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December 27, 2010 (with pics)

Hello all,
It was so great to be able to talk to you on Christmas! It sounds like you had fun! I hope you all enjoyed some good old home cooking for me :) Although I am feasting off the treats that I got in my package so I'm partly at home. But what are all your plans for New Years? Mom and Dad, is that branch doing anything? You all better make some happening plans. I think we have something at the mission home or actually I think in the morning of the 31st we are having a sports day where we go and play whatever sports we want and they might be counting  that as our activity, who knows but, ya thats whats going on here.
On Christmas after I talked to you we just went out and worked. Nothing really exciting happened. We met a few more of the members and then at church yesterday we didnt have any investigators. One said she might be able to come but all the others (well the other 2) said they would be out of town. So that was kinda lame but we have a 70 in our ward, Elder Barros. We met him on Tues and he was just dressed like normal and just talkin to us, then he said he was a 70 so he wasnt at the ward much and we were like... oh man. And he was there yesterday and I had to get up and present myself..I dont know what I said but I´m pretty sure my spanish was all wrong but oh well. Hermana Buckner had to give a 20 min talk so I was glad I wasnt her.
In this zone we have an attack on a sector- sorry i don´t really know how to say it in English but the whole zone goes to one companionships area and they just knock doors and talk to people and try to get as many people ready to be taught as possible so that is what we did yesterday. The place we went to was way out in the country (not that I´m complaining, I loved it) but we took a bus to the metro station where we had to catch a special  bus to take us out to this place called Curacavi. It took about 45 min to get out there but it was fun. The Elders asked us to go to this area that was far away and the map we had was so lame but we kept asking people and they said ya just follow this road in this direction for a long time. They all asked us if we were going to take a taxi or a bus and we said no we are just walking and they all thought we were crazy so we knew it was a long ways away. We never found it after we had been walking for over 30 min so we just stopped at the next road and knocked doors there. When we met back with everyone we told the Elders that we never found it and come to find out everyone had told us wrong and it was clear on the opposite side of the town, but oh well... haha:) They at least have some new people to teach in whatever area we were in.
Today we are going into downtown (I better get ready for the long metro ride, its like 45 min into town I think) so yep that will be great, we are going to meet up with some other Hermanas and do something, we don´t know what yet but it´s exciting to go somewhere... haha:)
Sorry I haven´t been using the ´ sign because I just figured out how to work it so hopefully you can still understand. I swear everyday the keyboard is different.
Here are my pics:
This is the couple we spent Christmas Eve with. They are super great and so nice! She is the RS pres and he is the 2nd counselor in the bishopric
This is my new district at our Christmas dinner at the mission home. Elder Martin on the left is from Vegas and then Elder Vance on the right is from Idaho Falls. Tell Becky that he is in my district because she knows him. Well, Trudy Pool works for his dad so thats how that works and so Becky wrote me about him in the MTC and now we see each other at least once a week. He is super good at singing and playing the piano I told him that when he is the next American Idol he better give me his autograph... haha:)
This is me Christmas morning opening my package. THANK YOU!!! It was so great!

This is me talking to you on Christmas. If you cant tell its really hot!! haha:)

This is the view on our field trip out to the country yesterday. It reminded me a lot of home, actually more like Arco, but it was fun. I even saw some cows so, that made my day too!

This is me and Hermana Buckner at our Christmas dinner at the mission home
Hope you enjoy the pictures and that they make sense
Thank you for everything and have a great New Year!!!!! I love you all so much and ever since we talked on the phone it seems like we are so much closer, like I´m just a hop, skip, and a jump away so its great! Thank you for all your love and support! You are the best!!!
Yours truly,

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