Tuesday, February 15, 2011

February 8th, 2011

Tomorrow is my five month mark! Now that is crazy to think about. My mission is almost 1/3 over. Somedays it feels like a just got here, oh wait, I kinda did... haha:) But the Spanish is coming along (even if I just make up words that I think are close) people are understanding me better so that helps.
It´s weird how everything changes in the mission. I forgot that it´s Super Bowl time. Here, all you hear about is when the Univ of Chile or Colo Colo are playing. You can hear people cheering from blocks away. It´s pretty funny. I never knew soccer could be so interesting... haha:) But this week flew by, I feel like not much has happened.
My new companion Hermana Dymock is AMAZING! We found out we are practically the same person. We like a lot of the same things and get along really well. She is from the country, likes country music,..and that´s where it all started :) Her Dad teaches institute at USU, not that we would know him because we have taken oh so many institute classes in our days at USU, but he works there.
We found a new family of 4 (three are old enough to get baptized) but they went on vacations till March, so we will see what happens. I still have yet to figure out how people can just pick up and leave for a month or two at a time. But that is what we always find, so hopefully when the kids start back in school in March things will pick up. We found a new investigator, Juana, who is about 48, through the Elders in the area next to us. They helped her home with her groceries and she said that we could come visit her, so we went and talked to her. When we first got there, she called up to her husband (well the guy she is living with) "come down, there are gringas here"  so he proceeded to come down in his boxers. I definitely didn´t want to see an old fat guy in his boxers on Friday but the Lord had other things in mind... haha:) It was pretty funny though. But during all of this I felt something on my arm, so I look and I have a couple ants crawling on my arm. I just pick them off and think no big deal. Then in a couple min I look and realize I am sitting in a HUGE pile of ants and they are all over me. It was so nasty but I couldnt do anything so I just waited til I got outside and then freaked out trying to get them all off... haha!!!!! Then we went back on Sat to help her clean her house so she had enough time to go to church (people and their excuses) but anywho, we went and it was seriously SO nasty. Mom, I'm pretty sure you would have lost it if you saw her house... haha:) There were cigarettes, beer cans, food, ants, dirty clothes in whatever place you can think of. (and we only cleaned the living room, kitchen, and the porch. But it was nasty. I don´t know how people live like that. But it payed off because she came to church! We haven´t really taught her that much but she is pretty receptive. We just have to get her to marry the guy she has been living with for 13 years.
Maria is doing so good! She loves learning more and more so it´s great. It´s interesting to see what people have questions about. Yesterday she asked me if she could put on her jacket in the church because she was cold, but it was red and she didn´t know if we could wear red as members of the church, just because she had never seen anyone in the church wear red. It´s always an adventure, people think we do the weirdest things. But she is doing great.
This week we knocked on a door to ask them about their neighbor and then we went on to contact the guy that came out. Meanwhile his freaking dog came up to the gate and peed on me. I couldn´t really do anything because we were listening to this guy talk so I just stood there while he peed on my foot. Freaking dogs! They are everywhere! But I tried something cool this week that we should totally have in the states (maybe we do and I just don´t know it) but it´s a popsicle thing called Languix (tongue) because as you lick it, it softens up and is like a tongue. It sounds weird but it´s really cool, and it comes with a rub on tattoo and is only like 30 cents so it makes it that much better... haha:)
But that is pretty much all that has happened here this week. I hope you all have a great week! Its fun to hear all the people that are getting engaged, and tell Doug and Becca congrats! That is so great! Keep me updated on everything that is going on (feel free to talk about yourselves, Dad and Mom especially) and remember I LOVE YOU and will be back with the lastest news in my little sector of Chile next week :)
  Hermana Dymock and Me this morning. We realized that we don´t even have a picture together so we hurried and snapped one before we left the apt.

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