Monday, February 28, 2011

February 28th, 2011

Good Monday morning all,
How has your week been? I got the update from mom that as far as she knows everything is good. So hopefully it´s the truth :) Good luck in your play Annie! I´m sure it´s really good and you are going to do amazing!
This week I got my carnet, which is my visa for Chili, so now I can officially say I´m a Chileana... haha:) We were talking yesterday about how we are here, trying to blend in and be like the people but we just have to face it that we are weird. We are gringas, who walk around in a skirt all day, trying to speak Spanish, and all we talk about is Jesus Christ. We are weird... haha:) Oh well, I might as well get used to it.
The Dymock guy who sold with Calvin in Texas is Hermana Dymocks brother. It´s such a small world. I think Hermana Buckners welcome home might be on the same day but I´m not sure. I don´t know how long her parents are going to be here for. But that day is also mothers day when I get to call home so you might want to keep it a little open. Well, unless you don´t want to talk... haha :) just kidding!
This week we put a table in la faria, bueno, la faria is on a different street everyday and it´s where they sell anything and everything. It´s where we try to by our fruit and veggies because it´s a lot cheaper than the super market. But we put up a table with all our pamphlets and pictures of Christ and a sign that said, "Take Free" and another sign that said "English Classes Free". In the begining no one came so we started to sing Hymns (like I said, we are weird) but it worked. People started to come and they were mostly interested in English but it was a good way to contact a lot of people an now when people see us they say, oh we saw you in the faria. But we are nervous for our English classes because I know how to speak it... but that is pretty much all.
We found a golden investigator this week, well we hope she is golden. She is about 26 and has a 2 year old little girl. Her name (the mom) is Edica or Erica, I´m not sure, I just try to say it like she said it... haha:) She has liked everything we have taught and has been looking for more than what other churches have. So hopfully everything goes well. Her baptism date is for the 27th of March, so we are preparing for that, hopefully it goes through. She didn´t come to church yesterday, bueno, none of our investigators came to church yesterday, but she had to go get her Mom at the beach but hopefully she will progress.
Oh, when you all are in Logan and need a place to eat, you should check out Ya Po (I have no idea how you spell it) but it´s a Chilean place in front of Staples and Ross (Main street and about 14th north) it´s in the building next to Chilis and if it´s still there (Hermana Dymock ate there before the mission) you can try a little bit of what I´m eating down here. Order a completo or an empanada de pino. They are pretty darn good and Hermana Dymock said that they are pretty much the same as down here. So just a little tid bit if you ever want to try something new.
All the people here are getting back from vacation because school starts this week but things are still a little crazy, everyone is out buying school uniforms and all that jazz (everyone here wears uniforms) but it will be good when the people get in a rutine again.
That is pretty much all that has happened this week. Not too much new. Just more teachin' and preachin'. Thanks for all your love and support and all you do! You all are the best!

Monday, February 21, 2011

February 21st, 2011

Happy Monday Afternoon,
How is everyone doing? I hope everything is good and that you are enjoying life. I am doing great here. Not much happened this week. It flew by so fast! Yesterday I was thinking I should have done something to make it more exciting but oh well.
Mom, thanks for the recipe of no bake cookies. I made them last week for the zone and they loved them. All the gringos were excited to have them again and all the Latinos thought they were delicious. And I also gave some to a sister in the ward because it was her birthday. She loved them too, so it was a success.
We did inter cambios this week and Hermana Campos came to my sector and worked for the day. It was fun. She is from El Salvador and is 36 but like all Latinos, they seem younger than they are. I would have guessed she was 25. But I decided that someday I want to go visit her. I have no idea what El Salvador is like so I figured I better go find out. So someday when I'm rich I´ll have to go... haha:)
We found 7 new people to teach this week, but none of them came to church so that was super lame. But 2 of them (husband and wife) are super! They have all sorts of questions and really want to learn. They are on vacations this week but hopefully they will come to church next Sunday and progress. We put a lady with a baptismal date for the 27th of March, she has been investigating the church off and on for 20 years. She likes what we believe but doesn´t want to have to do her part and keep commitments. But hopefully we can help her progress and prepare to get baptized. We have another appt. with her tonight so we will see how everything goes.
This week my testimony was strengthened about the members helping in the work. The family Ñancupil (the husband is our ward mission leader) are super amazing. They brought a young man, well hes 32, to church yesterday who is inactive. And they also brought their friend who knows a lot about the church but is investigating more, so we are going to teach her on Friday. She has a boyfriend in Chicago. They met here on business and he doesn´t speak any Spanish and she doesn´t speak a whole lot of English. But hopefully we can progress with her too. So even though we didn´t do so good with people in the church, the members did their part and it was great. Also the attack we did last week in our sector with all the elders. The only people who got into the houses to teach were the Elders who were on splits with members. So yay, for the members and their help.
Like I said, nothing much exciting happened this week. I wish I had some funny stories to tell, but maybe next week. It seems like something happens everyday but they just start to run together and I forget. But today we had a sports day as a mission, where we get together (in 3 different groups) and play soccer most of the time and then switch it up to basketball and whatever else we can think of. It´s hard to play soccer here with all the Latinos because I feel bad that I am horrible and making them loose. Plus when you´re a sister it´s even harder because you can´t touch them so it´s all sorts of awkard...haha:) Then President May goes around and sees everyone and we played broom hockey, which was the most fun. They (Pres. and Hermana May) get released in July and we just found out today that our next President is Pres Essigs from Logan UT!!!!! Ah!! I´m excited. He is a lawyer and that´s pretty much all we know. I'm sure you know more than we do. I´m not sure if that is how you spell his name. They will get here the end of June and then start in July. It´s going to be so weird to have a different President but we don´t really see him that often so probably not too different.
Hermana Dymock (my comp) just found out her welcome home is going to be May 8th there in Paradise. She is going to be speaking with her best friend who is getting back from her mission the same day. So that will be super fun! I'm  not sure when Hermana Buckners welcome home is going to be but I'm sure they will both do great! It´s sad that the only people I really know in the mission are going to be leaving. But such is life. The way time is flying I´ll be home before I know it. It´s weird that a week from today is the last day of Feb. "Time marches on...time marches on" haha:) Don´t worry, as you can tell I'm still the same, random songs pop in my head that have to do with what I´m talking about. But slowly in the mission I forget songs so it might not last too much longer... haha:)
Ah, I bet Kortney was so pretty for her wedding! She is so fun! and it´s crazy that Ashely is already leaving! Tell her "Hi" for me and that she is going to rock it in the mission field!  I think I would feel weird talking in the Spanish Branch, even in Spanish, because Chileans talk a lot different (so I´ve been told) that their vocab and accent are weird. I would be afraid that they couldn't understand me. It would probably be the same feeling I get here, I'm up at the pulpit talking and I think I'm speaking ok but the look on the peoples faces are so funny. It´s like they are constipated because they are trying to understand what I´m saying through my heavy accent. haha:) So when I get back speaking like a gringa Chilean, them Mexicans will probably have to to the same... haha:)
It seems that no matter how little went on in the week I always write a REALLY long letter. So... how was your week? Is it starting to warm up there? It´s starting to cool down here a little bit. We are only dying of heat from about 12 (when we leave the house) til about 8, then it starts to cool down a lot. The other day I had to use a jacket in the night time. Dramatic I know :) I think it´s mostly because of the temblores(earthquakes) in the South of Chile. People said they felt a little temblore (earthquakes) the other day but we never feel anything in the street walking. So life is good. Hermana Ñancupil said that if anything ever happens we are the first people she is going to come check on. So no worries!
Well, I hope you all have a good week and I would send some pictures but I forgot my cord to send them so I´ll send them next week. But thank you for all your love, support, and prayers! You´re still the best friends and family I could ever ask for! I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!
Have a great week!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Pictures From A Friend:)

