Sunday, February 13, 2011

December 6, 2010

How is everyone there? I keep thinking about you all in the mountains of snow while I´m sweating like a dog... haha:)  I better enjoy it while I can because winter is going to come fast. I feel like I don´t have much new to tell you. It has kinda been a boring week. Although our investigator Juana asked us if it was ok if she sang, making sure she wouldnt be breaking a commandment, "because Im really good at singing." she said, people pay me to sing for them. As she gets up and turns on a song and starts to sing. But it wasn´t just singing, she was putting her whole soul into it. About half way throught the song she gets up out of her chair and swinging her arms and belting this song. I was trying so hard not to laugh and the whole time I was thinking, man I wish I had my camera. It was so funny. Maybe you just had to be there but just try to picture this 65 year old lady singing her heart out in her little dining room. It was so great. That is pretty much the only thing exciting that I can remember. Yesterday we had ZERO investigators at church. so that was lame but this week we are going to lay down the law and hopefully they will come. There is a girl who just moved here from another stake. She is 27 and just got baptized in May. She wants to go on a mission so I think she will be going with us alot to kinda see what it´s all about. She is super great and she actually speaks English. Her family, except her mom, lives in Utah, I´m not sure if they are members of the church or not but she is either going to go on a mission next year or move to Utah and go to BYU. She is funny to be with and so I guess that was exciting this week too.
Liz, how was your birthday? Did you do anything fun? I hope you will forvige me for not being more festive. You will have to email me a picture of your huge Christmas tree.
Annie, are you so excited to be finishing up with school? It´s so close! You can make it! I hear you got out early for Thanksgiving because of the snow. Is that true?
Dad and Mom, I´m sure you are having fun in Mexico, it was fun to get your email from Chet, and I actually understood Lauriannas note, tell her thanks. And I´ll take you up on their request about taking me back someday... haha:) I know you will have to pull my arm :)
Keith and Amber, are you getting all set for Christmas, that is exciting you saved some money on Black Friday, and think of the stories you will have to tell your kids about how much sleep and fighting you sacrificed to get their presents when they were little... haha:)
Noah, I hope you had fun at Grandparents Day, I hear you did so good on your songs and on your decoration of the bag for Lees for Thanksgiving! I love you and remember to be good so Santa Clause will bring you some presents.
What fun Christmas things do you all have going on? I´m sure you all are super busy.
I feel lame because this is so short and usually I ramble on for ever and my letters are forever long but that is pretty much all I have for this week, I´ll try to be more exciting next time
Remember I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH and pray that you are safe and having fun. Which I´m sure you are. I hope you will forgive me, I didn´t send a Christmas package or anything but I send my love in my email if that counts haha. LOVE AND MISS YOU!

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