Monday, February 14, 2011

January 3rd, 2011

I hope you all had a great New Year! What has been going on there? I just want to tell you that I LOVE YOUR PICTURES! They are so stinkin cute! It was great to get to see you and all the nephews are getting freaking big! Keep me updated on anything exciting  :)
This week: we met an old lady, Maria Inez. I  don´t know if I told you about her last week but she is 83 and asks us to pray for her that she will find a husband. Well yesterday we went over to teach her and she was wearing a black see through skirt! It was like the meshy material that always has fabric underneath, except it didn´t have fabric underneath... haha:) She was wearing white granny panties. It was sooo funny. She went outside to let her dog out and I just started laughing so hard I couldn´t even talk and I told Hermana Buckner, "Can you imagine if she wore that to church?!?" Because we called her in the morning to see if she was going to come but she didn´t because she had visitors. But when we were there teaching her she insisted we have some Coke so she poured us a glass and my memory went back to last time she gave us a drink, Hermana Buckners had a hair in it and mine had whatever black floaty you could think of. So I knew that I just had to hurry up and drink my Coke this time because if I didn´t I wouldn´t make it down so I just started chuggin and then when I was almost done I looked in the bottom of the glass and there was all this food caked to it. EW it was so sick I just looked at Hermana Buckner and she had pretty much the same thing. It was interesting.
We met another old person (they are always the funniest) his name is Enrique and he just got baptized 3 years ago so he calls himself the baby of the ward. He went off telling us about anything and everything from his catheter to his notebook of words from the scriptures that he doesnt understand so he looks them up and writes down the definition. Is was so funny to talk to him, then he insisted that it was too far to walk to our next apt so we just had to take the migro (bus) and we walked us to the bus stop and waited with us, it was funny. He said his dream is to buy an apt (there is an apt building close to his house) so that all the missionaries could come visit him and stay there. He is so funny!
For my New Years: the morning of the 31 we had a morning of sports with my new area San Pablo and my old area Zapadencia, we played soccer, american football, ping pong, basketball, and kickball. I only played americn football and kickball but it was a lot of fun!  I got so sunburned, and everyone tells me too... haha:) But I look more normal now. Anyways, it was fun but made us so stinkin tired we got home and were sore  so we decided to set the alarm for 11:55 and then we would get up and have our gingerale and the cookies we had bought. When the alarm went off I rolled over to Hermana Buckner and asked ¨Do you want to get up?¨and she said no so we just listened to everyone outside countdown and said Happy New Year to each other and then went back to sleep. Lame, I know but we were dead to the world... haha:). Then in the night we kept waking up because everyone was so loud until like 4 in the morning and you heard all the drunk people come in and so it was intersting. Seriously I have never seen people with so much alcohol. They would be walking down the road with each person carrying 4 huge bottles of whatever. It was crazy and people would be in the streets drunk at 3 in the afternoon. It was interesting. But ya, that was my New Years.
On Sat we were out working before lunch and we went to visit someone and Hermana Buckner looks over at me and my plaque (my name tag) is gone. My clip thing was still there but my actual plaque was gone so we retraced our steps (which was a lot) and we never found it it so I am using my other one now and am ordering a new one just in case something happens to this one too. So that was kinda interesting- I dont know who would want to pick up a Hermana Whyte tag but I guess someone.
Yesterday, we didn´t have any investigators at church, lame, its like showing up to game day, and no one is there. But we had a really good meeting. A lot of people are on vacation for the holidays and summer so there were only 78 of us (last week there were 96 I think) but it was good and we had a lady come who hasnt been to church in like 15 years so that was good, she said she wants to start the New Year out right so that was exciting.  I bore my testimony in sacrament (that is one of my goals, to do it every month) it was ok, I´m sure my spanish was pretty interesting but it was ok. Its weird when your a missionary you get so used to doing stuff like that that you don´t get really nervous anymore. So that is good.
Well, now that I´ve talked your ear off. Tell me about your lives :) How are you all doing? You look good! (AnnMarie and Calvin and Mom and Dad I can´t judge because I haven´t seen a recent picture) But it is good to hear from you and keep me updated on your lives! I sent some stuff to Mom and Dads today for them to distribute so it should get to them in about 3 or 4 weeks, then you will have legit hand written letters :) But until then, the emails will have to do. Have a good week and remember that I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOO MUCH!!!
Have a good new year!

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