Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Aug 15th, 2011

I think I have seen the movie ¨Together Forever¨ one too many times... haha:) I`m such a missionary...
What a week!! I`m sure you all are busy with summer coming to an end, things in the family, work, and just life in general. But I hope everyone is doing ok. I hope you all keep me updated on everything that is going on. If you have memories of Granny it would be fun to hear about them. I know we all have a TON because we have a great family an have all had a LOT of good times! It is a blessing that she isn`t going to suffer any longer and that her and Grandma B can be best friends up there and take special care of Grandpa to repay him for all his hard work. People are always worried about what is going to happen with two wives but like Mom always said, ¨God has everything planned out¨ and I know they are going to be up there partying. so we might as well be here partying a little too  :)
This week has been good. A little crazy but good. Hermana Eborn rolled her ankle on Tuesday morning when we were running and we thought it was ok until about 3 o'clock when she couldn't walk anymore. So we spent a day in the house with her ankle elevated and on ice. That stunk but now she is feeling almost back to normal and can maybe start running the end of this week.
Paz, the daughter of Glorian (who got baptized a couple weeks ago) finally decided to get baptized on the 28th of August. I am SOOO excited! She is so ready and loves the church and knows so much. She is 12 and so cute. They did a stake activity here where each ward represented a South American country and they did a dance and told about it and had typical food from there. We couldnt go but I heard it was awesome and Paz danced and the whole family went and loved it. They brought back pictures and it looked super fun. So it`s practically like she is already a member but now she is actually going to be a member. And the best part is that I will for sure be here. It is the last day of the change and I will probably get transferred so it will be the best going a way gift ever!
Also, Ximena, the wife of Jose (who got baptized about 3 months ago) (the crazy cat lady) she wants to get baptized on Sept 18th. Which is independence day here and so she said, I can get baptized and we can have a big party :)  So we are excited for that. She is scared of the water but we are going to help here with that. The funny part is, that she doesn`t like us (the missionaries) at all. But she loves the church and everything. She just tolerates us because she knows that we have to teach her everything. So hopefully everything goes ok and we don't die of cat smell before then... haha:)
That is pretty much all that is going down here in Chile. All the schools are still crazy but not where I`m at. Nothing really happens here. It has started warming up (depending on the day) sometimes we leave with just long sleeves on, which makes me love my life! And hopefully we are leaving beans season. Everyone feeds us beans because it`s warm and like they say ¨has lots of protein¨ but as it gets warmer, they snap out of the warm food season. Things are good here in the south.
I hope you all have a good week and that you are doing ok. Annie keep me updated on the baby (and if you cant, just tell someone to tell me when you have it) and good luck with work, home, life, ect.  Have a little fun and remember I love you all so much and am always thinking about you!
A little taste of Sanitago last Monday
 Hermana Whyte, Hermana Ellsworth from AZ, Elder Coats from SLC, and Elder Saenz from Argentina. We have all been in this stake for at least 7 months so we took an alumni picture (Elder Coats goes home today)
Just some people who set up in down town (Plaza de Armas) and were playing so we just stopped for a second.


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