Pictures shared by: Andrea Carter


Christmas Dinner at the Mission Home

The transfer

February 14th, 2011

I hope you all have had a good week! Sounds like a lot is going on. Tell Austin congrats on the engagment. I can´t believe it, it´s so crazy! Glad to hear that Mom and Dad had a good anniversary! At least you got to spend the whole day together :)  Tell Barbara Happy Birthday for me. And I pray all is well with Granny! She is super strong and amazing, she can get through anything.
Not too much has happened here this week. It rained for the first time since I´ve been here. It was weird because it was so stinkin hot outside when we went in to teach a lesson, then when we got done it was pouring like crazy. But the people let us use their umbrellas so it was good. It was nice to cool off. Then it was cloudy for the next two days so I didn´t put suncreen on for 3 days! I think I broke a record because I usually have to wear it everyday. But enough about the weather...
On wednesday we were walking to the members house for lunch and out of the middle of no where this dog comes up and tries to bite my foot. He only gets my shoe but he broke the little strap buckle thing. Once again...freaking perros. But the people we had lunch with fixed it so it´s all good.
We taught this crazy guy the other day who was a missionary for some random church and he tried teaching us but we held our own and he still tried to deny all that we believed but oh well, one day he´ll find out the truth, even if it is the hard way. But we at lunch yesterday with the familia Barros. He is a 70 and they did an American lunch with lasagna (not the same but close) and salad without oil. It was a miracle. The first salad I have had without oil. It was so delicious. I´m so scared to take my cholestoral and I still have more than a year to go... haha:) After a while it starts tasting really good. :) Anywho. He said that President Monson might come to Santiago in Oct. That would be so awesome if he did!
Oh and one day we were walking and there were some creepy guys about 25 and they started talking to us and we asked if they have shared with missionaries before and they said no but we would like to, you can come to our house anytime and teach me (in a suggestive manner), what do you teach about. And we told them we teach about repentance and the law of chastity. It was pretty funny because then they just went the other direction... haha:) Being a missionary is great!!
Yesterday all the Elders in our zone came to our sector to help us find people to teach (we go to a different sectors every week and work there for 2 hours) and so it was great. We have 20 new references to go talk to and so hopefully things pick up. In March, the kids start back to school so people will hopfully be getting back from their vacations soon. But ya, that is pretty much all that is gonig on here.
Today we went to the hill of Santa Lucia again...
so, this is me with the snow on the mountains so it was kinda like I was in winter. (the snow looks like the clouds, but it´s really snow on really big mountains) 
This is the new metro (it´s like the subway). They just opened a new station in my sector so I took a picture of it this morning. (it´s the blue thing with the white cover). and it´s the only station I know of that is above ground so it makes it that much cooler. But I hope you have a great week and a great Valentines Day!

February 8th, 2011

Tomorrow is my five month mark! Now that is crazy to think about. My mission is almost 1/3 over. Somedays it feels like a just got here, oh wait, I kinda did... haha:) But the Spanish is coming along (even if I just make up words that I think are close) people are understanding me better so that helps.
It´s weird how everything changes in the mission. I forgot that it´s Super Bowl time. Here, all you hear about is when the Univ of Chile or Colo Colo are playing. You can hear people cheering from blocks away. It´s pretty funny. I never knew soccer could be so interesting... haha:) But this week flew by, I feel like not much has happened.
My new companion Hermana Dymock is AMAZING! We found out we are practically the same person. We like a lot of the same things and get along really well. She is from the country, likes country music,..and that´s where it all started :) Her Dad teaches institute at USU, not that we would know him because we have taken oh so many institute classes in our days at USU, but he works there.
We found a new family of 4 (three are old enough to get baptized) but they went on vacations till March, so we will see what happens. I still have yet to figure out how people can just pick up and leave for a month or two at a time. But that is what we always find, so hopefully when the kids start back in school in March things will pick up. We found a new investigator, Juana, who is about 48, through the Elders in the area next to us. They helped her home with her groceries and she said that we could come visit her, so we went and talked to her. When we first got there, she called up to her husband (well the guy she is living with) "come down, there are gringas here"  so he proceeded to come down in his boxers. I definitely didn´t want to see an old fat guy in his boxers on Friday but the Lord had other things in mind... haha:) It was pretty funny though. But during all of this I felt something on my arm, so I look and I have a couple ants crawling on my arm. I just pick them off and think no big deal. Then in a couple min I look and realize I am sitting in a HUGE pile of ants and they are all over me. It was so nasty but I couldnt do anything so I just waited til I got outside and then freaked out trying to get them all off... haha!!!!! Then we went back on Sat to help her clean her house so she had enough time to go to church (people and their excuses) but anywho, we went and it was seriously SO nasty. Mom, I'm pretty sure you would have lost it if you saw her house... haha:) There were cigarettes, beer cans, food, ants, dirty clothes in whatever place you can think of. (and we only cleaned the living room, kitchen, and the porch. But it was nasty. I don´t know how people live like that. But it payed off because she came to church! We haven´t really taught her that much but she is pretty receptive. We just have to get her to marry the guy she has been living with for 13 years.
Maria is doing so good! She loves learning more and more so it´s great. It´s interesting to see what people have questions about. Yesterday she asked me if she could put on her jacket in the church because she was cold, but it was red and she didn´t know if we could wear red as members of the church, just because she had never seen anyone in the church wear red. It´s always an adventure, people think we do the weirdest things. But she is doing great.
This week we knocked on a door to ask them about their neighbor and then we went on to contact the guy that came out. Meanwhile his freaking dog came up to the gate and peed on me. I couldn´t really do anything because we were listening to this guy talk so I just stood there while he peed on my foot. Freaking dogs! They are everywhere! But I tried something cool this week that we should totally have in the states (maybe we do and I just don´t know it) but it´s a popsicle thing called Languix (tongue) because as you lick it, it softens up and is like a tongue. It sounds weird but it´s really cool, and it comes with a rub on tattoo and is only like 30 cents so it makes it that much better... haha:)
But that is pretty much all that has happened here this week. I hope you all have a great week! Its fun to hear all the people that are getting engaged, and tell Doug and Becca congrats! That is so great! Keep me updated on everything that is going on (feel free to talk about yourselves, Dad and Mom especially) and remember I LOVE YOU and will be back with the lastest news in my little sector of Chile next week :)
  Hermana Dymock and Me this morning. We realized that we don´t even have a picture together so we hurried and snapped one before we left the apt.

