Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 27th, 2011

Happy Family Reunion week,
It sounds like things are good there. I hope you are soaking up some sun for me! Here, it is pretty warm during the day, but in the morning and at night it is fetching cold! It is horrible when your 9:00am appointment falls through and you have to be outside. But, only like 3 more months of winter so there is hope :)
This week was a great week. Most exciting, yesterday Jose got confirmed and then Jorge (the little 9 year old) got baptized and confirmed. It was so great! He had quite a bit of family there and a lot of the members stayed too, so it was awesome. He was super happy. On Tuesday, we went and visited Glorian, who has been investigating for a while and she said she believes it´s true but doesn´t know if she wants to get baptized, and then we kept talking and we asked her when she feels like she would want to get baptized and we were thinking she would say in Dec or something but then she said she wants to get baptized the 31st of July. So we are super happy for her. She is so cute. Yesterday she brought her 4 year old daughter to church with her who LOVES to talk, she never stops but she is the cutest thing ever. In Relief Society they pass around the calendar for people to sign up to feed us lunch on the weekends and all of our investigators were so excited they all wanted to give us lunch. They are awesome.
We had our last conference with President and Hermana May. They go home on Tuesday. It was a good conference, but weird to think that I won´t see them again for a long while. I haven´t interacted much with them, but I love them so much, they are awesome. It is going to be fun to get to know Pres and Hermana Essig when they get here. We have a conference with them on Friday and then we have personal interviews next week. Changes...crazy! When we said our good-byes Pres May gave the Sisters a hug. It was a little weird because I haven´t hugged a guy in 9 months but then it wasn´t too weird because its like he is my mission Dad. (ya ya, I know I´m going to be so awkward when I get home... haha:)
On the way home from the conference we were in the subway and I was standing up behind people sitting down and all of a sudden the old guy that was sitting there passed out and fell hard to the ground and I felt exactly like you, Annie, when the old lady passed out in the middle of the road (it was not a good week for people passing out in weird places). I wanted to help but as Missionaries we aren´t supposed to do anything, It was crazy. After a few min. he woke up and I´m not sure what happened after that, it was my stop.
Then we go to Sandra, who is another investigator who is waiting for her husband to get divorced so they can get married and then she can get baptized. But we were teaching about the importance of going to church and she said she didn´t know why it was important so I opened up the BOM to the 10 commandments and had her read and immediately after she gets done she says ¨I´m sorry Hermana, I forgot about this commandment¨ it was sooo funny. She felt so horrible to forget about one of the 10 commandments and she already says ¨I´m living in sin¨ because she isn´t married to the guy she is living with. She is so funny. She then proceeds to tell us a little bit about her life and she says ¨I´m still half hippie¨ and so we start laughing because she does still kind of dress like a hippie and she has the curly mulletish looking hair do. But then she says that she is only half hippie because she doesn´t do all the bad stuff anymore. She then tells us how she had smoked marijuana and whatever else. It was pretty funny:)
On Saturday, we had a ward activity. It was a talent show. It was pretty good. They had a little bit of everything. The Relief Society did a Flamenco dance, the YM and YW did a dance to High School Musical and the High Priests did a skit that was hilarious! It is interesting though, because everyone thinks they are the bomb and that they are going to be famous or something. But there was everything from rap to little kids singing. It was good to get a lot of non members, inactives and people there. It turned out good.
Well I have more to say, but I already ran out of time. Its not important stuff but just my usual ramblings. But I´ll tell you a little about my pics.
  Jorge and his dad Luis and us yesterday looking into the super bright sun :)
 the Mission changed offices and this is the view outside the new office. It is in a little sketchier part of town but this part looked pretty
 This is Esteban (the friend of Diego (the kid who got baptized about a month ago) who lives in our ward) He turned 14 yesterday and they invited us over to have some cake. Then his brother shoved it in his face.
 This is Glorian (who is going to get baptized next month (I´ll probably be gone)) and her daughter Constanza at the baptism yesterday

Hope you all have a good week! Tell everyone HI for me at the family reunions and I will talk back to you next week!

Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20th, 2011

Good morning,
I hope you all had a great Father´s Day! I missed not being there with you all, but it has been a good week here. I´m glad to hear that things are ok in Texas, it´s fun that Granny and Grandpa have so many visitors. They are amazing! I´m so excited that Brooke is home from her mission, it seems so surreal, if I´m not there it´s like nothing should change! haha:) Ya right!!
But where to begin with my week, time is short so hopefully I don´t start rambling about to many things. Some people graffitied on Maria´s fence (who got baptized in Jan, my first baptism in this area, and her fence is basically like a wall), it was a gang sign that meant woman lives alone and then some other stuff that we didn´t understand. She was really nervous about what was going to happen so we went and painted it with her. It was really cold but we got it done before dark and then when we left you could still see it so we went back a couple days later and sanded the parts where you could still see it, but now it looks a lot better. And she feels a lot safer. Who would have thought that I would spend my time covering up gang signs, but whatev. :)
All this week we have been getting Jose ready for his baptism. He was nervous but everything went well. We told him on Wednesday that he had to bring a towel, and wear white underwear. He then tells us that he doesn´t have white underwear and can't buy any until he gets paid on the 3rd, so we told him we would get some for him.  So what do we do? We go to the store and get some white boxer breifs (they didn´t have a section at all) and we have no idea what size or any of that jazz, so we just get some. Then he has his interview and everything goes good.
We go to his house to get him and his wife, Ximena, on Sunday morning for church (his wife never really liked us coming over and didn´t really like that he was going to get baptized, but she has been warming up to us and said if we came by to get her she would come the the baptism) So we are there picking them up and we ask if he has his towel, he starts looking for it but can´t find it. So they are rummaging around in all these bags they have in their cat filled house and we are just kind of chillin' but then we see a towel on the chair that the cats have been sleeping on and we ask if we can just use this because it was time to go and everything but they say, no there is a cleaner one in one of these bags. So they are lookin and looking and finally Ximena finds it. She pulls is out and what do you know, it has the butts of 3 women in string bikinis, Hermana Player and I just bust out laughing and try to talk them into taking the other cat towel but they insist on taking this one. So we go to the church with his porn towel!! We are sitting there getting everything ready before sacrament and Bishop comes up and asks us to talk, and of course we have to say yes. I was the 2nd person to talk but the 1st person still wasn´t there yet so I got up and talked, which I don´t mind doing but looking at the people´s faces makes me want to laugh because they are trying so hard to focus and listen but it´s hard with my heavy accent. But it was ok. I have talked in that ward at least 3 times and Hermana Player still hasn´t givin a talk in her whole mission. So I told her next time, I´m going to turn the time over to her. I remember when I had to talk my fist Sunday in the mission. I don´t remember much but I know it was really bad... haha:)
Anyways, Ximena really likes the church and things are going good. Quite a few people stayed for the baptism so that was great. Our Bishop was baptizing him and they get in the water and Bishop gets all the hand positions messed up so we have to go help him and he didn´t show Jose what to do or anything, but I was thinking ok, after the prayer he will show him and everything will be good, but nope, Bishop lifts up his leg and pulls Jose back over it and Jose has his mouth open and doesn´t have his nose plugged or anything and just falls back like a dead fish. Luckily, he didn´t start coughing or chocking or anything, but it was so funny, Hermana Player and I couldn´t stop laughing. I wish we could have had it on video because it was so funny. And so we were laughing about that and then we were thinking, oh man, Bishop is probably seeing his towel right about now and started laughing again. Nevertheless, it was a really good baptism. And we had it replaying in our head all day.
When we went to visit him last night he was very happy. He loved every min of it. And his wife Ximena actually sang with us and read a scripture. She accepted a Book of Mormon and said she will read it. We are super excited.
We are also excited because Jorge (the 9 year old who used to live in Mexico) is going to be baptized on Sunday. We are excited, I made him a little count down chain because he always asks us how many days til he gets baptized. It is going to be a great day. We are all really excited. His dad Luis still says he has an addiction to vitamin C because we told him to take one whenever he wants to smoke, but he has been clean for almost 4 months! It´s amazing. They are working with the young single adults in our Ward here and so they are doing good.
Not much else is new here, we have our last conference with President May this week and our new President gets here on the 28th to take over. It will be interesting to see if anything changes. But that is my life this week. I hope you all had a good week and that you are doing good. I love and miss you all like crazy!!! Time is flying by though, so I hope you enjoy every min of it, beause I am. Have a great week and I will be chattin with yall here soon.

