Monday, October 3, 2011

Sept. 20th, 2011

Happy days my framily, friends, fans, ect. 
This was an awesome week to be in Chile! We celebrated all weekend long and it was great. On Saturday we had an actividad in our stake. It was fun. Every ward is in charge of something (we were in charge of churipan, another soda, empanadas, ect.) there were games and stuff. Then the primary kids put on a program. Every wards primary did a dance and then afterwards people just started dancing. It was fun! Plus, I got to see some people from my old area, like Glorian and Paz (my last baptisms) they are so cute. Glorian made me a little jewlery box and some crocheted earings (she said she knew how much I like earring) so it was great to see some old friends. 

Then on Sunday we didn´t do much. The work is a little harder because no one wants to open their doors. But we were knocking a door and the neighbors started saying   hey gringas, come over here, we thought is was just some more drunk people but we went over to them (they were just in the street having a BBQ) and they offer us some meat (which was soo good) and come coca cola so we are just chattin and then come to find out they were baptized in the south a long time ago but haven´t gone in many years (obviously, they are all drinking like crazy and have a liqor store) so it was pretty funny. They tried to get us to dance with them but told them that we would come back in a year and a half and then dance with them haha. 

Then yesterday we had a ward activity. It was so chilean but so fun. The ward supplied meat and rice and then everyone brought their own plates, salad, drinks ect. and we ate lunch, played games ( so much fun to play basketball, volleyball ect again) and it was even funnier trying to explain how to play lightning and just when you think they understand it they say ¨get in line¨ and you say¨ no i´m out, that is the point of the game¨, but they say ¨oh it doesn´t matter just come and play¨. haha los chileanos....

It was fun to see a little more of the things typical the chile (dances and stuff) Everywhere you went this weekend it smelt like alcohol and everyone you talked to was a little bit tipsy but it was fun to spend more time with the members. 

Also, I went on exchanges with Hermana Stevens, my best friend from the MTC. I went to her area and we had so much fun working together. They had just gotten bikes the day before so I finally got to ride a bike. It was great. And we helped an investigator make empanadas and so it was a great day. 

But that is pretty much all that has happened to me this week. I have a TON of photos that I want to send but my camara has one too many viruses and it wont open on a computer. So Im not sure if you will be getting pictures for the next six months. I´ll have to see what happens. But that is that. Just imagine me having a good time haha. 

The work is going good to (we do do more than just party) but not too much new. We have found a lot of new people to teach so we will see who progresses. We don´t have anyone with a firm baptism date but there are some who are ¨waiting for their answer¨   so we are working with them.

Thanks for all you do and I hope you all have a great week! Thanks for the pics and jazz. It´s so fun to see and hear about things going on. Have a great week and well be chattin a little laters. 


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