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Oct. 24th, 2011

Bueno, where to start... This week was a little crazy but it was good. We had a conference with the 1st counselor of the Presidency of Chile (Elder Zeballo), he is Chileano but lived in Utah for a couple years. It was fun to hear from him and his wife. He talked about how we have to use our Spanish after the mish and we can`t forget all that we have learned about the language. And how we can use it to fulfill our church calling and help other people. Little did I know that this would come up later in the week. Because the 2nd counselor (Elder Richards) was coming to our stake conference Sat and Sun. I got a call Sat afternoon asking me to translate for his wife in the conference for the adults on Sat. I asked ¨Me?, Sister Whyte?!¨ and then I thought of Elder Zeballos talk and of course had to say yes. So we went on Sat night and we got there right before the meeting started because we were teaching before and they told me that they already had someone else doing it so I was off the hook. I was so relieved and enjoyed the conference and then afer wards they asked me translate for Sunday. That is even worse because it`s the huge meeting and there are quite a few youngsters that speak English, so I was  nervous and Sister Richards said I have no idea what I`m going to talk about but just pray for the Spirit and you`ll do fine.
So on Sunday we had to go early because they did a special meeting for all the recent converts and investigators. Which was  great because I got to see all my friends from my other ward. Then for the conference I had to translate the whole time for Sister Richards and the wife of my mission pres, which was a little hard but not too bad. It was hardest when a teenage girl got up to speak and you know how they talk, super fast! But it went ok and then when Sister Richards talked I had to go up to the microphone and translate everything in front of I don`t know how many people, a lot! It was full, even the stage on the other end was packed. And I really don`t remember how it went at all... but people said that I did good and that they could understand. So despite all my fears, it turned out ok. Plus, its like a huge family reunion because I`ve been in the stake so long that I have gotten to know a ton of people, plus it was good to see my old converts and friends from my other ward. 

I was also on divisions for 2 days this week. I was with a Sister from Mexico City. It was so great to be with her and talk about our favorite Mexican foods and everything. I didn`t realize until I was with her that her accent is so different. She has a little more of a Chilean accent and it got me thinking, I hope I can understand other people when I get home... haha:) It was fun to be with a latina comp for a couple days. 

I can only think of 2 things that happened this week that were funny. We were walking to an apt and there was this drunk lady that is always lingering in the streets yelling and asking for money and all that jazz. But this time she was passed out in the street. It was the first time Sister Bramwell had seen her, the funny part was that she was laying down in the sidewalk but her pants were undone!  Sister Bramwell asked if we should help her feel a little bit better about herself and pull up and button up her pants so the poor little kids didn`t have to see her. I wasn`t about to do it so we just kept walking. A few min later we passed  2 guys who were gawking at us and yelling "Hi" and everything and then they tripped on a broken part of the sidewalk and fell down. It was too funny... we couldn`t help but laugh:)

Also, we tried 2 new things. There is a fruit here that is called chirimoya. They have it in everything. And I like it in cookies and yogurt and everything but I had never tried the fruit. So this week we bought one and tried it. It was so weird, there is nothing like it. It has a little bit of the taste of a pear (but not) and the texture of an old weird kiwi. It was interesting to say the least. I didn`t finish my half. I didn`t think it was worth it. Then someone gave us the coconuts that they grow here in Chile. They are the smallest things I`ve ever seen. I didn`t think that they could really be coconuts but an investigator helped us crack them open and sure enough, it`s a tiny little coconut. OH the things I`m learning about Chile  :)

Well friends, that`s all for today. Stay tuned for the happening in the wild life of Hermana Whyte haha. Have a great week and I`ll be talking to yall laters

Con MUCHO cariƱo,
This is the tiny coconut

Sister Bramwell and I after stake conference yesterday, they gave us a tulip for translating

This is the strange fruit, chirimoya

Sisters at the conference on Wed. The one to the right of me is the mexican (Hermana Martinez) that I was with this week.

Hope you like em


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