Monday, October 3, 2011

Sept. 26th, 2011

So, there isn`t too much new this week. We went to the zoo last p-day. That was pretty fun but it`s a really small zoo. I did get to see some animals that I havent seen in a while so it was cool.

OH wow, on Saturday we had lunch with a member (along with the Elders in my ward) and it was HUGE. We get there and they have salad on the table (you eat the salad at the end of the meal here) and they brought out a plate of ¨casuela¨ its soup with potatoes, veggies, and meat (pork chops). So we ate that and felt perfect but then they say, ok now we will bring out your second plate. And all of us are thinking- oh man, why didn`t they warn us there was more, I wouldn`t have eaten bread. So they bring out the 2nd plate and it`s a serving of ribs and a serving of chickin with a heaping pile of mashed potatoes. It was super good but I didn`t think I was going to be able to do it. I started out ok but about 1/2 way through all of us were thinking we were going to throw up. I really thought I was going to loose it so I asked where the bathroom was (nonshalantly of course haha) just to know wher to run if I had to. I really couldn`t do it but luckily my comp is a saint and ate some of my meat and potatoes. Then they tell us that there is icecream. Usually we are super excited because we don`t get icecream a lot and it was hot outside but it was hard to even get the ice cream down. haha. I haven`t had a lunch like that in a while and feel like I am finally starting to feel normal again :)

Then on Saturday night we had just left an apt and were walking to a members house to get them to accompany us to another apt and we were in the street when all the lights go out. Usaully it`s just a part of town or something but this time it was most of Santiago and Viña del Mar and a bunch of places. So we went to the members house and they give us food and soda and all that jazz. We go and do a little visit by candle light and then we just had to go home (about a half hour early) but it was interesting. At home when the power goes off we just kinda chill but here everyone hangs out in the streets and its crazy. So that was pretty interesting. 

Yesterday the Elders in our ward had a baptism. Juan Seguro got baptized. ¨seguro¨ means ¨sure¨ so everyone was crackin jokes about if he is sure eh wants to get baptized and stuff. But this morning I finally realized who he reminds me of. Because  his eyes are a little crazy (he has a wondering one, I`m not sure if its blind or what) but he looks like the guy off of 50 First Dates with the crazyish grey hair and the crazy eyes. I`ll have to send a picture some day. But he is awesome and his son is going to get baptized the week after conference. 

We are so excited for conference. It is like it`s bigger than Christmas (because it`s 2 days and Christmas just passes in 1, and yes, we are missionaries haha) We don`t get the RS broadcast until this Saturday. We watch it just before the morning conference sat. And there is a 3 hr difference between us so we have conference from 1-3 and then 5-7. Right in the middle of lunch! But I hope to see some people from my old ward here in the stake. It will be fun to see how they are doing. 

That is pretty much all that is new here. I officially have 6 months more in Chile and then real life begins.....  I hope things are good there. It sounds like you are all having a good time and busy so life is good. Transfers are in 2 weeks (the 10th) of Oct. I don`t think we will get changed, but we never know. I either want to stay here or go to the country. So we will see if that is what the Lord wants too :) 

Have a great week. Know I`m thinkin bout ya and I`ll be talking to ya next week. 

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