Monday, October 3, 2011

Sept. 12th, 2011

So this week was a week of good things. We found a TON of new investigators and had a good time. There is part of our area that is out in the county and there is a member out there. So we decided to go out there and check things out. So we catch the bus and are riding out there. We pass the airport and I see Hertz and Eurocar and all this stuff of my ¨past life¨ and think, where in the heck am I. So we keep going. It`s about 30 min bus ride and I keep asking the guy in front of me if this is my stop and he keeps asking me exactly where I want to go and I just tell him I`m not quite sure but luckily we get off at the right stop. The bus drives away and it`s silent..... What?!? Am I at my house? There is a farmer guy there getting ready to plant his garden and so we ask him where the road is that we need and he tells us to come back next week. Then we walk and everyone is so happy to see us. Not too many missionaries go out there because it is so far. But then we decide to knock on a door (well, we didn`t really know what to do because there aren`t fences, so we didn`t know if we could just walk up to the door and knock it or if that was bad manners or what) but a lady comes out and turns out its the members Grandma (none of her family are members) so we go in and the whole family is there. Aunts, sisters, uncles everything. They said, well we don`t know much about your church- what do you believe? So we teach them and they try to give us all of their delicious homemade food. And then we leave to go find the member. Well she isn`t home so we decide to go and meet some people. Everyone was so nice and they want us to come back so we are going to go back to heaven this week too :) It reminds me a lof of Arco area, mountains and stuff.
So then we are back in the city and we knock this door. We teach a kid who is 18 years old and his mom and dad. Come to fnd out the kid is on house arrest for fighting so I felt weird when I invited them to come to church and then come back and teach their son what they learned haha. They didn`t come and when we stopped by the little girl said that Luis wasnt there (thats not even a good lie because we know he can`t leave) but ya it was funny. My first time teaching someone who is on house arrest.
On Wed I had to go to a training so Hermana Eborn was here with another sister who got her the same time as her. They were nervous, but we at least had an apt so they went to the apt and turns out that our investigators husband died. We had only taught her one time and she said her husband was sick with his stomach but was going to the doctor the next day and everything should be normal. But then they show up and he is dead. The people are saying stuff but they don`t really understand. They walk in the house and the casket is just chillin there and they don`t know what to do or what to say so they just give Maria (the wife) a hug and said we will come back later. hahaha it was pretty fun. Poor girls.
Our hot water heater was broken and we got sick of taking cold showers so the office came to fix it. They came 3 times and it still doesn`t work but at least now it is luke warm. They are going to come back and fix it for good this week. They are so funny though because they went to fix the hot water and they were testing it in the kitchen and the faucet in the kitchen broke then in the end they ended up buying a new hot water heater and a new faucet for the kitchen and bathroom. By the time I leave this place it`s going to be brand new haha.
That pretty much what happened this week. The Lord has blown up this area. Now we have 17 new investigators and so we are going to be working like crazy to help them progress. This week there are lots of patriotic celebrations, basically all weekend. So I am excited for that. And yesterday I got a little sun burned and started sweating...summer is in the air. But life is good.
Oh one more story. So yesterday we were walking looking for a house and this guy who we have contated before is in the street doing a BBQ and he and his wife are SUPER drunk, his wife is sluring her words and doesn`t even make sence. So I was just going to keep walking but Hna Eborn stops and talks to him. He then forces us to try his chicken and sausage (that looks disgusting) so he goes and gets a plate and puts some food on there. When we walk into their house there are a million beer bottles and the chicken isn`t cooked very well but there is no turning back now. So Im just praying like crazy that I don`t get sick and die haha. So far I feel normal. So that is a good sign. But it was hilarious. Oh the friends we make...
Now that you have spent your whole day reading my really long letter of my life... How are you all doing? I bet it was fun to get to see Grandpa for a bit and spend some good ol time at the fair. How is work and everything crackin? I hope things are good. Just keep swimming and I`ll talk to you next week!
I was going to send some pics but these freaking virus filled Chilean computers won`t let me. So hopefully next week. Plus the pictures is basically just looking out our front yard.

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