Monday, October 3, 2011

Oct. 3rd, 2011

SO this week was a good week. On Monday we did service for the stake by washing all the chairs for General Conference. Then on Tuesday we went to the country and found 3 new investigators who accepted a baptismal date for the 30 of Oct. So that was a good day. It was so funny though because its on a dirt road with all these ghetto houses just made out of scraps but then there was this house of cement and it was nice. So we stand at the gate and say ¨halo¨ (that is what we do here) then out eyes go to the left just after we yell to a huge cross on their patio. We imidately think oh crap it`s a church. But it was too late the people were already coming so I just tell Hermana Eborn that we should just offer service because we aren`t suppost to proselite close to the churches so the lady comes out and we offer service. She says no but we get to talking and she says that they are catholic but not active, so we ask if we can come in. haha. So we go in and share the restouration and it was great! Then at the end she is talking to her daughter and says, they offered to help me do the dishes or sweep, they are so nice. haha so it was funny but maybe thats what got us in the door.
Gerneral Conference was amazing. I loved the Christ theme and all the talks. It seems to pass by so fast these days. I remember when it was forever long but now it just flies. I loved the talk by Elder Carl Cook when he talked about ¨It`s better to look up¨ I also loved when Pres Monson came to the pulpit and just said ¨hello¨ he is awesome. I decided we just have to enjoy life and if we are being more serious than the prophet someting is wrong. So here I am just enjoying life. Also, Leder Matthew Richardson totally reminded me of Keith. Not in the way he talked or his manner but just the way he looked. I felt a little like I was there. But we do watch it in english (the gringo missionaries) so it was even better. The voices of the tranducers (whatever you call them) just aren`t the same.
I did get to see a lot of people from my old area there. So it was great! They are all excited for when I finish and can come back to visit them. Glorian (a convert) was there and she wrote me the best letter I have ever gotten in my mission. She said that after conference on Sat she felt like she had to write to thank me for helping her and her family. Then when she gave it to me she explained what she felt and she started crying and so then I started crying ect ect. Its crazy how I am just living my life teaching the gospel and don`t think much about what effect it has. After talking to Glorian yesterday and seeing how greatful she is, everything is worth it. All the hot days sweating to death, all the doors slammed in my face, all the guys whistling at us haha. Its all worth it. I miss you all sooo much and am excited to see you, but am starting to realize how much i`m going to miss all my new friends here in Chile. Thank goodness for facebook and skyping so I don`t ever really have to leave them. :)
Oh and the Presidents wife said that we are going to be able to use skype for Christmas so I really will be able to see you in 3 MONTHS!!!! YAY! I am excited already. How are things in the good ol USA? How is harvest coming? I have a list of things to do when I get home and this week thinking about harvest I put on the list to play the farming game. So whos in? haha. Sorry my mind is just going crazy thinking about everything all at once. I hope you don`t feel like I have thrown up on you with all my random thoughts. But remember I love you all sooo much and hope you are doing good.
Have a great week and I will be updating you soon on my not so crazy missionary life here in the south.

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