Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hand written letter to the Jacobsons

September 27, 2010
Hey Liz & Joel & Ethan
I decided to write a little letter because its p-day and I used up all my internet time.  Now I’m just waiting for my laundry.
It’s fun to hear from you!  Time is a weird concept here.  You never know what day it is because we always do the same things.  Ha Ha.  We crawl from our beds at night but then my mind is still going 100 miles/minute with Spanish but it’s getting easier and easier to fall asleep.  You would think I would know more by now with that going on.  J
We have pretty much learned all of the Spanish rules and stuff.  Now the problem is understanding it and applying it!  I know nothing.  Ha Ha.  But Luci Griffiths said to study hard but don’t worry about the language if others are getting it faster.  So I’m trying to remember that and tell myself it will all work out.  When I get there I’ll be saying “That’s not the Spanish I learned” so I figure either way I’ll be lost.
The Elders that got re-assigned from Mexico to other places are suppose to be temporary; they all hope for just one transfer but they never know.  The ones that stay close I bet they get transferred back to Mexico pretty soon.  But there was an elder who went to L.A.; I bet he is there for a while.  I would be sad to get changed but I guess it is where they are supposed to be.  And luckily I don’t need a visa to get into the country so I don’t have to worry about that.
The food here is pretty good.  You are never super hungry but you eat because it’s the only time you can eat and you want to do something other than sit in class.  There has never been something I didn’t like to eat so that’s good.  Every Sunday they have mashed potatoes, gravy and some kind of meat so it’s great!  Lloyd Lee and some other people told me not to drink the orange juice because it will give you the runs.  So I’ve always been too scared to try it out.  Ha Ha.  I don’t really care to find out if it’s true or not.
I love being able to learn so much though; its fun to walk around just because you always have missionaries coming up and contacting you or wanting to teach you.  Some of them are in the craziest languages too.  We had someone sing “I Need Thee Every Hour” to us in Mongolian.  It was so cool!  I am kind of jealous of the missionaries that are only here for 3 weeks, but there is no way I would feel ready to go and teach people.  I probably won’t feel like I’m ready when it is time to leave but oh well.  Our teacher told us that if someone just keeps saying they don’t have time to talk and puts you off, ask if you can sing a song, sounds weird but he said it brings the spirit and changes their hearts.  I want to try it someday.  J
I’m glad Ethan and the girl you babysit still haven’t killed each other.  Ha Ha.  Are you going to babysit next semester too?  All I know is you’re a good woman.  I don’t think I could handle it.
Well keep me undated.  It’s fun to hear from you.  Love ya’ll tons and tons!!!  XOXO 
Love Always,  Stephers