Monday, November 21, 2011

Oct. 31st, 2011

¿P-day on Halloween? It`s pretty cool. I don`t know what we are going to do but we are going to live it up :) I can`t believe that we are almost to Nov! Que loco! First off, I want to send a big shout out to Amber, HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week! 

It`s been a good week here in grand Santiago. Last Monday I tried my first ¨ass¨. Its a hot dog bun with chopped meat and whatever toppings you want. I got one that I couldn`t pronounce very well and it was pretty good. Its not to die for but I have seen it on the menus my whole mission and I couldn`t not try an ass. So now I can at least say I`ve tried it :) 

We ran into one of our investigators (Luis) who`s wife and daughter got baptized about a year ago. We were talking to him in the street one night and we finally found out his doubt! It was a miracle! He has been coming to church for the past year and has only missed 4 Sundays. He`s stronger than most members... haha:) But he is afraid that after his baptism he won`t endure to the end. So we are working with him and we have faith that he is going to get baptized this next change. It would be the best Christmas present ever! Also last night we were there, and they have a son who is a little rebellious and never wants to share with us, he just goes upstairs and turns on his music ( he and his Dad are DJs) But last night, we got him to sing and everything with us. Then we had him show us how to DJ. It was awesome!! Sister Bramwell and I decided that it should be our future part time job!! haha:) So now he (the son) is our next project :) One day, they are all going to be in the temple together!

We have been tired this week and so everything is super funny. Plus here, for day of the dead it`s a 4 day weekend (they don`t work today or tomorrow) so everyone has been drinking their lives away. We were outside the fence of our investigators calling him and a drunk lady that lives in the street came and asked us for money to buy alcohol and then she wouldn`t leave us alone, she kept telling us how beautiful we are and how we have to be careful so people don`t rob our backpacks but the worst part is that she kept kissing me. It started with my hand and then she kept kissing me on the cheek with her slobbery alcohol lips. It was so funny!!! Afterwards we couldn`t stop laughing. I wish I had my camera to take a pic with her. Then yesterday we listened to a drunk guy explain to us the picture on our pass along card. I freaking love those Chileans haha:)

This week, we have someone from the 12, a 70, and the presiding Bishopric coming. We have a big conference with them on Sat and then on Sunday we have a special conference with them in our stake. It will be sweet to hear. That is pretty much all that is going on here in the southern lands. Its getting really hot and I`m already having to use a lot of sunblock. But life is good. 

Have a great Halloween and don`t eat too much candy :)
My first A&$

Kiss the Lamb??

A random super hero board thing that we found yesterday. Obviously we had to take a picture :)

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