January 31st, 2011

Hi Everyone,

It sounds like you all have had a good week! That is what I like to hear :)
It also sounds like when I leave Mom and Dad decide to change everything.
Whats the deal?! But I´m glad you are all doing well. I feel like nothing
much has happened this week so this letter might be short but here it is:

Rosario, our investigator (well we dropped her yesterday, so she isn´t
really our investigator anymore) but I swear she has Alzheimers because she
can´t remember anything. She is so funny though. We took her to the church
so she knew where it was and then the next time we went she asked us where
the church was so we took her again, and when she went to go home a while
later, she was walking in the opposite direction. And on the walks there I´m
pretty sure we heard the same stories about 6 times. Man, I hope I never
loose my mind. But the funniest part is that sometimes she knows she forgets
and other times no. It´s always an adventure. But we dropped her because she
wasn´t progressing. But I'm not going to lie, I'm kinda relieved that I
don´t have to hold my breath in her house anymore (from all the stink of dog
urine, oh she loves her dogs).

On Sat. as always we went and played soccer and basketball but we also had a
breakfast morning. Hermana Buckner and I made french toast creme brule, it was
soo good. Our district loved us, to say the least... haha:) So it was worth it
waking up at five to make it.

Mom and Dad, I got the Valentines package! THANK YOU! It was so fun to see
pictures of the family and thanks for the treats and the things I asked for.
I am all set now!

Maria got confirmed yesterday! It was so great! She came  down from the
stand and started to cry and just said (in a loud voice, because she can´t
whisper during the sacrament) she felt so good and this was even
better than her baptism last week. It was so awesome to see her feel the
difference in her life. She has honestly progressed so much in the short
month we have known her! To listen to her prayers and her knowledge about the
gospel is amazing!

Yesterday we found 2 new investigators. They are from Peru (the people from
Peru are usually more receptive than the Chileans, but the Chileans don´t
like the Peruvians one bit, it´s an interesting circle) but they are great.
It´s a Mom and daughter. The other day when we were on splits Hermana
Buckner contacted a young boy and he said to come by so we did, he wasn´t
there but we taught his mom and sister and they seemed interested and want
to know more, so hopefully they can keep progressing.

I just love the kind of people you find in every part of the world. When you
start to talk to someone, you have no idea what is going to happen. It´s the
best. I was thinking yesterday that life in the mission is like a Sunday
everyday, not because the church part but because we just go visit people
all day long, and that is what we always did on Sundays. It´s pretty cool :)

Then last night...the night of changes... we thought we were both going to
stay here together and then I would change next cambio and Hermana Buckner
would finish here with someone else. But I should have known to expect the
unexpected. Hermana Buckner got changed to Los Andes (a small town in the
middle of no where) and I'm here with Hermana Dymock who used to be there,
so we just did a little switch. I'm excited and nervous. It is going to be
fun to be with Hermana Dymock, everyone says she is super great (she is from
Paradise UT, just south of Logan) so I´m excited to be with her, but I´m a
little nervous to direct my sector. I feel like I have no idea what I'm
doing, but I guess it´s all part of the mission process... haha:) That
is pretty much all that has happened this week. Not much new here. We are
going to have to work really hard to keep this sector progressing, but I
love a challenge, so here I come. I think I will be here for 3 more changes
(4 1/2 months more) because Hermana Dymock finishes the end of April and
then I´ll probably introduce someone to this sector for a change and then I´ll probably get 
shipped off. So that is my prediction.

I´m sorry I never really answer any of your questions, I always just go off
about myself but I´ll try to remember what you all have asked me and answer

Keith & Amber- I´m sure you are busy with primary and the boys. I bet they
are growing up so fast! I loved your family picture and the picture of the
boys! SO CUTE! That is awesome you are going to be doing the finish work on
Craigs house. It´s crazy to think he is building a house... that is cool!

Liz & Joel- I'm glad Ethan had a good birthday! Sounds like he had as much
partyin as a 2 year old could ever want haha. But you´re only 2 once so you
might as well live it up :)   (that is my excuse for every age)

AnnMarie & Calvin-  Sounds like you two are busy busy, how is the play
coming along? When is the performance? Calvin, are you still going to Idaho
a lot for work? Sorry about all the questions. About the people you home
teach. Just be persistant, not annoying, but try to help them. I´ll try to
get you this paper that we teach all the inactives here (which is a lot) it
talks about the Holy Ghost and how important it is, it´s the best gift we
can have in this life, but there is a problem- we sin and can´t have the HG
with us. But there is a solution- Jesus Christ. He came and atoned for all
of us that we can return to him and have his guidance. It is great, and I
think I have one in English so I will try to get it to you sometime. But
yes, all the time people set appt and then don´t show and it´s funny when
you can see people in their houses, talking or have the TV on but they don´t
come out. They think, if we don´t move, they won´t see us or something like
that. It´s always interesting. But I have learned that there is no point in
arguing or trying to push people. Everyone has their time and so just
planting a seed might have to do for a while. But just try to be their
friend and serve them. They will come around sometime.

Mom & Dad- Yo pense que debo escribir un poco en español para que pueden
practicar por todo sus vacaciones, y tambian no se si papa habla mucho
español estas dias. Pero, gracias por todo! Ustedes son super buen ejemplos
para mi! Grasias por todo su ayuda en mi mision. Lo siento no estoy usando
punctuacion correcto, no se donde estas cositas en el computador, entonces,
ojala pueden entender mi casi español.
Daniela (left) and her friend who make really
good alfajores (a cookie, cakey, chocolatey, carmely thing of
deliciousness). She is super buena to help us out with anything. She is my
age and she is practically a missionary so it´s awesome. She isn´t from my
ward here but she still comes over to help us when we need it.
I had to take this picture just to show you that I'm closer to home
than you think :) This isn´t in my sector but it is where we catch the bus
from playing soccer on Saturdays. So I just had to snap a shot- don´t judge
me for the way I look, its early alright... haha:)

Well, I hope you all have a good week and don´t forget that there is an
Hermana in Chile loves you very much and is sooooo grateful for all your
prayers and support!