 Hermana Player, Ximena (Jose´s wife), Jose, Bishop Avilez, and Me yesterday at the baptism
It rained a quite a bit on Saturday and still is raining a little bit but here is the roads on Sat morning, they don´t have any drains or anywhere for the water to go so there are lakes everywhere. I am glad I bought those sweet rain boots now. (Actually a lot of people have commented that they really like them)
Jose´s new baptism underwear
Jose and Ximena. I loved this picture.
 The look on Jose´s face is exactly how he is. It´s so funny. We told him that he has to smile because it´s his baptism day, he should be happy. He then said, I am happy and I am smiling haha. So we just have to take it for what it´s worth. :)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Happy Fathers Day

Hi Keith, Amber, Noah, and Easton,
It looks like you had a rockin birthday party! Noah, I loved your green hair and all your science projects! It looks like you had a good time. How does it feel to be 6 years old! Before you know it you will be going on a mission and I will be writing you.
Keith I want to tell you....
I will be thinking of you and hope that everything is good.
I LOVE YOU ALL LIKE CRAZY!!!!!! Miss you but send my hugs and kisses,

June 13th, 2011

Hi there,
How are things in the world? We hear a little of the stuff going on and sounds like a pretty good time to be in the mish and not worry about anything. But hope things are good. It sounds like Noah had a fun Birthday party! I wish I could have made some slime :)  I loved the pictures! The kids are growing up so fast! That is sweet you went to meet Buckners. I love her and miss her! I also can´t believe its almost Father´s Day- HAPPY FATHER¨S DAY Dad, Keith, Joel, Calvin and Grandpa. I hope you have a great day. Here is a hug and a kiss from me!
Not too much happened this week. We spent all of last Pday looking for freaking rain boots. There are a ton of boots here, but to find ones for the rain that aren´t expensive was a trick. And then when we found some decent ones of course they didn´t have my giant size so I settled for some fancy zebra ones. I attached a picture. I still had to spend 20 bucks on them but at least I won´t have wet feet... haha:)
Fabian still doesn´t know what to do because he doesn´t have the support of his family to get baptized and everything and plus he drank two beers right before we went to visit him. So we don´t really know what to do with him? He came to church though so that was good. I love it because he still wears his jeans, a sweatshirt and his beanie! But someday he will change.
Jose (the one that is a little crazy with the cat wife) understands better than we think he does. He stopped drinking tea because we took him herbal tea to drink instead . He is pretty set on getting baptized on Sunday so if that is the case we have a lot to teach him and hope that everything goes ok. He is one of a kind, I don´t even know how to describe him but he wants the Gospel so bad and knows its true. If you could only see us trying to direct the lesson, letting him comment but not too much because then he goes off on whatever problem he has (and they are always the same) but he is doing good. So if everything goes as planned, I will be letting you know how it goes with his big day.
Maria (who got baptized in Jan, yes I have been here that long!! haha) says "Hi". She is so cute, so concerned about how you are all doing and thinks you are the best to let me come here and teach her. I love visiting her, it makes my day.
That is pretty much all that has happened here, nothing exciting really. We are really tired because we play soccer at 6:30 in the morning 2 times a week instead of 1 (our zone leaders go home this transfer and the next so they are trying to get into shape, so we stepped it up a notch... haha:) The life of a missionary) It has been fun. I love this zone, so I guess it´s ok to have sooo much time here :)
I hope you have a great week! There are lots of exciting things going on, so enjoy the summer and tell everyone "Hi" for me, Happy Father´s Day, how is everything in Texas?? What exciting/unexciting things are happening? Anything else that comes to mind? Thanks for all your letters and love! I am loving the mission so far and as Mom said ¨It´s all down hill from here¨. Brooke Hall comes home this week so be sure to tell her "Hi" for me and to write me! I haven´t talked to her in a long while. But thanks for everything you do! I love you all SOOO much and will talk to you next week.
 My sweet new boots
The virgin Mary at the top of the hill
 There was a pub named Montana so I felt so close to home, just had to take a pic.
Enjoy :)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Noah

