Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hand written letter to the Jacobsons

September 27, 2010
Hey Liz & Joel & Ethan
I decided to write a little letter because its p-day and I used up all my internet time.  Now I’m just waiting for my laundry.
It’s fun to hear from you!  Time is a weird concept here.  You never know what day it is because we always do the same things.  Ha Ha.  We crawl from our beds at night but then my mind is still going 100 miles/minute with Spanish but it’s getting easier and easier to fall asleep.  You would think I would know more by now with that going on.  J
We have pretty much learned all of the Spanish rules and stuff.  Now the problem is understanding it and applying it!  I know nothing.  Ha Ha.  But Luci Griffiths said to study hard but don’t worry about the language if others are getting it faster.  So I’m trying to remember that and tell myself it will all work out.  When I get there I’ll be saying “That’s not the Spanish I learned” so I figure either way I’ll be lost.
The Elders that got re-assigned from Mexico to other places are suppose to be temporary; they all hope for just one transfer but they never know.  The ones that stay close I bet they get transferred back to Mexico pretty soon.  But there was an elder who went to L.A.; I bet he is there for a while.  I would be sad to get changed but I guess it is where they are supposed to be.  And luckily I don’t need a visa to get into the country so I don’t have to worry about that.
The food here is pretty good.  You are never super hungry but you eat because it’s the only time you can eat and you want to do something other than sit in class.  There has never been something I didn’t like to eat so that’s good.  Every Sunday they have mashed potatoes, gravy and some kind of meat so it’s great!  Lloyd Lee and some other people told me not to drink the orange juice because it will give you the runs.  So I’ve always been too scared to try it out.  Ha Ha.  I don’t really care to find out if it’s true or not.
I love being able to learn so much though; its fun to walk around just because you always have missionaries coming up and contacting you or wanting to teach you.  Some of them are in the craziest languages too.  We had someone sing “I Need Thee Every Hour” to us in Mongolian.  It was so cool!  I am kind of jealous of the missionaries that are only here for 3 weeks, but there is no way I would feel ready to go and teach people.  I probably won’t feel like I’m ready when it is time to leave but oh well.  Our teacher told us that if someone just keeps saying they don’t have time to talk and puts you off, ask if you can sing a song, sounds weird but he said it brings the spirit and changes their hearts.  I want to try it someday.  J
I’m glad Ethan and the girl you babysit still haven’t killed each other.  Ha Ha.  Are you going to babysit next semester too?  All I know is you’re a good woman.  I don’t think I could handle it.
Well keep me undated.  It’s fun to hear from you.  Love ya’ll tons and tons!!!  XOXO 
Love Always,  Stephers

Friday, October 29, 2010

October 18, 2010

Hey ya'll!

I'm glad to hear you are still alive and everything is pretty good. Dad- what did you do to your knee? At least you don't have to work tires with it- I guess that's a blessing. I hear everyone is pretty much finishing up with harvest and mom pretty soon you won't have to work such long days....you'll all be excited for winter (who thought we would ever say that)

This week has gone by SOOOO fast! I think it has been the fastest one here. And it will be 6 weeks on Wed crazily enough. We should get our travel plans next friday so i will keep you updated on what the schedule is but as far as I know we fly out on Sun Nov 7th. I LOVE the MTC but I'm so excited to to in the field even though I won't know anything. Dad- I have no idea how you were here for 6 months- that would be crazy!!! Angela and Ryan leave tomorrow morning so i won't see them anymore but I also saw Jana Randall who I used to work with at Silver Clippers in Logan. she just got here and is going to Bolivia. It was fun to see her. I also saw Polatis' cousin Elder Dooley from Shelley. He is going to Korea- when he contacted me it made me gratfull I was only learning spanish :) I also just saw Elder Duffin from Aberdeen or somewhere that direction. He just looked familiar and his name was Duffin- he said he knew dad and stuff but I forgot to ask him where he was going.