Monday, February 14, 2011

January 24th, 2011

Hello all,
This week has been a great week! MARIA GOT BAPTIZED!!!!! 
She was so cute! She wasn´t nervous, just content. After church when we were walking home she couldn´t stop smiling and said she couldn´t describe how she felt. Neither of her kids came to the service but there we about 15 members there to support her, so it was good. It´s amazing how you can come to love the people so much in such a short amount of time! Next week she will get confirmed and be offically a member of the church! She loves that she finally feels like she has friends and is part of something. She is so sweet she gave us earrings that her daughter made and she also gave me a shirt that she had made for her daughter. Because I get these little weird dots if I get too much sun so I have been wearing long sleeves and she felt bad and said she had a shirt that was more light weight so she gave it to me.
We tried to fix it up with a belt but it still looked like I jumped out of the TV show "That 70´s Show"... haha:) But I would wear it a thousand times if it made her feel good. All the Elders loved it and wanted to take pictures, so who knows, I may be famous in the mission of Santiago North... haha:)
Also I tried two new things this week:  an Anticicho which is a shishkabob of meat. They have differnt types but we were passing by the fairia and a guy was selling them off the BBQ and Hermana Buckner said I had to try one (I´m not sure what kind of meat it was) but it was really good. Then yesterday for lunch we had pastel de choclo
It is basically ground up corn that they cut off the cob with a little bit of meat on the bottom mixed with a couple onions and then a leg of chicken in the middle. It was pretty good. Everyone here raves about it but it doesn´t really have that much flavor and isn´t the greatest but it was good to have something different.
I also learned something new this week. People here put 2 liter bottles next to their plants, bushes, trees, ect. I always thought it was so the water was just there when they wanted to water their trees, but no. They put it there so the dogs don´t poop or pee in their plants. So they see themselves in the water and they get scared and don´t go in their bushes. Intersting fact about Chile. Also something a little ghetto we saw yesterday was a home made sprinkler. They had taken a 2 liter pop bottle, hooked it up to the hose, and poked some holes in it. Whala, you have a sprinkler.
We found a new investigator this week named Rosario. She is an older lady (about 75) and her house is incredible. She has anything and everything inside and out.
And worst of all, she has 6 dogs that she never lets out... the smell makes us gag everytime. But she has a baptismal date for the 13th. But she didn´t come to church yesterday, so we will see what happens.
This week, we have been kissed on the hand more times than we can count. I don´t know why but all the old guys have done it because we tell them they can´t kiss us on the cheek so they just go for the hand. But it´s so funny because people won´t want to listen to anything we are saying then they look at my eyes and say öh how beautiful are your eyes! and then they listen for about 1 min then they say thanks but no thanks, but I love your eyes. So it´s always an adventure.
There has also been a lot of Evangelicos out on the street preaching with their microphones and their music. They crack me up though, they just stand out on the street and yell about how God isn´t going to save them and how the devil has taken over. And we need to do all these things. But whatever floats their boat I guess...
Well, I´m out of time and I think this has been the most random letter ever, but I hope you are all doing good and that you have a great week. Remember I love you soooo so much and am so grateful  for all your prayers and support.

January 17th, 2011

Hi all,
HAPPY MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. DAY!!!!! (the only reason I know that is from the amazing El Mirador calender I got for Christmas that is hanging on my wall haha)
I just had that song pop in my head and thought I would put it as the subject. But I don´t even know what manic means, oh well... haha:) If it means bad monday, its not because it´s P DAY!!!! Yay! It used to be that we judged the weeks by Sunday, but as a missionary, that doesn´t really work, because you work just as hard on those days as others. But life here is really good, still sweating up a storm everyday, but I just try to think that here in a couple months when I´m freezing to death, I¨ll be thinkin back on these hot days so I might as well enjoy them while I can.
This week has been INCREDIBLE! So we were teaching Maria (our investigator) and we have been having Sisters from the RS come with us so she feels more comfortable and knows more people and on Friday we called like 5 sisters to come with us but they couldn´t. We finally got one to come and it was amazing! The Lord definately knew she needed to come with us. We were teaching about prophets and we got talking about how she believes all these things and knows they are true. The Sister who came with us is super great and said well if you know these things why are you waiting so long to get baptized? And Maria thought about it and said she didn´t know. So we told her that she at least has to go to church 3 times before she can be baptized so the earliest she could do it would be this coming Sunday, the 23rd. We told her that we could get all her lessons in my then and she would be set. She was a little hesitent but decided that she wanted to do it! So we have a baptism on Sunday! WAHOOOO!!!!!!!! We are so super excited. And it´s crazy to think that it was just a contact I did in the street with my broken spanish and my accent that is so strong you can hardly understand me, but the Lord has been preparing her and we are so excited for her! She was nervous to tell her 2 kids (they are like 40 and 42) because they are not religious at all but yesterday when we taught her she said it´s not imortant what they say or if they aren´t going to come to the service, she knows its true and wants to do it. WOW she is so great, it always makes my day to go see her. I have realized how important it is to make people feel comfortable at the church and to welcome them and include them because Maria is alone alot and said that it is so great to feel like she has a family in the church.
So that is my exciting news for the week! We are super super excited because they haven´t had a baptizm here in 6 months, but as Hermana Buckner said, "someone had to do it." haha:) We found another girl who is 17 who has shared with the missionaries before, and she is great. (everyone we teach is great, sorry I say that so much) but seriously. She said she knows Joseph Smith was a prophet and the Book of Mormon is true and all this. She has almost read it entirely (she is in 3 Nephi) and so we put her date of baptizm for the 13th of Feb. But she likes to talk alot so we don´t get through much of the lesson and she didn´t come to church yesterday, so we will see what happens.
I had a training in the mission home this week (Phase 2, because it´s my second change) and so Hermana Stevens and her companion came down to stay the night before because they are up in the middle of no where (they have to take a bus for 2 hours to get into Santiago) so they came and we had the New Years party that we never had... haha:) We ate some pizza and had some treats. It was a lot of fun! Then Hermana Stevens and I went together to the mission home and had a good training thing. (the best part is that they gave us a snack and it was banana bread! You never see that here, so it was amazing!)
Then on Saturday we decided to go visit the old guy, Enrique, who we had lunch with a couple weeks ago because he hasn´t been to church since we got here. So we went and he insisted we have some fruit so he gave us some cherries (which I am in love with these days, we went to the fair and bought 2 kilos which is like 4 1/2 pounds for 4 dollars, we don´t know if that is expensive but we really wanted some so we have been feasting for the last few days!) when we got done with those he insisted we have some melon (it´s the green melon, I can´t remember what its called, but I didn´t really like it in the states, but here it´s amazaing. It may be a different kind of melon but ya) he gave us each a half a melon and I was dying because we had just barely ate a huge lunch (I´ll tell you about it here in a bit) but we each ate our half melon and then he told me I need some sun screen (everyone tells me I´m sunburned, like I didn´t know... haha) but I told him I have suncreen with me in my backpack but he wanted to give me some anyways so he goes and gets a little bag and starts pulling out little sample packets of everything you can imagine. 
 haha:) It was so funny. We have all kinds of shampoo, self tanner, dish soap, laundry soap, lotion, perfume, I don´t even know what else but it was so funny. And then...he looked down at our shoes and said that we needed to shine them (we had just shined them the day before) but he said they were dirty so he brought out all his shoe shinning stuff and shined our shoes for us. We sang him a song and told him we had to go but he insisted we take some food so he gave us 4 peaches, 2 apples, 2 oranges, a whole cantalope and some cookies, and a can of peaches! Our backpacks were so stinkin heavy... haha:) But it was so fun, always an adventure with him. And then he wanted to walk us to the main road so we made is safely. Man it was great and he did come to sacrament meeting yesterday, so that was good.
The Sister who came with us to teach Maria, her son gets back from his mission in Argentina tomorrow so the ward it having a family home evening as kinda a welcome home party. I´m excited, it should be fun and Maria is going to come with us (she loves the church activities) so that will be fun, maybe it will get the ward excited about the missionary work too :)
Not much else is new here, (its not like I just wrote a book of my week or anything... haha:).  It sounds like things are good at home. Its hard to imagine at times what it´s like when I'm in a completely different world here but I´m trying to enjoy every day because I only get to do this once so I might as well make the best of it.
How is all the extended family, the branch, and work, and play? Any new jokes, and thing exciting?
Liz- I hope you found a babysitter, just so you know, if I was there I would totally come and play with Ethers!
Dad, thanks for the little note! Its fun to actually know what it´s saying... haha:) I feel like I´m getting a lot better with my spanish. I can understand most people most of the time so that is exciting. The only problem is that when I talk I feel like I´m doing good because the people are smiling and nodding there head, then when I ask them a question they just say, sorry, I can´t really understand you... hahaha:) It makes me laugh but at least they are nice enough to listen to me. But it´s coming along. I think when I get home the Mexicans aren´t going to understand me very well because the spanish here is so wierd, just with the words they use. And everyone says that the Chileans speak horribly so I´m excited to talk with Mexicans or who ever else and see how different it is. But thanks for all your love and support. We better get Mom learning some spanish so she can talk with us :) Maybe when I get home we will have a spanish 101 course :) Tell the High Counsler (sememary teacher) "Hi" for me, I really really liked his class and still remember quite a bit of what he said so he did something right :)
It´s totally fine to write me through e-mail. I usually have plenty of time to read them and plus it´s fun to have something to read and hear what is going on. 
More pictures:
Once again... Hermana Stevens and I reunited for the last time for a long time (until we are companions :) )
My district from the MTC at the mission home, probably the last time we will all be together here in the mission because we don´t have any more trainings.
This is me today, this morning we found this drink (Kem extreme). They don´t have it in very many places but we found it and had to buy it. It´s basically the closest think here you can find to Mountain Dew. It is delicious. It´s funny, it has a warning on the side that says is has a lot of caffeine so don´t drink it excessively.