How are you doing? I am sure you are rocking the field in soccer!
I hope you have a great birthday! I can not believe you are going to be 6 years old!!! I bet you are getting so big,  reading, and everything. WOW!   You will have to tell me how your party goes! Grandma said you are going to have a science party, that is so cool! Are your friends coming or the family, or a little bit of both?
Amber, you are so great! I bet this party is going to be so fun, I¨m sad I won´t be there but next year, next year. :) How are things going? Are you staying super busy with Primary and everything? How is Easton?  I´ll tell you right now, I´m already excited to do your hair :) So put it on the calender... haha:). If you need anything just let me know!
Keith, how is work going? Are things picking up with the warm weather or are not too many people building/remodeling? I hope things are good. Tell everyone "Hi" for me!

June 6th, 2011

Hi Family and who ever else that reads this,
How are things crackin in good ol´ Idaho? That is crazy about all the flooding and jazz! But at least it´s warming up. I hope things are good!
Transfers were today but I got the call last night and I´m staying where I¨m at. Which is crazy! I thought for sure I would leave because I have 6 months here but now I will have 7 and 1/2, and if the new President is overwhelmed and forgets about me I might just have 9... haha!! (I hope not, that is way to long to be in one place) but it will be good to be here this change because Jorge Urrea (the family that was living in Mexico that are reactivating) will be baptized here in 3 weeks so that will be exciting. So ya, there is not too much that changed.
Yesterday morning we had a little shake of an earthquake, it was a 5.6 and its not an earthquake til it gets to 7. But it was at about 6 in the morning, I woke up from my bed rocking a little bit and thought, is it really un temblor? then it kept going, and so I told Hermana Player ¨It´s shaking¨ she was still half asleep, and it wasn´t getting worse so I was like, ok well l´m going to go to the bathroom and if it gets worse we will get up. But then it stopped and we went back to bed. I was supprised that I woke up. This is only the second one I have felt since I have been here and there has been a lot. Everyone is talking about the volcano that started errupting in the South of Chile so that is pretty interesting too.
But last Monday we went to the hill of San Cristobal, where there is the Virgin Maria and a good lookout of the city. We knew it wasn´t going to be very clear because it hasn´t rained for a long time and the air is just like smog everywhere. But Maria (who got baptized in Jan) gave us 4 dollars to ride the cart thing up the hill, so we deecided we should go, so we went and just our luck, the cart was broken, so we decided to just hike up there. Its not a bad hike but when you are in a skirt and church shoes (well, missionary shoes) it´s a little weird. But we got up there and we are walking around and I look and see some people that look like they are from the US then I look again and it´s a girl, Lauren, that was in my ward at USU in the summer of 2009 when I lived below Old Main. I couldn´t believe it! It was so crazy and she was with a kid that I had seen before there but didn´t know. She is from Logan but just after that summer went to BYU Hawaii and now is doing study abroad in Valparaiso for 6 months for her minor in Spanish(she goes home in June). I was freaking out I couldn´t believe that of all things I run into her. It was cool to see her for a few min. The view was kinda lame, we couldn´t see much but we at least went.
And like many of you already know. On Wednesday I hit my 1/2 way mark!!!!!!!! HOLY Tostidos! 9 months!!! It seems like I just left, and I¨m a baby in the mission but then it seems like I haven´t seen you all in forever and that this is what my life is, was, and always will be. It´s all sorts of weirdy. But I´m excited. We are going to celebrate with ice cream or something. (I know, it sounds a little risky, but that´s as risky as it gets in the mish... haha:)
Oh, on Saturday morning we went to an Elders area in our district to help them invite non active people to an activity. So we went and visited this one lady Betty who is an angel! She wasn´t going to let us in at first, so we were just talking through the fence then after a few min, she said, well let me go get my keys. So we went in and she said she hasn´t been to church in 3 years and there have been so many Elders pass by and teach her everything but she was excited to have us there. She opened up her heart to us and we had a good lesson. She said she would come to church on Sunday with her grandson who isn´t a member but should get baptized. :)  When we went to leave she started bawling and told us we HAVE to come back, and when we had to tell her that we wouldn´t be at church it seriously broke my heart. She took my face in her hands and said, ¨I will never forget you.¨ I didn´t want to walk out her gate because I don´t know if I will ever see her again but she is so great! It made my day to teach her.
That is pretty much all that happened to me this week. I took a lot of pictures because I thought I was leaving so I attached quite a few. I hope you enjoy :)
 We ate at subway after our hike up San Cristobal and it was pretty much amazing! (it´s really different than at home, but still good!)
 This was the best view of Santiago that we could get on the hill, but at least on this side you could see the mountains, the other side of the city was just a smog all over.
 Lauren and Me (I can´t remember her last name)
 The PMS parking sign. I have no idea what it means in spanish but it was funny!!
 Brooke sent me a rub on canada tatoo so I put it on last night while we were waiting for the call about transfers. Love representing Canada even though I´ve never been there... haha:)
Well, I hope you all have a great week and I will talk back to yalls later.
CON MUCHO cariño!

