Monday, October 3, 2011

Oct. 3rd, 2011

SO this week was a good week. On Monday we did service for the stake by washing all the chairs for General Conference. Then on Tuesday we went to the country and found 3 new investigators who accepted a baptismal date for the 30 of Oct. So that was a good day. It was so funny though because its on a dirt road with all these ghetto houses just made out of scraps but then there was this house of cement and it was nice. So we stand at the gate and say ¨halo¨ (that is what we do here) then out eyes go to the left just after we yell to a huge cross on their patio. We imidately think oh crap it`s a church. But it was too late the people were already coming so I just tell Hermana Eborn that we should just offer service because we aren`t suppost to proselite close to the churches so the lady comes out and we offer service. She says no but we get to talking and she says that they are catholic but not active, so we ask if we can come in. haha. So we go in and share the restouration and it was great! Then at the end she is talking to her daughter and says, they offered to help me do the dishes or sweep, they are so nice. haha so it was funny but maybe thats what got us in the door.
Gerneral Conference was amazing. I loved the Christ theme and all the talks. It seems to pass by so fast these days. I remember when it was forever long but now it just flies. I loved the talk by Elder Carl Cook when he talked about ¨It`s better to look up¨ I also loved when Pres Monson came to the pulpit and just said ¨hello¨ he is awesome. I decided we just have to enjoy life and if we are being more serious than the prophet someting is wrong. So here I am just enjoying life. Also, Leder Matthew Richardson totally reminded me of Keith. Not in the way he talked or his manner but just the way he looked. I felt a little like I was there. But we do watch it in english (the gringo missionaries) so it was even better. The voices of the tranducers (whatever you call them) just aren`t the same.
I did get to see a lot of people from my old area there. So it was great! They are all excited for when I finish and can come back to visit them. Glorian (a convert) was there and she wrote me the best letter I have ever gotten in my mission. She said that after conference on Sat she felt like she had to write to thank me for helping her and her family. Then when she gave it to me she explained what she felt and she started crying and so then I started crying ect ect. Its crazy how I am just living my life teaching the gospel and don`t think much about what effect it has. After talking to Glorian yesterday and seeing how greatful she is, everything is worth it. All the hot days sweating to death, all the doors slammed in my face, all the guys whistling at us haha. Its all worth it. I miss you all sooo much and am excited to see you, but am starting to realize how much i`m going to miss all my new friends here in Chile. Thank goodness for facebook and skyping so I don`t ever really have to leave them. :)
Oh and the Presidents wife said that we are going to be able to use skype for Christmas so I really will be able to see you in 3 MONTHS!!!! YAY! I am excited already. How are things in the good ol USA? How is harvest coming? I have a list of things to do when I get home and this week thinking about harvest I put on the list to play the farming game. So whos in? haha. Sorry my mind is just going crazy thinking about everything all at once. I hope you don`t feel like I have thrown up on you with all my random thoughts. But remember I love you all sooo much and hope you are doing good.
Have a great week and I will be updating you soon on my not so crazy missionary life here in the south.

Sept. 26th, 2011

So, there isn`t too much new this week. We went to the zoo last p-day. That was pretty fun but it`s a really small zoo. I did get to see some animals that I havent seen in a while so it was cool.

OH wow, on Saturday we had lunch with a member (along with the Elders in my ward) and it was HUGE. We get there and they have salad on the table (you eat the salad at the end of the meal here) and they brought out a plate of ¨casuela¨ its soup with potatoes, veggies, and meat (pork chops). So we ate that and felt perfect but then they say, ok now we will bring out your second plate. And all of us are thinking- oh man, why didn`t they warn us there was more, I wouldn`t have eaten bread. So they bring out the 2nd plate and it`s a serving of ribs and a serving of chickin with a heaping pile of mashed potatoes. It was super good but I didn`t think I was going to be able to do it. I started out ok but about 1/2 way through all of us were thinking we were going to throw up. I really thought I was going to loose it so I asked where the bathroom was (nonshalantly of course haha) just to know wher to run if I had to. I really couldn`t do it but luckily my comp is a saint and ate some of my meat and potatoes. Then they tell us that there is icecream. Usually we are super excited because we don`t get icecream a lot and it was hot outside but it was hard to even get the ice cream down. haha. I haven`t had a lunch like that in a while and feel like I am finally starting to feel normal again :)

Then on Saturday night we had just left an apt and were walking to a members house to get them to accompany us to another apt and we were in the street when all the lights go out. Usaully it`s just a part of town or something but this time it was most of Santiago and Viña del Mar and a bunch of places. So we went to the members house and they give us food and soda and all that jazz. We go and do a little visit by candle light and then we just had to go home (about a half hour early) but it was interesting. At home when the power goes off we just kinda chill but here everyone hangs out in the streets and its crazy. So that was pretty interesting. 