 That is my week in a big nut shell. Thank you for everything, keep me updated on your lives and what is going on. It´s always fun to hear from you! Remember I love you tons and tons and I will be back next week with the latest update haha.

January 10th, 2011 -Part 1 & 2

Hello all,

I´m glad to hear things are going good and that my nephews are still stinkin' cute! :)  This week has been kinda crazy here. I went and took out my carnet. Its like my card to live in the country legally (I guess you could look at it like a social security card, but it looks more like a drivers licence) and it was crazy.

This first picture is part of my MTC district because we all went together and then the next is...

all the people waiting. The next is...

Me and Hermana Stevens reunited once again. To do all this jazz I went on exchanges with an Hermana who was taking out her carnet too so we changed on Thurs afternoon and then that night Hermana Stevens and another girl Hermana Player (I love her name ps, it makes me laugh) but they came and we all stayed the night together at a house closer to the mission office and down town because we had to wake up at 4 in the morning and go to the office and then go to a government building to get a stamp in our passport. There was a huge line and we were in the 30s but we missed our number because we were looking at the wrong board, so we had to get a new one which was in the 140s so needless to say, we waited a long time.

Then we went to the police place to register in the country. we waited in line there for about an hour then we had to go get our carnet at another building and we had to be there before 2 so were were running through Santiago asking people directions because we had no idea where we were going and of course we are in Chile so everyone tells us something different but we finally found it and got there 8 min before 2. Then we had to wait in line until 4 to get it all done. But I got it done and don´t have to do it again until next year. Then it was another story trying to find the right bus to catch. They told us to catch one of two buses but we couldn´t find where they stopped so we caught a bus that we thought would take us at least close and it worked pretty well. We were only lost for about an hour... haha:) We finally found the office. Now the only problem is that I never will be able to catch up on my sleep. Getting 4 hours for a missionary just doesn´t cut it but oh well, like Mom and Dad always say "You can sleep when your dead" ;)

Then when we got back I went on exchanges again (you have to do it 2 times each change) so I didn´t see Hermana Buckner for like 48 hours, it was so weird. But it was kinda fun to direct my sector. The girl I was with didn´t speak spanish very well (about the same as me) so it was interesting, but fun.

Earlier in the week we dropped ALL of our investigators because they weren´t progressing but we found a new one who is really great (the Lord blesses you when you put your faith in him and that he is really preparing people) it was a contact from a while ago and we had stopped by before but no one came out. We decided to go back and she is super great. Her name is Maria and she came to church yesterday (our first investigator in the church here in Los Mares) she said to the Bishop that she really likes it and that it´s a miracle that we just happened to talk to her on the street. We set a baptismal date for th 6th of Feb. Hopefully I don´t get transfered so I can be here. She is excited to go to the activity with the RS. All the members here were so sweet and nice to her it helped so much because we knew that would either make it or break it. But it was super good!

That is pretty much all that happened this week. It was fun to see the people from the MTC and to be able to have some changes to switch up the schedule. This week I have a training in the mission home so that will be something different too (and I told the office to work it out that I go with Hermana Stevens so it will be that much better!). It has been great here, it´s weird to think that I have been in this area for 4 weeks now. Time flies. And Mom, you said that my mission is almost 1/4 over, is that seriously true? That is crazy!

Thanks for all your letters and the updates! Its always great to hear from you. I got the dearelders from new years and the letter from Pres Andersen but I haven´t seen the one from the family. But it should come soon. Tell Marshall "Hi" and "Bye" for me. He will be an amazing missionary and will have a great time! Beth and Lee better start saving up again so they can go get him :) Sorry, I only have one hour to email today but I´m so excited to go to this laguna deal it has been so hard for me to focus this morning. Me and Hermana Buckner are going to make pancakes for the zone class tomorrow. The pancakes here aren´t like the ones at home though. They are like crapes except thicker like a pancake but not fluffy, sorry they are hard to explain but you just put jam or manjar (I don´t remember if they have that in the states but its kinda like carmel but not) and they are super good. So we are excited, hopefully they turn out ok.

