Sunday, February 13, 2011

Thanksgiving Testimony

As part of Thanksgiving, I wanted to tell you a few things I´m grateful for:
I´m grateful for a wonderful family who I love more than anything and for their love they show for me
The Gospel in my life and that my family is sealed forever!
The opportunity I have to be here in Chile to share the same gift I have
For my experiences in my life that have gotten me here
The love of my friends (young and old)  :)
Great example of extended family
The atonement of Jesus Christ so all is possible
This week is a time to think about these things, and how blessed I am, as are all of us. I know that as we give the credit to our Savior, as all is rightfully His, He will bless us and as we humble ourselves, only then are we susceptible to the Spirit and the blessings that come thereafter. How easy it is for us to focus on the things of the world because it´s all around us and we are a part of it but try to step back and look at what really matters. It always helps me to look at it in an eternal perspective, the things that matter aren´t really things, its the people along the way and how they remember us and what we have done to contribute to others well being.
Thank you for everything, I can´t even begin to explain my feelings and love for each of you!
PS. listen to Christmas music for me haha

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