Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dec. 5th, 2011

Good morning, well it`s morning where you are at at lesat :) How was your week? We have been busy here but doing good. Good news, we found a place to skype for Christmas. I will be on at 9 am Sunday morning and can talk for 40 min. This family is great! So, it will be fun! They have a bunch of Christmas decorations and a big tree, its about the only place here that I feel like its actually Christmas. And we are spending the 24th with them (because that is when they celebrate here) too! So, we will just be best friends after being together for 2 days.
So some funny things that happened this week, we were walking from church to lunch and this family was in the plaza and the guy said ¨Come here please¨ (when they say please in their little accent you just have to go.. haha:) He was drinking but I figured, Hey, why not? So we were talking to him and his little one year old son started playing with and licking his beer bottle. His wife starts laughing and says ¨look, look!¨ after we walked away I was thinking, you`ve got to be kidding me. That`s how they roll here in Chile town :)
One night we were walking to our house and  these 2 teenage boys came by on a bike and whistled at us, it was so funny because they were sharing the bike piggy back style! I`m not too sure if I would be so proud of that. But then they get off and they are walking with the bike trying to get our attention and they ran into a sign. We coudn`t help it and busted out laughing. Then in the morning we left the house and we didn`t get 2 blocks away before a guy on a motor cycle yelled the B word at us (in English because I don`t know the swear words in Spanish... haha) and then some teenagers threw paper and stuff at us... haha:)  You never know what is going to happen out here :)
Claudia is doing good. If everything goes as planned she will get baptized on Sunday. We are so excited and she is so ready. She had a baby shower this week and was so cute. (Baby showers aren`t very common here, it`s kind of a new thing) and then yesterday we went with the presidency of RS to see her so everything worked out good. This week was the Telethon here, its a orginization that has a big 2 day fundraiser for kids with disabilities. EVERYONE watches it and they go to the bank to give money. You know at that time that no one is going to come out of their house because they are too busy watching the Telethon. But it`s pretty cool that they do it.
That is pretty much all that has happened this week. We are just living and lovin everything. I hope things are good there in the northern lands and that you are all enjoying the holiday season :)

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