The last picture  is...

a cool building in Santiago with a pond and stuff in front but I didn´t have time to take it good as we were running though town so it´s kinda lame... but ya.

Well, that is enough rambling for now. Keep me updated on the happenings there and remember that I LOVE YOU!!!! Thanks for everything! You all are the best!

January 10th 2011 -PART 2!!!
Hopefully you aren´t sick of all my emails today. I´m back to do my other 1/2 hour because the freaking laguna is closed on Mondays... haha:)  
We took the bus out there and walked up and found out it was closed. The gate guy asked the boss if they could let us in but they didn´t let us (I don´t know why, that was probably the most people they would have had there all summer) but we decided to go find some place to have a picnic because we all brought food and stuff. So we walked in the dessert for a long time, but it felt like home with a mixture of Nevada but I saw my first cow...
and all the houses were freaking poor...
but we also saw some sheep and some goats so it was basically like a zoo...:) haha. We were all so hot and sweating so bad. I know I´m going to be sun burned but it´s all in the experience I guess... haha:) We walked around kinda to the other end of the laguna so I took a picture of the water 
 We were so close yet still on the other side of the fence... haha:)
Hopefully this isn´t too boring, who knows, you might have just had to be there but it was so funny to see all of us missionaries -24 of us- when we saw the sign that said it was closed....memories.
So that has been my exciting Monday, I hope you all had a great one too! Well I guess its pretty much just starting there but have a good week and I´ll talk to you next Mon!
Love always!

January 3rd, 2011 Pictures

Pictures of our "New Years Sports Day Celebration"

Me, about to kick the  "Kick-Ball"
Me, standing in front of the Santiago MTC (the big building behind me) Its right behind the Temple and is only that one building (no wonder we didn´t go there for the MTC)

January 3rd, 2011

I hope you all had a great New Year! What has been going on there? I just want to tell you that I LOVE YOUR PICTURES! They are so stinkin cute! It was great to get to see you and all the nephews are getting freaking big! Keep me updated on anything exciting  :)
This week: we met an old lady, Maria Inez. I  don´t know if I told you about her last week but she is 83 and asks us to pray for her that she will find a husband. Well yesterday we went over to teach her and she was wearing a black see through skirt! It was like the meshy material that always has fabric underneath, except it didn´t have fabric underneath... haha:) She was wearing white granny panties. It was sooo funny. She went outside to let her dog out and I just started laughing so hard I couldn´t even talk and I told Hermana Buckner, "Can you imagine if she wore that to church?!?" Because we called her in the morning to see if she was going to come but she didn´t because she had visitors. But when we were there teaching her she insisted we have some Coke so she poured us a glass and my memory went back to last time she gave us a drink, Hermana Buckners had a hair in it and mine had whatever black floaty you could think of. So I knew that I just had to hurry up and drink my Coke this time because if I didn´t I wouldn´t make it down so I just started chuggin and then when I was almost done I looked in the bottom of the glass and there was all this food caked to it. EW it was so sick I just looked at Hermana Buckner and she had pretty much the same thing. It was interesting.
We met another old person (they are always the funniest) his name is Enrique and he just got baptized 3 years ago so he calls himself the baby of the ward. He went off telling us about anything and everything from his catheter to his notebook of words from the scriptures that he doesnt understand so he looks them up and writes down the definition. Is was so funny to talk to him, then he insisted that it was too far to walk to our next apt so we just had to take the migro (bus) and we walked us to the bus stop and waited with us, it was funny. He said his dream is to buy an apt (there is an apt building close to his house) so that all the missionaries could come visit him and stay there. He is so funny!
For my New Years: the morning of the 31 we had a morning of sports with my new area San Pablo and my old area Zapadencia, we played soccer, american football, ping pong, basketball, and kickball. I only played americn football and kickball but it was a lot of fun!  I got so sunburned, and everyone tells me too... haha:) But I look more normal now. Anyways, it was fun but made us so stinkin tired we got home and were sore  so we decided to set the alarm for 11:55 and then we would get up and have our gingerale and the cookies we had bought. When the alarm went off I rolled over to Hermana Buckner and asked ¨Do you want to get up?¨and she said no so we just listened to everyone outside countdown and said Happy New Year to each other and then went back to sleep. Lame, I know but we were dead to the world... haha:). Then in the night we kept waking up because everyone was so loud until like 4 in the morning and you heard all the drunk people come in and so it was intersting. Seriously I have never seen people with so much alcohol. They would be walking down the road with each person carrying 4 huge bottles of whatever. It was crazy and people would be in the streets drunk at 3 in the afternoon. It was interesting. But ya, that was my New Years.
On Sat we were out working before lunch and we went to visit someone and Hermana Buckner looks over at me and my plaque (my name tag) is gone. My clip thing was still there but my actual plaque was gone so we retraced our steps (which was a lot) and we never found it it so I am using my other one now and am ordering a new one just in case something happens to this one too. So that was kinda interesting- I dont know who would want to pick up a Hermana Whyte tag but I guess someone.
Yesterday, we didn´t have any investigators at church, lame, its like showing up to game day, and no one is there. But we had a really good meeting. A lot of people are on vacation for the holidays and summer so there were only 78 of us (last week there were 96 I think) but it was good and we had a lady come who hasnt been to church in like 15 years so that was good, she said she wants to start the New Year out right so that was exciting.  I bore my testimony in sacrament (that is one of my goals, to do it every month) it was ok, I´m sure my spanish was pretty interesting but it was ok. Its weird when your a missionary you get so used to doing stuff like that that you don´t get really nervous anymore. So that is good.
Well, now that I´ve talked your ear off. Tell me about your lives :) How are you all doing? You look good! (AnnMarie and Calvin and Mom and Dad I can´t judge because I haven´t seen a recent picture) But it is good to hear from you and keep me updated on your lives! I sent some stuff to Mom and Dads today for them to distribute so it should get to them in about 3 or 4 weeks, then you will have legit hand written letters :) But until then, the emails will have to do. Have a good week and remember that I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH!!!
Have a good new year!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Christmas Call Video 2010

This is a video of me waiting for you to call me back on Christmas. We are just hoping that it works because we were so sick of the freaking ghettoness of Chile because the blasted phone card wouldn´t work to begin with (mine or Hermana Buckners) and then when we got through the ghetto phone wouldn´t work (not that it worked that good during the call) but at least we finally got to talk! It was fun to hear from you!
Love you so much and hope you all have a great time!