Thanks for the cupcakes! They were SO delicious! It was Elder Clark's birthday so we saved them for the party. We decorated the room and celebrated with cupcakes- it was so much fun. he is the only one who is having a birthday while we are here so we had to go all out. This week we started teaching only in spanish- it's hard but I feel like I have learned SO much in just this week and also leaned how much I don't know. I guess it's ok to speak a REALLY simple spanish/spanglish for a while haha. Also this week we have 2 districts in our zone leaving so we are going to be the oldest ones after Wed. That is going to be so strange but it's exciting. This week for the Devotional we had Elder Edgley from the presiding bishopric come and talk about being a successfull missionarry it was so good and then yesterday for Relief Society we had Sister Susan Tanner the old YW pres talk about the history of relief society. (Sorry there are so many errors in my e-mails, i try to type fast so I can say everything i want to because I'm not a fan of writing letters)

Also this week for gym we have been playing kickball and softball. i'm horrible at both but it's sooo much fun and the best part is being outside and feeling like you are in 6th grade again. Oh and our sunday temple walks have been cancelled because missionaries have been leaving trash on temple grounds and meeting up with family and friends so now we just have to have MTC campus walks- not quite as fun but Sundays are good because you don't have class and you can relax more. But we write a talk everyweek and then they just choose 2 people to talk. Mine have been like 1 min long because I never know how to say stuff in spanish but it hasn't been a problem because they usually call on the older people...but now I'm one of the older people so I best be working on them harder. Its funny though because when they go up to announce the speakers everyone is just praying "not me please not me". Oh and the Taylors in my branch pres. say I look exactly like Kandice Williams (never thought of that) but there son is the one who is married to Vickie Willliams.

I'm glad you got the pictures. i probably wont send anymore though. I will probably just wait until I'm almost done here and send home a CD of all the pictures on my camera. I have some videos on there- I don't know if they will work on a CD but I hope they don't mess up the whole CD if they don't work. Who knows.... But that way it will just be easier for all of us.

Some nights I have been practicing spanish with a sister that lives next door. She is from Columbia and so we just read scriptures out loud (me in spanish and she corrects me then her in english and i correct her) it is fun- she is so funny and so it makes it even better. We usually teach 1 or 2 lessons a day and contact about ten people a day so it keeps us all busy with that and studing and class. But If you have any questions about what I do or what it's like of just wonder anything just let me know because I can't remember what I have told you or not and what is important for you to hear or not because everything runs together.

I hope everything is going good and keep me updated on everything. Thanks for all your love and support! You are the BEST!!!!!! Quote from fireside yesterday "Be a temple attending, Satan offending people" haha I thought it was funny



October 11, 2010

Hola Familia!!!!!!

I'm glad to hear everything is going good! I try to keep a list of things to tell you throughout the week because everything blends together and I don't know what happened when and usually I can't even remember what happened. To celebrate our 1/2 way mark, we had smile fuit snacks...it was great haha. Also we got a new elder in our district. He was supposed to leave 3 weeks ago but he broke his fibula playing soccer so he has to stay until probably Nov 2 or possibly Nov 8 when we leave. He is going to Dallas Texas- I'm glad he is in our district though because he is really focused and happy even though he has been here forever. We call him abuelo Rouse (grandpa) because he has been here since July and is dang good at spanish because of it.

Yesterday our district sang in Sacrament Meeting. We sang Come Follow Me. I had to play because the person we wanted to play wasn't there so I'm not sure how it went but at least its over. I have still been playing the piano everyweek but I am determined to find someone else to play this Sunday! :) Liz- thanks for the letter, Ethans artwork, and pictures! Poor Ethan! Is he doing ok? He is a trooper, I wonder if it will leave a scar. A great story I guess. Mom I don't think I need any microwave stuff- I get fed well here. You asked about speakers for devotionals... I wrote down a list but I forgot it but we have had three people from the 70. The name I remember is Neunschwander but yesterday for Relief Society we had the 1st counsler of the General Primary Pes. it was really good and when when I first got here we had Sister Dalton (primary pres) so those have been the coolest ones so far. Elder Holland came a week before we got here so we missed him but rumor is that we are supposed to be having "really good speakers" this month so we will see who comes.

Oh for SLCC you said I have to get petitioned out of BIO1610. Is that through SLCC of does someone from BYUI petition me out- how does it work? If I need to do anything let me know. If someone from BYUI can do it my anat and phys teacher would do it. so just let me know. Dad and Keith- how was biking last week? Where did you go? I bet it was fun- hopefully not too cold. Noah- thanks for the cool pictures and for the cookies I loved them! Mom and Dad, thanks for the box it was fun to hear from ya! I can't think of anything i need before I leave but if I do I'll let you know. That is sooo cool about Marshall's mission call! Tell him congrats for me and he will do AMAZING!!!!! And Shandarae going to Georgia! Thats freakin sweet! I'm excited for her, tell her congrats too! Missions are the best!!!! I'm loving the MTC so far, it's amazing but I'm getting more and more excited to go to the field.

