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November 29, 2010 with Video

I¨m not sure if it works to send videos but I¨ll try it out and you will have to let me know if it works or not.

 This is a video of Sat morning soccer. Every Sat morning at 6:30 our zone goes and plays soccer. This is my first time going and we didn´t even play because we were afriad they would hate us because we aren´t good. But it was funny, there were 3 fields going and they put all the gringos on the same field so they wouldn´t mess up everyone else... haha:)  Then the other fields were of native missionaries and ones who played soccer before and then there were also members, investigators, and friends. It was pretty fun but we usually don´t wake up until 7:30 so loosing a whole hour and 15 min of sleep....don´t know if its worth it. But we have been running every morning, usually the same route so if we go to ¨play soccer¨we get to leave our sector and get different scenery for our run... haha... lame I know but it was kinda exciting... Wow, it´s amazing what you get excited about on the mission, huh??  But we will see if we go this week or not.

Wow this is taking a long time to load, I was going to write a different letter about my week but I´ll just add it on here.
This week we changed the date of Juanitas baptizm for the 19 and Sanadali our 14 yr old investigator dropped us because she didn´t feel comfortable at the church, we have lots of groups in the young womens, and she has brain tumors and so is a little bit different so it was sad that she didn´t feel like she fit in but hopefully some day she changes her mind. On Friday we helped a sister in the ward paint her bedroom. It was super fun, super messy too because it was Chilean style lol dump it in a bucket and dip in your roller, don´t worry about taping anything or getting it on the cement floor. We were covered in paint but it was fun.

For Thanksgiving, every Thurs is our planning session from noon until four so we just ordered in pizza and had a pizza party. Then went to work. I´m pretty sure everytime I eat pizza now I¨m going to think of Thanksgiving... haha:). This week we had two tremblers of earthquakes but I didn´t feel either of them. One was at about midnight on Fri. I think it was and the other one at 2:30 ish on Sat. My roomate felt the one at lunch but I didn´t feel anything.

For Christmas we are going to the temple, even though we are going a week from Fri, its part of our mission Christmas celebration. Then we have had the Bishop invite us over and also Carolina who got baptized, her family invited us over, and also an investigator Patricia, well her kids are members-they invited us over too. I think we might go to Carolinas and maybe they will let us use their phone, I might need more min on my phone card the number is 1-800-506-9511 oh the customer service number is 1-888-854-6740 and the card number is 3473-3315-4602. I don´t know if thats all you need but maybe check it out before Christmas because we can´t Skype in my mission so a phone call will have to do. But I´m excited, it hasn´t really been that long but I´m excited. Then we might go to the Bishops for a little while to. I´m not quite sure but this all depends on me not getting transfered in a couple weeks. I don´t think I will just because we just opened this sector but who knows.

I don´t have a CD player, a sister in my apt does but thats all. I don´t know how many people have them-as far as I know, not a whole lot.
Sorry I´m out of time and don´t have time to write you back individually this week but thanks for your letters, it makes my day! Have a good week and I will write you next Mon and talk to you in like 4 weeks!

Liz HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry I didn´t get a card sent off or anything but make it a good one and have fun!!!

I love you all and hope you are safe and doing good!

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