Christmas Dinner Video 2010

This is the video of our Chrismas dinner at the mission home. Their house is so nice, its huge and has a pool and everything! The food was good, but not amazing. I was expecting like a home cooked Christmas dinner with the works because everyone says its amazing. And it was good, we just had a lot of veggies and stuff like that but it was fun to see everyone and we got to go caroling so, that was fun too.
Hope you enjoy

December 27, 2010 (with pics)

Hello all,
It was so great to be able to talk to you on Christmas! It sounds like you had fun! I hope you all enjoyed some good old home cooking for me :) Although I am feasting off the treats that I got in my package so I'm partly at home. But what are all your plans for New Years? Mom and Dad, is that branch doing anything? You all better make some happening plans. I think we have something at the mission home or actually I think in the morning of the 31st we are having a sports day where we go and play whatever sports we want and they might be counting  that as our activity, who knows but, ya thats whats going on here.
On Christmas after I talked to you we just went out and worked. Nothing really exciting happened. We met a few more of the members and then at church yesterday we didnt have any investigators. One said she might be able to come but all the others (well the other 2) said they would be out of town. So that was kinda lame but we have a 70 in our ward, Elder Barros. We met him on Tues and he was just dressed like normal and just talkin to us, then he said he was a 70 so he wasnt at the ward much and we were like... oh man. And he was there yesterday and I had to get up and present myself..I dont know what I said but I´m pretty sure my spanish was all wrong but oh well. Hermana Buckner had to give a 20 min talk so I was glad I wasnt her.
In this zone we have an attack on a sector- sorry i don´t really know how to say it in English but the whole zone goes to one companionships area and they just knock doors and talk to people and try to get as many people ready to be taught as possible so that is what we did yesterday. The place we went to was way out in the country (not that I´m complaining, I loved it) but we took a bus to the metro station where we had to catch a special  bus to take us out to this place called Curacavi. It took about 45 min to get out there but it was fun. The Elders asked us to go to this area that was far away and the map we had was so lame but we kept asking people and they said ya just follow this road in this direction for a long time. They all asked us if we were going to take a taxi or a bus and we said no we are just walking and they all thought we were crazy so we knew it was a long ways away. We never found it after we had been walking for over 30 min so we just stopped at the next road and knocked doors there. When we met back with everyone we told the Elders that we never found it and come to find out everyone had told us wrong and it was clear on the opposite side of the town, but oh well... haha:) They at least have some new people to teach in whatever area we were in.
Today we are going into downtown (I better get ready for the long metro ride, its like 45 min into town I think) so yep that will be great, we are going to meet up with some other Hermanas and do something, we don´t know what yet but it´s exciting to go somewhere... haha:)
Sorry I haven´t been using the ´ sign because I just figured out how to work it so hopefully you can still understand. I swear everyday the keyboard is different.
Here are my pics:
This is the couple we spent Christmas Eve with. They are super great and so nice! She is the RS pres and he is the 2nd counselor in the bishopric
This is my new district at our Christmas dinner at the mission home. Elder Martin on the left is from Vegas and then Elder Vance on the right is from Idaho Falls. Tell Becky that he is in my district because she knows him. Well, Trudy Pool works for his dad so thats how that works and so Becky wrote me about him in the MTC and now we see each other at least once a week. He is super good at singing and playing the piano I told him that when he is the next American Idol he better give me his autograph... haha:)
This is me Christmas morning opening my package. THANK YOU!!! It was so great!

This is me talking to you on Christmas. If you cant tell its really hot!! haha:)

This is the view on our field trip out to the country yesterday. It reminded me a lot of home, actually more like Arco, but it was fun. I even saw some cows so, that made my day too!

This is me and Hermana Buckner at our Christmas dinner at the mission home
Hope you enjoy the pictures and that they make sense
Thank you for everything and have a great New Year!!!!! I love you all so much and ever since we talked on the phone it seems like we are so much closer, like I´m just a hop, skip, and a jump away so its great! Thank you for all your love and support! You are the best!!!
Yours truly,

Hand written Christmas Letter to the Keith Whyte Family:)

December 24th, 2010

I hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year! Did you get to do anything fun? Here it's Christmas Eve and everyone is busy celebrating so I have a little time to write you a little letter.

Being on a mission I have realized a lot of things. How blessed I am to have an amazing family (such as yourselves) Thanks for all your love and support you have help me so much. You are great examples to both me and your kids. The other day there was a baptism in our ward and it made me so excited for Noahs baptism. I am glad I got to live close to you for a little bit and was able to spend a little time with you. I have no idea what I am going to do after my mission but I hope we get to see each other a lot, even if it is just to do hair:) Plus, Easton needs to remember who I am...haha:)

I hope you are all doing well. When does Kyle get home from his mission? Some days I think I am going to be here forever and others I just want the time to slow down. I feel like in this letter i keep switching from missionary Steph to real Steph..haha I am beginning to feel like the two are starting to blend into one. So, if I am weird when I come home you are gonna have to come up with a plan to help me out! But, for now I'll turn to my missionary side

I was thinking how horrible we used to be when Mom and Dad would have Scripture Study and FHE and Prayers and such but, now I realize how important they are. Remember to always do it with your kids-they will be grateful someday.

Here on my mission I have also realized how powerful the Book of Mormon is. It really has the power to change your life if you let it.I am so grateful for all the blessings God has given me. I must have done something right in the preexistence  or else been horrible so God knew I needed all the help I could get. Either way I am grateful. Thanks again for all your love and support I couldn't ask for anything better. Remember I love you all and pray for you everyday (As I know Noah is doing for me:)- Thank Bud!)

Love Always

Hand Written Christmas Letter Home From Hermanas Whyte AND Buckner

Feliz Navidad                                                                                    December 2010

Good tidings we bring to our families and friends from your missionaries here is Chile!! We have had a lot of goings on from Idaho to Chile! We have kept busy and now we are both busy with the missionary life. We wouldn't have it any other way.

A year in the life of Stephanie Whyte
What a  year its been. I started out by transferring to a new school (BYU-I) taking a 6:30AM class in January...In Rexburg...It wasn't my brightest idea. But, as I have been told "You get what you get, and you don't throw a fit!" There were some good time, some bad, and some to always remember.We had a lot of changes. My Dad changed careers, Liz&Joel moved to Farr West, I don't have any new nieces or nephews but I'll take the ones I've got. (If they even remember me after a year and a half) Oh, and I live in Chile now!! I never would have guessed this is where my life would take me, but I am loving it! I've only been here a month and I love seeing peoples lives change as they come to know the Savior. Even though I can't understand them sometimes. I just smile and say "No, En Serio?! Eso es lo que paso?! And so...Life is Good! Livin the dream as a Sister Missionary here in Chile for the next year and a half.