So I have this problem with my spanish...whenever I say El Libro de Mormon, I always say Mormon with a total white girl gringa voice. Everyone always laughs at me so that's my goal- try not to be so white haha well see how that goes. Oh and I was in the cafateria for lunch and this Elder comes up to me and asks if I'm related to people with this weird name who are from Georgia. I say Ive never heard of them but he keeps going off about how much I look like his friend who is from there and we are bound to be related. Anyway I eneded up getting a picture with him so he could send it to his friend who is apperently my twin haah it was so funny I love that stuff.

One of my teachers was tellin us that little kids ask you how to say stuff in english and his companion would tell the kids to say "the Pope is a dope" ha I thought it was the funniest thing ever. I can just imagine little kids running around thinking they know how to speak spanish sayin this they don't even know what it means. But this week in the english fast it was much easier to speak spanish. It's still REALLY rusty but it's getting better. I don't think I'll ever be ready but just go and do I guess.

Calvin- I hope you have fun traveling the country, I'm a little jelous. Annie hopefully once you get caught up on school you don't get too bored...if that can happen.

How is everything else going? I love you all sooooooooo much! A thought that we were told is "we left something we love for something we love even more" which is the gospel. Sometimes it seems like I can't love anything more than yall but the gospel is EVERYTHING so it's worth it. Another thought "MIssionary- someone who leaves their family for a short time so others can be with theirs forever" So it's all worth it in the end. I'm so excited to go serve and I know the Lord will bless us all! Thank you soooo much for all your love and support! I have the greatest family ever!!!!!! I already never want to have to take off my name tag, the spirit that is with you when you have it on is soooo amazing- I've never felt anything like it. I never want to give  it up.  Tell everyone hello for me- I'm doing fabulous just living the missionary dream!!!


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hermanas of the best district ever all going to Santiago Chile North

Monday, October 4, 2010

At the Provo Temple

October 4, 2010

Hi Family!!!!
How are ya all doing? Glad you had a good conference weekend! I'm excited to get Noah's picture and cookies :) Thank you for the package last week!!! It had so many yummy things in it! Daniel Wong came running up to me on Tuesday before devotional. He was so excited to get your package too. He is doing really well with his english. I saw Landon Furniss once on his way to gym. And I see Angela about once a day. Her classroom is on the same floor as mine. And believe is or not. Ryan is in my zone. He is in the classroom right next to me so I see him like ten times a day. He told me to tell you hello. Hans Peterson and Devin Henicksmen leave tomorrow and Wed. They are super excited!
This week we got 2 new roomates. They are going to Washington DC north. Sister Hazen is from Layton and Sister Withers from Rigby who is Josepha and Ashleys cousin. Crazy huh?! You will have to tell Withers that I'm roomates with Emily. On Sat night about 10:30 a girl on our floor burnt her microwave popcorn and set off the fire alam. I was in the shower and just put on some clothes and went outside. It was probably the most exciting thing that has happened in the residence hall haha. Also on Sat after conference our district found a piano room and we were just playing hymns and singing. It was fun because even though I'm not so good at the piano, they have really good voices.
The spanish is coming...slowly...but it will all work out. My comp is really good so I feel behind but it will come sometime. This is our last week teaching in English. So it will be interesting to see how it goes in spanish...who knows what I'll say haah. We learned how to teach someone to pray in spanish so at least I can do that :)
The food here is pretty good. It's not amazing but its good. We get potatoes and gravy and meat quite a bit so thats nice :) We don't really eat because we are hungry we just eat because it's our assigned time and if we don't we will be starving later. Plus it's something besides sitting in a classroom. At lunch one day they had jello. An Elder in my disterict (Larsen from Roosevelt Utah) taught me how to just inhale it. You put it on your tray, breath in and it just slides down....exactly something you would learn from a 19 year old Elder haha. Good times. I should stop eating so much though. My jeans are starting to fit tighter. My belt is still on the same buckle but just thinking I have been here for 4 weeks and im only half way done....I best be working on that. Although I have been running more. I usually run a half mile during gym and sometimes when we are feeling ambishous we wake up at 5:45 and go for a run in the morning but that usually only happens about once a week- we aren't too dedicated.
Also this week my district has been all about riddles. I can never figure them out though haha but it's fun to give us something to think about besides spanish. Although we did have 2 english fasts this week. All day on Thurs and half a day on Fri. It's much quieter on those days and I hardly say anthing and when I do it's usually wrong ahha oh well our teachers just say as long as we open our mouth- that's the first step.
As for our schedule here. We have firesides on Sun nights, devotionals on Tues nights, we go to the temple on Mon (we started doing initiatories because they don't take as long and the old ladies are sooooo sweet, its fun) then on Wed we go to the TRC (teaching recource center) and teach real people. Everyday we have gym but it differs on time depending on the day. Other than that we are just in class and eating. Not too exciting but it's been good. Time is flying- I can't believe it has almost been 4 weeks!
I bet work is busy. But at least it keeps yall busy and out of trouble :) How does Kenneth look? Well have you seen him yet? I bet his family is so excited. I'm exited to see him! Tell him hi for me. The scripture I wanted on my plaque was 2 Nephi 22:2. and a got my name engraved on my spanish scriptures this week (it's free here) so I had them put Hermana S. Whyte because my full first name didn't fit. Also what did you find out on SLCC. If you haven't had time don't worry about it you can do it when yout go back to part time mom.
Oh Annie, I won't be able to tease you about your feet anymore because mine are getting pretty nasty. I can't lotion them because then they are too moiste and get sweaty and nasty. So they are all sorts of dry plus I have nasty callouses and red spots and it's only going to get worse haah. They are going to need some major reconstruction when I come home. but my time is almost up so just know I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! Thanks for all your love, support, and prayers. PS I loved Pres Monson's begining conference statement. Elder Hollands talk, Pres Uchtdorf, and pres monsons RS talk...so amazing!!! Mom and dad- save your money so you can go on a mission. It would be soooo awesome- I hope you can experience this someday.
Love you tons!!!!!! Keep me updated on things. Hope all is well and I LOVE YOU and miss you but I'll be home before you know it :)

