Sunday, February 13, 2011

December 13, 2010 Part 2 (with video)

This video is self explanatory, A video from Santa Lucia overlooking Santiago- Ya, its pretty sweet I know- even though it just looks like a big city (which thats pretty much all it is... haha:)
OK, now I can type as it loads so I have time to say everything...

Also, a man who was the Bishop in this ward for 9 years passed away on Sat. so we went to his viewing, they do it so fast here, he died at like 3:00 Sat. morning, they had the body prepared, and had the viewing Sat from 11 am to 10 pm, then they had the funeral and us 4 Sister Missionaries sang "Be Still my Soul" in espanol of course. It was sad but it was OK because he was super sick and his wife died around the same time last year. They worked together and did everything together so now they get to have Christmas together. And then an hour later after the funeral on Sunday, there was a kid in the ward who got baptized, we didn´t work with him at all because his parents are members, so we just went and once again had to sing "When I am baptized." Yep, we do a lot of singing and playing the piano.

I recieved your Christmas package!!! Thank you! I have to admit, I took a little peak. Well, I wasn´t going to but then I read Christmas Tree and decided I might as well open it and take that out so I get to enjoy it before Christmas. So I did (as you can tell from the picture) and I love it, its so cute. And I might have just happened to let my eyes wander to the other stuff but don´t worry I put a lot of it back (besides the Christmas stuff to give away (pics and pencils and jazz)) so the rest is sitting under the tree waiting for Christmas day. I wouldn´t have gotten it in my hands until tomorrow but the people in the office love us so they brought it over and we traded them for some treats so it all worked out... haha:). Thank you!

Ok- I think I will call you at 11 o'clock your time on Christmas day, so just let me know weather to use my calling card or if you want me to call real fast on it then you call Andreas house phone. Let me know and sadly we can only talk for a short time but its going to be fun! I´m excited even though I only talked to you a couple months ago, I could get used to this, but I can´t because I have 6 months to wait after this
562- 419-3824  is the number to Andrea´s house, also if you have questions you can talk to her through face book, she is on there everyday I think. And if I happen to get transferred...I have no idea what I will be doing or when, so hopefully this is the plan but if not I'll let you know next week because transfers are a week from today.

I think that is about all for this week... I have talked your ears off and I know you have a ton to do so I won´t take any more of your time.

Thanks for all your love and support! You really are the best! Tell everyone Hi and Merry Christmas for me! LOVE YOU TONS and then some :)


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