Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20th, 2011

Good morning,
I hope you all had a great Father´s Day! I missed not being there with you all, but it has been a good week here. I´m glad to hear that things are ok in Texas, it´s fun that Granny and Grandpa have so many visitors. They are amazing! I´m so excited that Brooke is home from her mission, it seems so surreal, if I´m not there it´s like nothing should change! haha:) Ya right!!
But where to begin with my week, time is short so hopefully I don´t start rambling about to many things. Some people graffitied on Maria´s fence (who got baptized in Jan, my first baptism in this area, and her fence is basically like a wall), it was a gang sign that meant woman lives alone and then some other stuff that we didn´t understand. She was really nervous about what was going to happen so we went and painted it with her. It was really cold but we got it done before dark and then when we left you could still see it so we went back a couple days later and sanded the parts where you could still see it, but now it looks a lot better. And she feels a lot safer. Who would have thought that I would spend my time covering up gang signs, but whatev. :)
All this week we have been getting Jose ready for his baptism. He was nervous but everything went well. We told him on Wednesday that he had to bring a towel, and wear white underwear. He then tells us that he doesn´t have white underwear and can't buy any until he gets paid on the 3rd, so we told him we would get some for him.  So what do we do? We go to the store and get some white boxer breifs (they didn´t have a section at all) and we have no idea what size or any of that jazz, so we just get some. Then he has his interview and everything goes good.
We go to his house to get him and his wife, Ximena, on Sunday morning for church (his wife never really liked us coming over and didn´t really like that he was going to get baptized, but she has been warming up to us and said if we came by to get her she would come the the baptism) So we are there picking them up and we ask if he has his towel, he starts looking for it but can´t find it. So they are rummaging around in all these bags they have in their cat filled house and we are just kind of chillin' but then we see a towel on the chair that the cats have been sleeping on and we ask if we can just use this because it was time to go and everything but they say, no there is a cleaner one in one of these bags. So they are lookin and looking and finally Ximena finds it. She pulls is out and what do you know, it has the butts of 3 women in string bikinis, Hermana Player and I just bust out laughing and try to talk them into taking the other cat towel but they insist on taking this one. So we go to the church with his porn towel!! We are sitting there getting everything ready before sacrament and Bishop comes up and asks us to talk, and of course we have to say yes. I was the 2nd person to talk but the 1st person still wasn´t there yet so I got up and talked, which I don´t mind doing but looking at the people´s faces makes me want to laugh because they are trying so hard to focus and listen but it´s hard with my heavy accent. But it was ok. I have talked in that ward at least 3 times and Hermana Player still hasn´t givin a talk in her whole mission. So I told her next time, I´m going to turn the time over to her. I remember when I had to talk my fist Sunday in the mission. I don´t remember much but I know it was really bad... haha:)
Anyways, Ximena really likes the church and things are going good. Quite a few people stayed for the baptism so that was great. Our Bishop was baptizing him and they get in the water and Bishop gets all the hand positions messed up so we have to go help him and he didn´t show Jose what to do or anything, but I was thinking ok, after the prayer he will show him and everything will be good, but nope, Bishop lifts up his leg and pulls Jose back over it and Jose has his mouth open and doesn´t have his nose plugged or anything and just falls back like a dead fish. Luckily, he didn´t start coughing or chocking or anything, but it was so funny, Hermana Player and I couldn´t stop laughing. I wish we could have had it on video because it was so funny. And so we were laughing about that and then we were thinking, oh man, Bishop is probably seeing his towel right about now and started laughing again. Nevertheless, it was a really good baptism. And we had it replaying in our head all day.
When we went to visit him last night he was very happy. He loved every min of it. And his wife Ximena actually sang with us and read a scripture. She accepted a Book of Mormon and said she will read it. We are super excited.
We are also excited because Jorge (the 9 year old who used to live in Mexico) is going to be baptized on Sunday. We are excited, I made him a little count down chain because he always asks us how many days til he gets baptized. It is going to be a great day. We are all really excited. His dad Luis still says he has an addiction to vitamin C because we told him to take one whenever he wants to smoke, but he has been clean for almost 4 months! It´s amazing. They are working with the young single adults in our Ward here and so they are doing good.
Not much else is new here, we have our last conference with President May this week and our new President gets here on the 28th to take over. It will be interesting to see if anything changes. But that is my life this week. I hope you all had a good week and that you are doing good. I love and miss you all like crazy!!! Time is flying by though, so I hope you enjoy every min of it, beause I am. Have a great week and I will be chattin with yall here soon.

 Hermana Player, Ximena (Jose´s wife), Jose, Bishop Avilez, and Me yesterday at the baptism
It rained a quite a bit on Saturday and still is raining a little bit but here is the roads on Sat morning, they don´t have any drains or anywhere for the water to go so there are lakes everywhere. I am glad I bought those sweet rain boots now. (Actually a lot of people have commented that they really like them)
Jose´s new baptism underwear
Jose and Ximena. I loved this picture.
 The look on Jose´s face is exactly how he is. It´s so funny. We told him that he has to smile because it´s his baptism day, he should be happy. He then said, I am happy and I am smiling haha. So we just have to take it for what it´s worth. :)

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