September 27, 2010

Hola Familia!!!
How is everything? I'm glad to hear about yall. Thanks for the letters and stuff! Its great here. I can't believe it has almost been three weeks! The days seem forever long but before I know it the week is over. Thanks for the Krisy Kremes! They were loved by my whole district! The 2 Guatemalan Elders leave at five tomorrow moring. I'm going to be so sad when they leave. I hope I don't cry. It's so weird how we only know people for a short amount of time and feel like we are best friends. Another district left from our zone. 2 of my favorite Elders were in there. Elder Delehunty from Payson? going to Honduras and Elder Pond from Logan going to Texas. I miss them already...they were hillarious. Whenever somone from the zone leaves we sing God be with you til we meet again in spanish. It is sooo amazing. I will record it when they do it to me. I'm not sure if I can get a cd of all my pictures and stuff but if I can I will send you one of all my MTC pictures before I leave. It would be nice to have back up stuff too.
The new district had four sisters from Salt Lake, Arizona, Spanish Fork and Cali. They are so nice but will only be here 3 weeks then they go to the MTC in Peru and head out to Bolivia from there. We are getting a new district this week too. Elders only and they are going to Guatemala and Chile. It would be cool to have Ryan in there but the chances of that happening are very slim but it will be fun to get to know more people. We also met 8 elders going to our mission that leave the same day we do. There are going to be a ton of us!!! It will be cool.
I got called to be the music coridinator for the branch. Which is kinda nice because now I can designate other people to do music things instead of me :) but I'm sure I will still be doing something. The gym has been closed because they redid the floor. So it just opened this week and so we have been playing basketball. I'm horrible but it's fun.
We also did an English fast when we only talk in spanish. It's fun but I realize how much spanish  i don't know. I can only go up from here right?!? We have another one on Fri so we will see how that goes. This week we are teaching the plan  of salvation.... it's hard to explain to people in a way they can understand. I wish I knew more about it but oh well I'm sure I'll get through it.
That's fun you got together with Merrills. Tell Granny and Grandpa hi for me and tell Kenneth I wish i could be there but I'll see him in a year and a half :) I bet they are soooo excited to get him home. Tell Keshia and Juan congrats for me! That is so fun... tell them i'm expecting pictures. Did you get my pictuers by the way? I hope so.
For conference we don't go we just have to watch it. There is a MTC choir for a session. but they already had it all done before I got here. We didn't watch RS but we will on Sat while the elders are in preisthood. It will be nice to have something to mix up the days.
Well I don't know what else to tell you... I feel like i'm not very exciting because I always just do the same thing.... class, eat, sleep. So if you have any questions just hit me up! The elders that are going to Guet. were teaching me and my comp. one of the elders fell asleep while teaching the lesson! It was pretty funny. Every night you are just crawling for your bed. I can't imagine what it will be like in the field when I'm probably 3 times as tired.
How is work going for ya? I'm sure you are busy but might as well right haha since I'm not there to keep you occupied. Tell Ashley she should definately come on a mission. It's so sweet! Hope everything in the branch is good and tell the family Hi for me at Kenneths welcome home. It will be me before you know it! Well I'm out of time but I love you all SOOOOOO much- keep me updated and let me know if I can do anything for you. Te Amo TE AMO TE AMO!!!!!
Thanks for all the encouragment and love!

