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May 23rd, 2011

Hey Fam!
How has your week been? I´m glad you are still alive and it wasn´t the end of the world. (Like the Evangelists thought) haha :) When we found out about that, we were laughing all day and some people were really freaked out about it. There was this man who was sitting in his car ready to go if something happened. We passed him at about 10 min to 9 (because that was when it was going to happen here) then we walked to a park, sat down and waited for the big earthquake for a couple min and when 9 came and went we were so dissappointed, but then we were walking back and the guy (who was about 60) was all frustrated getting out of his car that nothing happened. Was all this stuff a big deal there? What my real question is, is what did they say the reason was that nothing happened?
Well anywho, we found out that we can´t go to the temple anymore as a mission. They didn´t say why, they just said that we couldn´t so that stinks. We were going to go in June before President May left but now I will just have to wait til I go home. Diego got confirmed yesterday so that was super good! He was so happy and excited. And what topped it all off... One of the brothers in the bishopric gave him new shoes and pants and a sweater (because he doesn´t have much to wear to church besides his tennishoes and stuff.) So he was super happy and said ¨Now I´m ready to pass the sacrament¨ haha:)  It was so cute! (he doesn´t turn 12 til Oct but he is already excited. He just makes my day.
Oh man, yesterday I made a fool out of myself. (Obviously haven´t changed much). But when we go to visit inactives or whoever from the ward I tell Hermana Player who they are and stuff as we walk up to the door so she can know who they are, circumstance and all that jazz. So we went walking upto this gate yesterday afternoon. And I start telling her that his name is Angelo and he is the kid who likes Catalina (a girl in the ward)  but doesn't go anymore because Catalina doesn´t like him and so we need to help him find his own testimony and not go just for a girl. Then I ring the doorbell. And what do you know...he is standing right there outside and heard the whole conversation. I wanted to die! OH man, so when he opened the door I just acted like he didn´t hear and when he said they were busy I was ok with it because I didn´t want to face him after that. But oh well, life goes on. At least he knows what he needs to do. So that was my embarrasing moment for the week.
And also, on the night that the world was going to end, we were running home (becuase we have to be in the house by 10 and we left 3 min to 10) so we were running full speed to be home on time and Hermana Player tripped and fell. It was like she was sliding into home base. But it was so funny I just started laughing then I asked her if she was ok, and she just said ¨keep running¨so we got into the apt and she falls down on the floor and her knees are bleeding and her hands are scrached. I feel bad for her because I know it hurts but it was so funny I couldn´t stop laughing. And now we laugh together so it´s all good.
I also will add that I have been playing the piano in church so all those lessons are paying off :) oh and today on our way to the subway from our house this guy passed on his bike and yelled out ¨Good morning my queen¨ , we just started laughing because it was like this old bum, and then as Missionaries of course we relate it to the gospel. We said "Wow, I didn´t know we were Queens yet, I thought that was in the next life." But then we decided that he should get baptized because he has an eternal perspective so he will accept everything easier. lol !! Yes, I know, we are nerds but you got to have a good laugh every once in a while. Oh that reminds me of another contact I did. So Hermana Player was talking on the cell phone and we were just walking and there were these 2 guys that signal us to come over there, so we go over there and one is a weirdy but the other one is pretty normal. I ask them how they are doing and the weird one asks me what my name is, I tell him Hermana Whyte and he says, No what is your real name, and I say, that is  my real name. So then he goes off commenting on my eyes and my hair and so I start talking to the normalish one and tell them they always have the invitation to come to the church on Sundays, meanwhile the weird one is talking to Hermana Player and asking ¨What is your friends real name¨and then we start to leave and he takes my hand and kisses it. It was so funny. I should start a count of how many weirdies have kissed my hand, its so funny but it´s always the bummish looking old guys. (No worries Mom, I´m perfectly fine, nothing has ever happened to me. Remember I have a lot of protection so don´t worry) Its always great for a good laugh:)
That is pretty much all that has happened this week. I guess an Elder died the other day. We got a notice from Pres. May that they went for a jog in the morning and then he came home and colapsed and they couldn´t save him. It sounds like a pretty freak thing. I have no idea where he was from but he had more work to do I guess. We have started running again in the mornings because more and more people keep telling me ¨you were skinny when you got here, you have put on some weight¨ lol:) Crazy Chileans, so nice!  Maybe that wasn´t the best time to throw that in there but I promise I won´t die from it.
Anyways, I hope you are all doing good. Tell Aimee and Taylor congrats on their mission calls. That rocks! And Brooke is going to be home pretty soon WOW. Whatever new things are going on, keep me updated. Keith, I hope you have a HAPPY BIRTHDAY on Friday! Party like it´s 1999 ok. Have a great week and I will talk to you all later.
Peace and Blessins
Con mucho amor,
 This is part of a graffiti in my area ¨Mi mamá tambien me ama¨or in English, My mom loves me too. haha I loved it so I of course had to take a picture.
 Also in my area, there is the Plaza de Inspiración. We always go there when we need to get inspired.
I couldn´t remember if I sent this picture or not but it cracks me up so I just have to send it. I don´t know what the dog and cat did to get the punishment of the cone collar but its so funny. Good thing they don´t look in the mirror. haha (and if I alredy sent the pic, sorry)
THE END (and they all lived happily ever after...)

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