Monday, November 21, 2011

Oct. 17th, 2011

So, this week I feel like I went all around South America. For the celebration of 50 yrs of missionary work in Chile they did a program that was pretty cool. There were about 2,000 kids who participated and they re-enacted a few stories from the BOM and then they had dances from all over South America. The Chilean and the Mexican dances and costumes and everything were my favorite (I don`t know if I`m just bias but they were cool). There were also a lot of missionaries that had served in Chile. It was cool to have a stadium full of people to celebrate together. As missionaries we sang (from all the Santiago missions, ViƱa del Mar, and a few from the South) it was cool to be there for it. I also saw Lucy Griffiths and her Mom. We only got to talk through the fence for about 5 min. But is was awesome to see her. It was like my mission life and real life together, kind of weird. But it was great to see a familiar face and hear about things going on. It was weird when she said, ¨Ya, I held your new nephew Will, last week¨ and all that jazz but it was fun to see them.  Then by the time we got to the subway after seeing a million people and taking pictures with the dancers and stuff the subway was closed. So we had to take a bunch of buses back to our area and finally got home at 1 am (which is late when you are always home by 10 and sleeping by 11:30) But it was a great adventure. We were in some sketchier parts of Santiago and it`s interesting to see whats going on there on a Sat night, but as Noah would say, I wasn`t scared because the Elders have ¨the power of God¨.

As far as the work goes... its going great! Matias (11yrs old, his Grandma is a member) came to church and brought his friend and his friends little sister. They are all getting ready to be baptized Nov 6 (it`s how I`m going to celebrate Ambers birthday :) ) because Matias`s grandma has to work on the 30 so we moved it back a week. After the lesson yesterday we went to the friends house to ask their Dad if they could get baptized (he is a member but inactive) and he was so drunk so we just told the kids that we would come back a different day. I feel so bad for them (Edwardo and Nayareth) they are so cute and loved church and want to get baptized but their Dad is a lame sauce alcoholic now. It makes me so grateful for my family!!!

We had a great lesson with an eternal investigator this week. His wife and daughter got baptized about 1 yr ago but he just wants to hold out a little longer. He goes to church every week, goes to activities, helps in everything you need him to, takes the missionaries where they need to go when we get transferred. But he just doesn`t want to get baptized. We taught a lesson super clear about baptism and everything. Then we extended the commitment. We were in silence for about 5 min and then he said ¨no.¨ Hahaha:) Looking back on it, its so funny because we were both praying so hard and the spirit was so strong but he just wants to give us a challenge of finding his doubt. So we are working on that right now. I love this family, they are so awesome. Luis (the investigator) told me that when I first got here they couldn`t remember my name but they always just called me Hermana Brittany, because they think I look like Brittany Spears... Haha:) One day while I`m here, he is going to get baptized :)

We also had 2 people from the country come to church yesterday. Which is a miracle because people that live 10 min walking from the church usually don`t come but they came 25 in car. It was a miracle. They liked it a lot so hopefully they will work towards their baptism and progress. The Mom is pregnant and her husband told her she has to get baptized before she has her baby so that the baby is healthy and all that jazz. He doesn`t understand completely but... Hey, if it helps her get baptized sooner, it`s ok!!! Haha. 

That is pretty much all that has gone down here in Chile town. I am doing great and it sounds like ya'll are doing good too. So all in all, we are living the dream. Any new news? 
Welp...thats all I`ve got for now. Have a great week and remember you`re never fully dressed without a smile :)

My new comp, Hemana Bramwell, and I at the end of the 50 yr celebration

This is from transfers last week. Hermana Mera, Me, and my old comp Hermana Eborn

Me with Luci and her Mom on the other side of the fence.


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