Yesterday the Elders in our ward had a baptism. Juan Seguro got baptized. ¨seguro¨ means ¨sure¨ so everyone was crackin jokes about if he is sure eh wants to get baptized and stuff. But this morning I finally realized who he reminds me of. Because  his eyes are a little crazy (he has a wondering one, I`m not sure if its blind or what) but he looks like the guy off of 50 First Dates with the crazyish grey hair and the crazy eyes. I`ll have to send a picture some day. But he is awesome and his son is going to get baptized the week after conference. 

We are so excited for conference. It is like it`s bigger than Christmas (because it`s 2 days and Christmas just passes in 1, and yes, we are missionaries haha) We don`t get the RS broadcast until this Saturday. We watch it just before the morning conference sat. And there is a 3 hr difference between us so we have conference from 1-3 and then 5-7. Right in the middle of lunch! But I hope to see some people from my old ward here in the stake. It will be fun to see how they are doing. 

That is pretty much all that is new here. I officially have 6 months more in Chile and then real life begins.....  I hope things are good there. It sounds like you are all having a good time and busy so life is good. Transfers are in 2 weeks (the 10th) of Oct. I don`t think we will get changed, but we never know. I either want to stay here or go to the country. So we will see if that is what the Lord wants too :) 

Have a great week. Know I`m thinkin bout ya and I`ll be talking to ya next week. 

Sept. 20th, 2011

Happy days my framily, friends, fans, ect. 
This was an awesome week to be in Chile! We celebrated all weekend long and it was great. On Saturday we had an actividad in our stake. It was fun. Every ward is in charge of something (we were in charge of churipan, another soda, empanadas, ect.) there were games and stuff. Then the primary kids put on a program. Every wards primary did a dance and then afterwards people just started dancing. It was fun! Plus, I got to see some people from my old area, like Glorian and Paz (my last baptisms) they are so cute. Glorian made me a little jewlery box and some crocheted earings (she said she knew how much I like earring) so it was great to see some old friends. 

Then on Sunday we didn´t do much. The work is a little harder because no one wants to open their doors. But we were knocking a door and the neighbors started saying   hey gringas, come over here, we thought is was just some more drunk people but we went over to them (they were just in the street having a BBQ) and they offer us some meat (which was soo good) and come coca cola so we are just chattin and then come to find out they were baptized in the south a long time ago but haven´t gone in many years (obviously, they are all drinking like crazy and have a liqor store) so it was pretty funny. They tried to get us to dance with them but told them that we would come back in a year and a half and then dance with them haha. 

Then yesterday we had a ward activity. It was so chilean but so fun. The ward supplied meat and rice and then everyone brought their own plates, salad, drinks ect. and we ate lunch, played games ( so much fun to play basketball, volleyball ect again) and it was even funnier trying to explain how to play lightning and just when you think they understand it they say ¨get in line¨ and you say¨ no i´m out, that is the point of the game¨, but they say ¨oh it doesn´t matter just come and play¨. haha los chileanos....

It was fun to see a little more of the things typical the chile (dances and stuff) Everywhere you went this weekend it smelt like alcohol and everyone you talked to was a little bit tipsy but it was fun to spend more time with the members. 

Also, I went on exchanges with Hermana Stevens, my best friend from the MTC. I went to her area and we had so much fun working together. They had just gotten bikes the day before so I finally got to ride a bike. It was great. And we helped an investigator make empanadas and so it was a great day. 

But that is pretty much all that has happened to me this week. I have a TON of photos that I want to send but my camara has one too many viruses and it wont open on a computer. So Im not sure if you will be getting pictures for the next six months. I´ll have to see what happens. But that is that. Just imagine me having a good time haha. 

The work is going good to (we do do more than just party) but not too much new. We have found a lot of new people to teach so we will see who progresses. We don´t have anyone with a firm baptism date but there are some who are ¨waiting for their answer¨   so we are working with them.