Friday, September 24, 2010

September 20, 2010


It's so great to hear from you! Congrats on your marathon Annie! Way to go! Thank goodness for Keith hooking up the hot tub :) Hi Granny and Grandpa! I'm glad Mitch's wedding was good! Sounds like it was super cute! Could you write me on dearelder and give me Brooke's mission address ( on envelopes of letters in my center dresser comp) and Ryan Burke's address? That would be great. If you could send Nicole my cuticle nippers ( in my hair cart, bottom or second to last drawer in the red nail kit, they are the biggest thing in there)

This week has flown by, the days seem like weeks and the weeks seem like days. We do so much in a day it takes forever but it's so great. We pray a ton- I counted it up it's usually about 13 times each day. We had a large group meeting about DOING, KNOWING, and BECOMING to be diciples of Christ. It was so good!

I did get the blowdryer from Nicole. Thank you soo much. She also sent me cookies. She is so sweet :) Oh so it's against the rules to have toe rings so I took mine off sadly. Now my toe has a tan line and looks so strange ahaha. But you bet you i'm saving it for a year and a half and bringing it home ;) We also can't have gum so I'll have to see if we can in the field so I can use my stash.

Each week we have to teach lessons to investigators. This week the lesson part went REALLY well. The spanish part is pretty rusty but it all helps I guess. I was being an investigator for some elders and I meant to tell them I have 7 brothers (hermanos) but accidently told them I had 7 men (hombres) haha they busted up and I went bright red. Oh well, I better get used to those kind of mistakes.

For gym we started playing 9 square (we took 4 square up a notch) it is fun but I still like sand volleyball better. Gym is still the best- just gives you something to look forward to. One of the branch counslers wifes said the only difference between MTC and prison is in prison you get visitors ahaha so true. Playing the piano in sacrament has been pretty good. I always mess up but they are just glad to have someone to attempt. It's not like the singles branch at home though, they are so intimidating here and you have to do everything perfect- I got in trouble for not playin postlude yesterday haha. We get a new district in our zone this week with 4 new hermanas. I'm excited to meet them and have other girls. The elders that are leaving are going to Veracruz Mexico but visas haven't gone through so they got re assigned. 3 of them are coming to Pocatello Idaho mission. I also talked to Marcus Hawker he leaves tommorrow and got reassigned to Cali.

Yesterday we watched the Testaments and I was thinking Dad's popcorn sounds so good right now haha so the Sunday I get back I will probably request some popcorn :) Ya I saw Devin Henicksem I think he is going good. I just saw hans peterson for the first time today too. I also saw a girl who was in my spanish class at BYUI. She just got here this week and is going to Germany. CRAZY. It makes me happy I only have to learn spanish.

I am getting some pictures printed right now so I will send them sometime this week hopefully. If you look in my write2whyte e-mail I got a letter from SLCC saying I didn't have to take bio 1610 if I didn't need to take anymore bio. I think the title is under dental hygeine though. It is from Evelyn Udell. If you can't figure it out it's ok. Maybe send a laundry bag with nicole (light weight and mesh so it can fold up small)

My district translated the Blues Clues mail song into spanish and sing it when we get mail. It is so hilarious. I am going to miss the Guatemalans when they leave next week. Time flies!!! Although I don't know if these next 7 and a half weeks will...

