Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nov. 21st, 2011

So... this week...just lots of good, but not so interesting news.

1) We didn`t get transferred. So starting today we are going to start looking for a place to Skype for Christmas. We didn`t want to do it before and jinx ourselves with transfers. Not too many people have internet in their houses and if they do they don`t have Skype. There is a family that offered but they live way far away so we will see what happens. 

2) We contacted this guy who is a hair dresser, Rodrigo. He starts going off about the picture of Christ we gave him and how it looks like something from "Jesus Christ Super Star" and all this jazz. Then he starts touching our hair and asking us who does it and if we could be his models. But he was the type of guy that I would never let do my hair. He says he`s not a hair dresser he is a style designer. It was so funny because he thinks he is the hottest thing to touch the planet. He told us we could come back but we both never want to go back again. 

3) We were contacting this old lady and these guys were opening up their meat shop after lunch and they started talking to us and he offers us a glass of water because it`s really hot outside so he brings us a huge wine glass with carbonated water (I hate water with gas in it) and so we take turns sipping out of it while we are talking. Then this drunk lady comes in and is looking at the meat and she falls down and goes off about how we must  have waxed the floor with stuff , we decided we should leave. So we down this sick water and then he fills it up again. So we down it again and say goodbye. Then as I am walking out he sees my water bottle on my backpack and dumps out my water and fills it up with my favorite gassy water. Oh, how I love Chileans :)

4) The best news ever...Claudia from the country is going to get baptized on Sunday! She is excited and a little nervous. But she is amazing. She is 4 months pregnant and her niece is a member but her family doesn`t want too much to do with the church. Her daughter who is 16 comes with her sometimes but her husband and other daughter don`t come. We are so excited for her! I feel like we haven`t done anything. She accepts everything we teach her and so it`s been super easy. Plus we get to go to the country to visit her 2 times a week so it makes our week better too :) 
Yesterday we had a ton of people at church. 5 investigators and a bunch of people who are inactive that we have been visiting. It was a great day. But I`ll be sending pics of the baptism next week. 

Have a great Thanksgiving there! I will be thinking about ya'll feeding your faces :) But looking on the bright side, one thing I wont be missing is the sweet potatoes that I have never liked and I`m sure I still think are nasty. Remember that one time that we had a big Thanksgiving dinner at Granny and Grandpas when they lived in Ogden and we went to dish up our plates and we thought the sauce for the ham roll-ups was gravy and we dumped it on our potatoes and then they were super nasty. ..haha:) I didn`t realize that Granny puts eggs and jazz in her gravy, I thought I was just getting the gravy that was plain. We live and learn right... haha:) Good times. 


The back of the Santiago temple and myself:)

We took this pic after church with Roxanna, who got baptized a year ago, and her daughter, Fernanda, who got baptized in Jan. Now we are just working on their Dad and brother :)

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