Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nov. 14th 2011

This week I  have completed 1 YEAR IN CHILE!!! Can you believe it?! I remember my first month, I thought I would never get to this point!! haha:) But also with 14 months in the mish, the news I have gets to be less and less.

This week, Claudia, from the country, said she wants to get baptized on the 27th. So we hope she comes to church before the sacrament because she always gets their late. But she is excited. We made cheesecake and took it with us. They liked it a lot. They aren`t used to things that are so sweet but they thought it was good. We also made fudge with another investigator and they liked it but they couldn`t eat very much because it was so sweet for them. They could never live in the states... haha:)

We had a lady in the street contact us and ask us to come by. She has a cute little 2 year old girl and then when we looked down realized she was playing with a cigarette. Who knew it was the latest toy for your kid. Some people, I don`t understand them. 

Yesterday in Gospel Principles the teacher asked this lady to say the closing prayer and so she stands up and starts praying but not only a prayer, its her life story about her sicknesses and her kids and her neighbors. I couldn`t help but laugh a little and then after about 5 min of this, I open my eyes to see what we should do and the Elders are looking at us and we all start laughing and then I look back and she is praying with her eyes open and is more like she is giving a talk so the teacher signals for her to finish, so she tells one last little story and then finishes. I think it was the longest prayer I have heard in my life... haha:)

We are still eating the beats that this guy gave us. We both got a little sick to our stomach from eating them so much so I think we are going to give the rest away. We have transfers this weekend. We are starting to pray even harder that we don`t get transferred because we already have lots of plans for Christmas and everything. And I want to be with Hermana Bramwell for at least one more change and stay in this area, for the rest of my mission if I could :) But I`ll keep ya'll updated on what happens and all that jazz. 

Start preparing your stomachs for Thanksgiving, only 10 days more :) 
View form our 3rd floor apartment at night!

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