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November 29, 2010

We made cookies with our new oven and forgot about them and so needless to say we didn´t have very many but we do feel privileged because there are only 2 apts in the whole mission who have an oven and we are one of them.
This is my Thanksgiving. We celebrated with pizza! It´s a little different than normal but it was kind of a treat for us because we never eat pizza and then also 2 of the Elders in the office brought us a pizza for our Thanksgiving because we asked them to as a joke but then they really did it so we had lots of pizza and just finished it last night... haha:)
I look like a complete fool in this pic but the Stake Relief Society had a mañana para ti, a morning for you. It was way fun they had a a room to get your hair cut, a room for facials, a room for hand scrub massage thing, and a manicure room too. So this is me after I got my nails painted. My comp told the ladies that I went to beauty school and learned all this stuff so now they want me to do something like it for just our ward. So I might have to do that even though I don´t really want to because I honestly don´t remember anything about facials and manicures so we will see what happens... haha:)
This is Juana, one of our investigators, getting her hair cut at the RS activity. She was loving every minute of it. She was so funny, her first Sunday she came to church she took pictures with us on her cell phone...why..I¨m not quite sure but it was funny, she loves having us over but I hope everything goes well for her baptism. It´s scheduled for the 19 of Dec because she didn´t feel like she was ready for the 5th and now her whole family is going against her joining the Church but thus far she has stuck up for her testimony. But she didn´t come to church yesterday and so we don´t know quite what the deal is, but hopefully it all works out. She is super great and will talk to you for hours if you let her haha
This is a pic of me and Hermana Buckner with Carolina who got baptized yesterday!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! It was super good! And her family is super good too. They weren´t active in the church but now they are planning on getting married in Feb and getting ready to go to the Temple in a year. It was a super good day!!!! And she got confirmed, which they never do in the same day, but her family was here from South Chile so they did it right after. She was super nervous but it went good!
Our burnt cookies:( 

Got my nails done at the RS Activity
Juana getting her hair done at the RS Activity
Carolinas Baptism

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