Friday, June 3, 2011

May 30th, 2011

Hi ya´ll,
How has your week been? There´s so much stuff going on it seems like. But that´s good I guess, and that is what summer is all about. Keith, I hope you had a good birthday! Tell Clendon and Granny that I´m praying for them and I hope everything goes ok. Like we have always heard, ¨We die to live and we live to die.¨ Such is life I guess.
This has been a crazy week for me too. So we ate at a members house (the same member who served us half a lasagna the last time, you think we would have learned) but she invited us to eat sopapillas pasadas, which is basically a mix between a donuts and flat bread thing (sopapilla, but a little more weird) and it was in this soup cider stuff of brown sugarish stuff (chancaca, and that is about what it tasted like, caca) and cinnamon and orange peels. Basically it was like dumplings in this soup. It was SOOO NASTY and of course she doesn´t just serve us one, she serves us four!!! and we are sitting there dying. One, because it was so much and two, it was disgusting. But we finished and afterwards we felt like we wanted to throw up. Then in the night time, I went to bed and felt so sick. It hurt to move. I ran to the bathroom like 10 times about to throw up and I finally did and I was so grateful because then I could finally sleep. I felt bad for Hermana Player, she didn´t throw up and didn´t feel good for 2 days. But now we are all back to normal and are never going to eat those nasty things again.
On Tuesday we went and taught this old grandma who we had contacted. She is ¨catholic and will die catholic¨ so it didn´t go too far but she is so funny. She was saying that we are young and beautiful and said ¨you have to date¨ but not just any regular guy like my son (a creepy, drunk  35 year old who lives with his mom) you deserve to marry some handsome guy from your church... haha:) It was hilarious because she was so worried about us settling for a lame guy. I love old people.
I also learned about this place here (well it´s about 2 hours away) but they have empanadas that are 2 pounds. I want to go some day just to see them. This place is famous for em.  oh and then we were teaching Fabian (the 24 year old guy) the 10 commandments and we get to adultery and start to explain the law of chastity. We get done and he looks like he is pondering and we are thinking, oh this is good! (because he has a girlfriend and they have been together for a year and a half and don´t want to get married) and then he doesn´t tell us that he is going to obey it but proceeds to ask us ¨So... you two ...are....(a funny awkward pause)¨ and so we break in and say ¨yes, we are waiting til we get married to have sexual relations¨ and we are laughing a little bit then he says ¨Wow, that´s cool¨... haha:) it was so funny. I love awkward moments these days. But he is so funny I love teaching him because we ask him how is reading is going and what questions he has. And he says no, its all really clear but can we talk about the stuff that I liked, then he goes on to read like half the chapter. Its so great.
Then Sandra Galvez, an investigator who has read practically the whole Book of Mormon and still hasn´t come to church because she has crystals in her kidneys (she used to smoke, do drugs, and drink til we came along) and has to have surgery on her eyes because they are, well, I don´t know why, but ya... she has been really sick and all this jazz This week she told us that she knows she has to get baptized because God has answered her prayers and this is the true church. So she is going to get married in August (the guy she is living with is in the process of getting divorced right now) and then she will get baptized because she is ¨living in sin and knows it, and has to change¨.
So it´s been a good week. I also put Republica Dominical on my list of places to go. A lady in our Ward went with her company that she works for and showed us the pictures...LOVE IT! I best be saving my moneys to go some day...oh wait, I don´t have any money to save but someday I want to go.
Last Pday we went to this cathedral in Plaza de Armas and took some pics. This one is outside a church...