A Word or Two from the Almost Chilena (Hermana Buckner)
Wow! What a year opener I had! Started out by arriving in another country, and then being welcomed by a huge earthquake! Talk about an ice breaker, almost a year later and people still talk about it. From having dogs chase me on my bike and having bugs bite me, seeing people completely change their lives for the Gospel, having friendly fliates help me, opening an area where there hadn't been Sister Missionaries for 20-30 years, hearing about my brother Nicks wedding, Bridget graduating, Liz moving to NC for the summer, and now my parents are home for the first time as empty nesters. So, I've just about seen and heard it all. However, there is still more to come, serving a mission is the best thing I've done. I wouldn't change it for anything.

Se que esta es la obra del Senor. Estoy agradecida por estar aca en Chile! Amo el erangelio. Amo a mi Salvador. Se que esta es la Iglesia de Jesucristo. Lo se y lo siento!! Les amo!

We hope that our families and friends have a very Merry Christmas. because "it's the best time of the year...we don't know if there'll be snow (actually we know there won't be snow here) but have a cup of cheer"

To get the latest news on our adventures email us at...

or write us at...
Chile Santiago North Missioin
Forestal 2680
Oficina 32, Piso 3
Casilla 18
Conchali, Santiago

Or use

Les amamos mucho!!
Love Hermanas Stephanie Whyte and Sarah Buckner

December 20, 2010

I have bad news...I got transferred! So now I have no idea when I´ll be calling or from where I´ll be calling. All I know is expect a call sometime on Christmas. Ok, I just found out that we are going to get 30 min to email during the week to tell you about the phone call situation, so keep posted. But I'm still with Hermana Buckner so that is a good thing we have going for us... haha:) We are both new (obviously) and we get to open a new sector again. It is a lot nicer than our old sector as far as the houses and stuff go. Our apt is like 100 times nicer and bigger so that is exciting but we have no idea where anything is as. We spent the whole morning trying to find a ride here because we had no idea where our apt was at and 2 of us taking 5 HUGE suitcases on the metro was not going to work out. We finally got a recent convert´s Uncle to help us out. It was a funny ride...there were 8 of us in a tiny blazer thing (I´ll attach a photo) but it was a hot ride. And now we are here and just found internet, so life is good!
It was hard to leave Villa Primavera because we just started to get to know the people and a miracle happened last week, on Mon after p day we went to do a FHE with a family and the parents had forgotten and left so we decided to give lesson 1 because the daughters boyfriend isn´t a member but has been going to church and seminary for a year but never felt ready to get baptized. So we taught him-the sprit was so strong and we invited him to be baptized the 26th and HE ACCEPTED! He said he had been thinking about it and was thinking the 26th but hadn´t told anyone. It was really cool! He is so great, really timid, but has a strong testimony. And now I won´t be able to see him get baptized but I´m still excited for him.
Ya, this week I can´t think of much (I didn´t write it down during the week so I now I will probably be rambling again) Oh, we were supposed to go caroling at a mall as a zone but that got canceled so we went caroling to peoples houses in the ward. It was really fun and we got 2 people to cry because the spirit was so strong. I think we should try that here in our new sector to try to get to know people this week. So we will see what happens.
My new sector is called Los Mares, its in San Pablo. And that has just about as much significance to you as it does to me... haha:) I really have no idea where I'm at. All I know is its the last metro stop on the green line ...haha:) and I just came from the second to last metro stop on the yellow line (complete opposites) So ya...just really far away. I know it takes about 50 min on metro to get from where I was to here but its a little closer to central Santiago, probably about 25 min. But I´ll try to keep you updated.
This week we went to the temple. It was really cool! It was hard to stay awake because you are always so stinkin' tired as a missionary but it was really good. I was glad I went alot before my mission so I could kinda catch what they were saying from what I already knew they would be saying. You don´t move at all but it´s really pretty. The last part was hard to do in spanish, haha I just tried to mimic what the lady was saying even though I had no idea what it was... haha:) We also had a training with Pres. May on Thurs, which was pretty good. So I feel like we have been running like crazy because we also put on a ward Christmas party as Missionaries. It turned out really good. At first I was nervous no one was going to come but we ended up having about 30 people there. It was fun. We watched "Joy to the World" about Christ´s birth and then had them build Santa Clauses house with spagetti and marshmellows (who ever got it the biggest won) and then we gave them bags of random things and had them do a skit. They all really liked it because they had never done any of those activities before so it was really good. And then we had cheese empenadas which were sooo good and Hermana Buckner and I had made sugar cookies, which they had also never tired, and they loved them. So all in all it was really good. We didn´t teach our piano class this week because we had clean checks for our apt and we couldn´t find keys to the church so we didn´t do them.
AnnMarie- CONGRATS! You are offically graduated. Wow I bet it feels good, although now you have all sorts of responsibilities with your 8-5... haha:) but at least you have a job right.
Are you all excited for Christmas? When are you all getting together and how long are you all going to be together? We walk around singing Christmas songs all the time and at the Christmas primary activity they had us as Missionaries sing Christmas songs in English. I think their favorite was "Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer" with the repeat (reindeer, like a light bulb, ect) because once again I acted like a dork and did crazy actions with it but whatever it takes to make the kids laugh right... haha:)
For the call on Sat- I will call you using my card and we can just talk from there or if you want you can call me back if you want to do it different. You all decide and let me know what is best. We will figure out how to call if its the last thing we do... haha:) We didn´t have much room to bring stuff to our new apt but I fit my little tree in my purse and so we at least have that and my package... so we can have something to do for Christmas. But in my heart I'm really there in the freezing cold with all yall :)
I cant think of what else has gone on this week. I got an email saying that the 2nd part of my letter didn´t go through last week so I have no idea what I said and what I didn´t say and what got sent and what didn´t but I hope you are all doing good and excited for Christmas! I'm so excited to talk to you all. I only have 40 min so Its going to go by super fast but I'm excited anyways! Tell everyone there MERRY CHRISTMAS for me! I love you all and will be talking to most of you soon.
And now for some pictures:
This is me at the temple on Tuesday
Me defrosting our freezer with 2 blow dryers (it was so bad you couldn´t fit anything in there because there was so much ice and water was running all over because there was so much it didn´t know where to go)
The winning team of the Santa Clause house at our ward party

This was our ride to our new area today. It was stuffed full! Imagine 8 people in there and all of that stuff plus more. I don´t know how we did it... haha:)
My disgusting tan line. It is super bad and its funny to because my ankles are the dark color but then as you get up to my calves its so stinkin white (but at least there isn´t a line there, its just gradual)

This has been a week in the life of Hermana Whyte...
I sent a letter to Mom and Dads. I don´t know when it will get there but hopefully in time for Christmas. I was going to send a picture with it but its so hard to find a place to print pics and when you do there is always a line for about 3 hours so its never worth it. Oh ya, and weeks ago I sent a post card to Mom and Dads. Did you ever get it?
Let me know whats going on there and all the stuff that goes on this Christmas. It´s hard to believe its here already. Hopefully this next year flies by :)  Have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and I´m so excited to talk to you!
Love always!