Thanks for all you do and I hope you all have a great week! Thanks for the pics and jazz. It´s so fun to see and hear about things going on. Have a great week and well be chattin a little laters. 


Sept. 12th, 2011

So this week was a week of good things. We found a TON of new investigators and had a good time. There is part of our area that is out in the county and there is a member out there. So we decided to go out there and check things out. So we catch the bus and are riding out there. We pass the airport and I see Hertz and Eurocar and all this stuff of my ¨past life¨ and think, where in the heck am I. So we keep going. It`s about 30 min bus ride and I keep asking the guy in front of me if this is my stop and he keeps asking me exactly where I want to go and I just tell him I`m not quite sure but luckily we get off at the right stop. The bus drives away and it`s silent..... What?!? Am I at my house? There is a farmer guy there getting ready to plant his garden and so we ask him where the road is that we need and he tells us to come back next week. Then we walk and everyone is so happy to see us. Not too many missionaries go out there because it is so far. But then we decide to knock on a door (well, we didn`t really know what to do because there aren`t fences, so we didn`t know if we could just walk up to the door and knock it or if that was bad manners or what) but a lady comes out and turns out its the members Grandma (none of her family are members) so we go in and the whole family is there. Aunts, sisters, uncles everything. They said, well we don`t know much about your church- what do you believe? So we teach them and they try to give us all of their delicious homemade food. And then we leave to go find the member. Well she isn`t home so we decide to go and meet some people. Everyone was so nice and they want us to come back so we are going to go back to heaven this week too :) It reminds me a lof of Arco area, mountains and stuff.
So then we are back in the city and we knock this door. We teach a kid who is 18 years old and his mom and dad. Come to fnd out the kid is on house arrest for fighting so I felt weird when I invited them to come to church and then come back and teach their son what they learned haha. They didn`t come and when we stopped by the little girl said that Luis wasnt there (thats not even a good lie because we know he can`t leave) but ya it was funny. My first time teaching someone who is on house arrest.
On Wed I had to go to a training so Hermana Eborn was here with another sister who got her the same time as her. They were nervous, but we at least had an apt so they went to the apt and turns out that our investigators husband died. We had only taught her one time and she said her husband was sick with his stomach but was going to the doctor the next day and everything should be normal. But then they show up and he is dead. The people are saying stuff but they don`t really understand. They walk in the house and the casket is just chillin there and they don`t know what to do or what to say so they just give Maria (the wife) a hug and said we will come back later. hahaha it was pretty fun. Poor girls.
Our hot water heater was broken and we got sick of taking cold showers so the office came to fix it. They came 3 times and it still doesn`t work but at least now it is luke warm. They are going to come back and fix it for good this week. They are so funny though because they went to fix the hot water and they were testing it in the kitchen and the faucet in the kitchen broke then in the end they ended up buying a new hot water heater and a new faucet for the kitchen and bathroom. By the time I leave this place it`s going to be brand new haha.
That pretty much what happened this week. The Lord has blown up this area. Now we have 17 new investigators and so we are going to be working like crazy to help them progress. This week there are lots of patriotic celebrations, basically all weekend. So I am excited for that. And yesterday I got a little sun burned and started sweating...summer is in the air. But life is good.
Oh one more story. So yesterday we were walking looking for a house and this guy who we have contated before is in the street doing a BBQ and he and his wife are SUPER drunk, his wife is sluring her words and doesn`t even make sence. So I was just going to keep walking but Hna Eborn stops and talks to him. He then forces us to try his chicken and sausage (that looks disgusting) so he goes and gets a plate and puts some food on there. When we walk into their house there are a million beer bottles and the chicken isn`t cooked very well but there is no turning back now. So Im just praying like crazy that I don`t get sick and die haha. So far I feel normal. So that is a good sign. But it was hilarious. Oh the friends we make...
Now that you have spent your whole day reading my really long letter of my life... How are you all doing? I bet it was fun to get to see Grandpa for a bit and spend some good ol time at the fair. How is work and everything crackin? I hope things are good. Just keep swimming and I`ll talk to you next week!
I was going to send some pics but these freaking virus filled Chilean computers won`t let me. So hopefully next week. Plus the pictures is basically just looking out our front yard.