Then this one  is the mass thing (really I have no idea what it is but it was just at the front) that was there.

Then we went to this bridge that shows a little bit of what Santiago is like...
 If I could choose my next sector I would choose this ward. Its downtown and it´s huge (almost 200 people assisting). But we will see what happens. Changes are next Monday and there is a good chance that I will leave because I have 6 months in this area, but where I will go, I don´t know. I´ll let you know next week.  But the last street in my area is United States so I had to take a picture...
 so I felt a little closer to home (even though it doesn´t look much like home... but oh well)

That is pretty much my week. I will keep you updated on everything (if you haven´t noticed) and hope that things are good there. Enjoy the warm weather (the past couple days here have been pretty warm though. It´s a perfect day ¨All you need is a light jacket¨ ...haha:) Well anywho... Have a great week and I will talk to you all next week!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Keith!!

Hi Keith, Amber, Noah and Easton,
How are you all doing? I heard you (Keith) got a couple jobs so you couldn´t go to Texas but work is work right. Amber, thanks for your help with my blog! And Noah, how are you liking soccer. I hear you are doing really good! When does your season get over? Well, now to the big news
One year older and wiser too right :) is it your 30th? WOW time flies. I remember when we were in the dirt box digging to China... lol:) Good times!
I hope you have great one and bet your bottom dollar I´ll be there for the next one (even if it´s just to watch your kids while you and Amber go out).
Hope things are good :)

