Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nov. 7th 2011

This week was an amazing week. We got lots of gifts from random people. Yesterday we were counting it up and besides the normal things like fruit we also got red beats, onions, sandwich, pop, and cotton candy. It`s like the people love us or something!!! haha:) just kidding.

When we were in the country we went into a little store to buy cookies for a FHE that we were going to have that night. And we started talking to the people in their and they bought us a sandwich and pop because they didn`t want to listen to our message but thought we were so great for being here to teach the word. Then we were walking to our apartment and there were people harvesting something, so we took a pic because they harvest by hand and then throw it in the back of a pickup and so we stopped and asked if we could help so we unloaded the truck of beats and helped cut off the tops. (Picture included :))We were so happy to have dirt under our nails and our hands all dirty, and then we taught them about the Restoration. The boss is actually form Israel (the first person I`ve met here from Israel) then they took us on a tour of their place and showed us their pigs, fields, onions, and sent us home with a bag of beats and onions. Then yesterday we were walking and there was this guy that has a bike with a cotton candy maker on front and he gave us cotton candy (yes, picture included again) I remembered about half way through that I don`t really like cotton candy a whole lot... but what the heck, I`m only in Chile once right. Oh, we also had this guy give us an army salute too. He was a little off his rocker and was up walking on this fence when saw us he jumped down and gave us an army salute. I thought about contacting him just to try to find out why he is the way he is but knew I would start laughing so we just went on our merry way. Hermana Bramwell and I always have that problem and if one of us starts laughing we both start and it`s hard to stop, but life is made to laugh, right.
Also, this week Elder Cook and his wife came and we had a conference with the East mission. It was great. He talked a lot about D&C 31 and how our calling is to establish the church here in Santiago by helping members, in-actives, and baptizing. Then yesterday we had a stake conference with them again. They focused everything on the family and how we have to have prayer, scripture study, and FHE together because in the future everything is going to be attacking the family and if we don`t prepare we will fall apart. When we were with him as missionaries, we all went up and shook his hand and then afterwards, he got up and said he loved that because it was like a spiritual interview looking into our eyes. It made me think, oh shoot, but bueno, it was fun to be there. Sister Cook talked about the song (the special musical number) ¨Lord, I would follow thee¨ and in the 2nd verse it says ¨in the quiet heart is hidden, sorrow that the eye can`t see¨ and when McCloud was writing this she or her sibling or something had a baby die and they went and bought a dress for the baby to be buried in and the clerk was so happy and so excited that  the pretty little girl could wear this for her blessing and all that, but she didn`t have any idea that it was for her to be buried in. Then these words came to her mind. I liked it a lot, so I thought I would pass it on. Songs always have more meaning when you know where they came from. 

Well, thats pretty much all from my life this week. We found a lady yesterday who is so ready to get baptized. So we are going to start working with her. Her son who is 18 is on the wrong path but he wants to listen to us (I don`t know if its just for our accents, but thats not important, at least he is willing to listen) But the kid who was getting ready didnt come to church yesterday so we are waiting to see if he really wants it and that he is going to prove to God that he wants it. So ya, we are just workin away here in our summer wonderland of what should be fall :) I hope things are good there and that your teeth aren`t falling out from all your Halloween candy. Have a grand ol' week and I hope you`re lovin life!
Con todo mi cariƱo,

ps. another town in the country is called Campo Alegre, yes, Happy Country. So I had to take a picture. And actually the airport is right behind me, about 1/4 of a mile.
More beets then one will ever need!!!

Cotton Candy

Happy Country

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