Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dec. 12th, 2011

BIG NEWS this week! Claudia got baptized yesterday!!!! It was the best day in 3 1/2 months. She is so cute and was so happy. Everything went wrong though, her husband didn`t come but left the car for her to take but then he left with the keys in his pocket. So she calls 15 min before church starts and says she is waiting for the bus, which passes about every 1/2 hour. So then she gets to the church late, after walking super far in the hot hot sun and 5 months pregnant, poor lady. But everything goes smoothly until we get to the baptism part and we are all there waiting for her to get into the water and we are waiting, waiting. Turns out they can`t find the keys to open the font. So they finally get it open and then the water was too hot so we waited a little longer while they put cold water in, and then finally, she got baptized. The Bishop baptized her and he said that when she came out of the water, she started crying and was so happy. It was the best! The only sad part is that her husband and her daughter didn`t come, but she did have her oldest daughter there so it was good. We are hoping she is our next baptism :) We were joking about when her baby gets baptized when he is 8 he can really say that he got baptized 2 times.
As far as Christmas goes, we are getting really excited!! We have been singing lots of Christmas songs and are planning on going caroling to the members. Also, we are excited to see you! I am going to see little William for the first time, yay! And if I`m lucky I`ll get my friends wedding announcements too :)
I feel super lame because I don`t have anything else to say, the only exciting thing of the week was Claudias baptism. We helped this old guy that goes around to the stores collecting boxes and junk and puts it in a hand cart and goes around the neighborhood. We always feel so bad for him because he is soo old but he is so cute. So we helped him pull his cart all around town. We didn`t understand a lot of what he was saying becasue he only has about 1 1/2 teeth. But it was fun to talk to him and he said we could come and visit him and teach him. He lives in Elders area but Hey, it was a good time.
Are you all getting excited for Christmas? I can`t believe that its here already! It`s going to come and go and it will feel like it never even happend. Just another day in the mish :) but I hope you all have a great week and I`ll be talking to you soon!
Claudias baptism yesterday, Obispo Urra, me, Claudia, Sister Bramwell (my comp from Rigby area) and Claudias daughter Barbara

After the bapism, the member we were going to eat lunch with forgot so we went to our apt and made PB and nautella sandwiches to celebrate. We found them for the first time in a long time and we decided, Hey it`s Christmas, we are going to buy us some PB and nautella. It was delicious!

Our presents under the tree. We may be ghetto Chileans but, we are loving life

  Abunch of sisters last week when we had a sports day.

Hope you enjoy them :)

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