May 23rd, 2011

Hey Fam!
How has your week been? I´m glad you are still alive and it wasn´t the end of the world. (Like the Evangelists thought) haha :) When we found out about that, we were laughing all day and some people were really freaked out about it. There was this man who was sitting in his car ready to go if something happened. We passed him at about 10 min to 9 (because that was when it was going to happen here) then we walked to a park, sat down and waited for the big earthquake for a couple min and when 9 came and went we were so dissappointed, but then we were walking back and the guy (who was about 60) was all frustrated getting out of his car that nothing happened. Was all this stuff a big deal there? What my real question is, is what did they say the reason was that nothing happened?
Well anywho, we found out that we can´t go to the temple anymore as a mission. They didn´t say why, they just said that we couldn´t so that stinks. We were going to go in June before President May left but now I will just have to wait til I go home. Diego got confirmed yesterday so that was super good! He was so happy and excited. And what topped it all off... One of the brothers in the bishopric gave him new shoes and pants and a sweater (because he doesn´t have much to wear to church besides his tennishoes and stuff.) So he was super happy and said ¨Now I´m ready to pass the sacrament¨ haha:)  It was so cute! (he doesn´t turn 12 til Oct but he is already excited. He just makes my day.
Oh man, yesterday I made a fool out of myself. (Obviously haven´t changed much). But when we go to visit inactives or whoever from the ward I tell Hermana Player who they are and stuff as we walk up to the door so she can know who they are, circumstance and all that jazz. So we went walking upto this gate yesterday afternoon. And I start telling her that his name is Angelo and he is the kid who likes Catalina (a girl in the ward)  but doesn't go anymore because Catalina doesn´t like him and so we need to help him find his own testimony and not go just for a girl. Then I ring the doorbell. And what do you know...he is standing right there outside and heard the whole conversation. I wanted to die! OH man, so when he opened the door I just acted like he didn´t hear and when he said they were busy I was ok with it because I didn´t want to face him after that. But oh well, life goes on. At least he knows what he needs to do. So that was my embarrasing moment for the week.
And also, on the night that the world was going to end, we were running home (becuase we have to be in the house by 10 and we left 3 min to 10) so we were running full speed to be home on time and Hermana Player tripped and fell. It was like she was sliding into home base. But it was so funny I just started laughing then I asked her if she was ok, and she just said ¨keep running¨so we got into the apt and she falls down on the floor and her knees are bleeding and her hands are scrached. I feel bad for her because I know it hurts but it was so funny I couldn´t stop laughing. And now we laugh together so it´s all good.
I also will add that I have been playing the piano in church so all those lessons are paying off :) oh and today on our way to the subway from our house this guy passed on his bike and yelled out ¨Good morning my queen¨ , we just started laughing because it was like this old bum, and then as Missionaries of course we relate it to the gospel. We said "Wow, I didn´t know we were Queens yet, I thought that was in the next life." But then we decided that he should get baptized because he has an eternal perspective so he will accept everything easier. lol !! Yes, I know, we are nerds but you got to have a good laugh every once in a while. Oh that reminds me of another contact I did. So Hermana Player was talking on the cell phone and we were just walking and there were these 2 guys that signal us to come over there, so we go over there and one is a weirdy but the other one is pretty normal. I ask them how they are doing and the weird one asks me what my name is, I tell him Hermana Whyte and he says, No what is your real name, and I say, that is  my real name. So then he goes off commenting on my eyes and my hair and so I start talking to the normalish one and tell them they always have the invitation to come to the church on Sundays, meanwhile the weird one is talking to Hermana Player and asking ¨What is your friends real name¨and then we start to leave and he takes my hand and kisses it. It was so funny. I should start a count of how many weirdies have kissed my hand, its so funny but it´s always the bummish looking old guys. (No worries Mom, I´m perfectly fine, nothing has ever happened to me. Remember I have a lot of protection so don´t worry) Its always great for a good laugh:)
That is pretty much all that has happened this week. I guess an Elder died the other day. We got a notice from Pres. May that they went for a jog in the morning and then he came home and colapsed and they couldn´t save him. It sounds like a pretty freak thing. I have no idea where he was from but he had more work to do I guess. We have started running again in the mornings because more and more people keep telling me ¨you were skinny when you got here, you have put on some weight¨ lol:) Crazy Chileans, so nice!  Maybe that wasn´t the best time to throw that in there but I promise I won´t die from it.
Anyways, I hope you are all doing good. Tell Aimee and Taylor congrats on their mission calls. That rocks! And Brooke is going to be home pretty soon WOW. Whatever new things are going on, keep me updated. Keith, I hope you have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Friday! Party like it´s 1999 ok. Have a great week and I will talk to you all later.
Peace and Blessins
Con mucho amor,
 This is part of a graffiti in my area ¨Mi mamá tambien me ama¨or in English, My mom loves me too. haha I loved it so I of course had to take a picture.
 Also in my area, there is the Plaza de Inspiración. We always go there when we need to get inspired.
I couldn´t remember if I sent this picture or not but it cracks me up so I just have to send it. I don´t know what the dog and cat did to get the punishment of the cone collar but its so funny. Good thing they don´t look in the mirror. haha (and if I alredy sent the pic, sorry)
THE END (and they all lived happily ever after...)