My spanish and gospel teachers are cool. They served in Argentina and Canada. Good think I like them because we are with them about 3 hours each so 6 hours each day. They help a ton and keep you encouraged. It's great to have someone share experiences to pump you up.I don't think I have ever studied so much... every night my brain is killing me and I'm crawling for my bed haah love it!!!

Daniel Wong wanted me to tell you Hi. He is doing really well with spanish and is excited to come to Idaho :)

If you  need anything let me know. I can only write on Mondays though. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy every moment because it is all going to seem like a dream when I get home. Keep me updated on everything back home! Maybe you should also send me Shelmans address so I don't feel so bad for not writing Seth. That is funny what his grandpa said. Hopefully he is married by the time I get home. :) Thank you for everything. Your prayers help A TON!!!!!! I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!!
Forward this to people you think would like it :) so I don't have to write the same thing to everyone :) thanks love you!!

September 13, 2010

Monday, September 13, 2010 at 18:03

HOLA FMILIA!!! Que tal?

It has been a crazy week, but I LOVE it! My district is amazing! Mi compenero es de L.A. she is super nice, just kinda slow (eating and walking ect) or maybe I'm just fast :) We live with 2 other sisters. Hermana Stevens from Payson Utah y Hermana Forbush from Ely, NV. WE are the only 4 sisters in the zone. There are 7 elders in our district All but 2 elders are going to the Santiago NOrth mission (the other 2 are going to Guatemala Rasomthin, the new mission) We have elders from Utah, Washington state, Cali, Oregeon and Alaska. We are already so close it's awesome how we all get along. I'll print some pictures off and send them to you some tome.
They have early morning workouts for the sisters but I'm not a huge fan of going because then we only have 15 min to get ready. Then we usually have 6 hours of class and 3 hours to do other studies. After all that gym time is THE BEST time of the day. We usually play volleyball, it's super fun! Mon is our p-day obviously. We go to the 9 or 9:20 session. I can only e-mail immediate family while at the MTC plus be only have 30 min so will you send me Ryan's home address? You should use dear elder so then I can get it more often and tell everyone to write me through there too because it's ree and it's fun to get mail during the week :) Nicole Polatis wrote me and said she can send pakages of any size for a dollar so I wondered if you would hit her up to send me a blow dryer because mine doesn't work. Me being the tard that I am didn't check it before I left and it doesn't work. Thanks! As for espanol, we have learned to pray, testify, meet people and aske the questions. We also memorized our pursose en espanol (preach my gospel pg 1) Now I am working on the 1st vision en espanol. It's amazing how fast you learn, I feel completely lost but I have elarned a lot. It's a lot of work but totally worth it.

They did change the dress code so I don't have to wear nylons. YAY!!!!!!!! I only wear them if I feel my feet starting to get blisters.
I have seen Elder Wond, Marcus Hawker (he is in my building), Case Bradley, a boy form my social dance lass at BYUI (elder Duncan going to Seeden), Elder Knighting from Springfield going to Brazil (he just looked familiar so I asked where he was from). so it's fun to see people, but we are always so busy we don't usually have time to talk.

I think I have become the pianist for my branch. . I played yesterday and I have to play next week so we will see what happens. For releif society, Sister Dalton (YW pres) came and talked to us, it was AMAZING, she talked about "High on a Mountain Top" and we are the banner unfurled going to wave to all the nations. She aid to do 3 things: pray morining and night, read the BOM at least 5 min a day, and smiel. Keys to success! It was so good.

Tell everyone hi and to write me, especially on dearelder (simple). I love you all so mu7ch! A year and a half will go by fast :) Te amo, te amo, te amo MUCHO!!!!!!!

Hermana Whyte

P.S. my mailbox # is 278. My ESTIMATED fly out day is Nov 8, and my release date is March 27, 2012 (either exciting or depressing haha maybe I shouldn't have told you that until Christmas 2012 :)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Temple Day

Stephanie received her endowment in the Salt Lake temple on May 28, 2010.

"The Call"

On May 20th, 2010, Sister Stephanie Whyte was called to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints in the Santiago Chile North Mission (spanish speaking). She is to report to the Provo, UT MTC on September 8th. The excitment has only just begun! Stay tuned for the stories and pictures.