the mission of Santiago North... haha:)
Also I tried two new things this week:  an Anticicho which is a shishkabob of meat. They have differnt types but we were passing by the fairia and a guy was selling them off the BBQ and Hermana Buckner said I had to try one (I´m not sure what kind of meat it was) but it was really good. Then yesterday for lunch we had pastel de choclo
It is basically ground up corn that they cut off the cob with a little bit of meat on the bottom mixed with a couple onions and then a leg of chicken in the middle. It was pretty good. Everyone here raves about it but it doesn´t really have that much flavor and isn´t the greatest but it was good to have something different.
I also learned something new this week. People here put 2 liter bottles next to their plants, bushes, trees, ect. I always thought it was so the water was just there when they wanted to water their trees, but no. They put it there so the dogs don´t poop or pee in their plants. So they see themselves in the water and they get scared and don´t go in their bushes. Intersting fact about Chile. Also something a little ghetto we saw yesterday was a home made sprinkler. They had taken a 2 liter pop bottle, hooked it up to the hose, and poked some holes in it. Whala, you have a sprinkler.
We found a new investigator this week named Rosario. She is an older lady (about 75) and her house is incredible. She has anything and everything inside and out.
And worst of all, she has 6 dogs that she never lets out... the smell makes us gag everytime. But she has a baptismal date for the 13th. But she didn´t come to church yesterday, so we will see what happens.
This week, we have been kissed on the hand more times than we can count. I don´t know why but all the old guys have done it because we tell them they can´t kiss us on the cheek so they just go for the hand. But it´s so funny because people won´t want to listen to anything we are saying then they look at my eyes and say öh how beautiful are your eyes! and then they listen for about 1 min then they say thanks but no thanks, but I love your eyes. So it´s always an adventure.
There has also been a lot of Evangelicos out on the street preaching with their microphones and their music. They crack me up though, they just stand out on the street and yell about how God isn´t going to save them and how the devil has taken over. And we need to do all these things. But whatever floats their boat I guess...
Well, I´m out of time and I think this has been the most random letter ever, but I hope you are all doing good and that you have a great week. Remember I love you soooo so much and am so grateful  for all your prayers and support.

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