Monday, November 21, 2011

Oct. 10th, 2011

Soooo, it`s been a good week. I love all the news from home! Happy blessing day William! I am expecting pictures :) Haha!!   All these people getting married, not getting married, having kids, ect. Life is good! 

Yep, that`s pretty much my life. I didn`t get transferred. I`m still here in this ward, but my comp Hermana Eborn left to go to the area where I started. It`s crazy! She is going to be in a trio with My old companion Hermana Player (from Logan area) and her companion from the MTC. What a little mission world we live in. I am now companions with Hermana Bramwell. She is from Lewsville Idaho (close to Rigby) she is so nice! I think we are going to get along really well. She has been here in Chile for 3 months (the same as my comp Hermana Eborn). I am excited to get to know her because we just met but it`s going to be great!

There is a girl, Cynthia, who if from another ward in the stake who got baptized yesterday. She is so funny and loves to practice her English. But she wants to serve a mission so she went out with us this week for a day and it was so great to hear her testimony and the changes in her life. She just met the Elders 2 1/2 weeks ago. She went to the church looking for them. She had been to every church but not ours and never saw the missionaries in the street so she went to church to find them and now, 2 weeks later, she is baptized. She called us and is going to come with us again this week and said she is going to bring Skittles!!! Haha:) She spoils the missionaries!!

Then, yesterday, we met a lady at church who was inactive. She got baptized about 3 years ago but has been working on Sundays. She stopped working so now she can come to the church. We were excited for her but didn`t really know who she was. Then we were walking to lunch after church and a kid came running up behind us and asked us to pass by his house. So we did and it turns out it`s the members house and this kid is her grandson who lives with her. He, Matias, had taken the discussions before but is scared to be baptized   in front of lots of people. We told him that he can just have a small baptism. So he is preparing to be baptized on Oct 30. We are excited. Can you say miracle?!?!

On Saturday we had a party to celebrate 50 years of missionary work in Chile. It was just a fireside but we were walking to the stake center and there was this guy on his bike with his machines selling popcorn and cotton candy. He yelled for us to come over and we told him that we didn`t have any money (plus we were fasting) but he gave us a big bag of popcorn ¨because you are so beautiful¨ Haha:) So I put it in my bookbag and then in the fireside whenever I opened my bookbag it was like we were in a movie theatre with the smell. Haha:)  Oh Chile!! This coming Sat we are going to have a cultural celebration. It should be pretty cool. We, as missionaries, are going to sing. If you can watch it, do it. I think there will be a lot of singing and dances and jazz. So it should be fun. 

Right now we are teaching a lot of 7th day Adventists. There is this one, Gladys, who is so confused... she got baptized about 6 months ago but doesn`t believe in the church, she just likes that their sabbath day is Sat because that`s what it says in the Bible. We taught her and then we went back and she said she didn`t want us to teach her. But we got talking and she let us go in. So we taught her again and she is so confused about everything but doesn`t really want to listen to the answer. In the end she said come back on Wed and I will give you the answer, if I want you to keep coming by or if the Book of Mormon is wrong and you never come again. So everyday we have been leaving little notes or talks or whetever to help her read the Book of Mormon. I am excited to see what she says on Wed because she is always so dramatic and has to sing us a song from the Bible before we leave. Oh people, they crack me up!

Sorry, my letter turns into a novel a lot faster than I think. I just keep talking but I`ll just stop. But I do want to hear about your lives! What`s going on? That is so crazy that it snowed! It`s only the first of Oct what is going on! I am excited for spring here. It`s warm in the day and cold at night so its not too bad. Update me on the kids, life, other peoples lives, whatever comes to mind :)  I hope you are all doing good and just keep on keepin on, ya!


I am finally getting around to attaching pics, hope you enjoy, I don`t have anything exciting, but just a little feel of my life
This is when we taught a family (of 3, hence the 3 fingers) who are so amazing!

The view from my apt on a cloudy day

Last night after a long day of working, a member who washed our clothes gave us mouth wash and juice.
They are so great!

This is the sunset on the country part of my area. The city part is completely different but I like the counrty here

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