Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June 27th, 2011

Happy Family Reunion week,
It sounds like things are good there. I hope you are soaking up some sun for me! Here, it is pretty warm during the day, but in the morning and at night it is fetching cold! It is horrible when your 9:00am appointment falls through and you have to be outside. But, only like 3 more months of winter so there is hope :)
This week was a great week. Most exciting, yesterday Jose got confirmed and then Jorge (the little 9 year old) got baptized and confirmed. It was so great! He had quite a bit of family there and a lot of the members stayed too, so it was awesome. He was super happy. On Tuesday, we went and visited Glorian, who has been investigating for a while and she said she believes it´s true but doesn´t know if she wants to get baptized, and then we kept talking and we asked her when she feels like she would want to get baptized and we were thinking she would say in Dec or something but then she said she wants to get baptized the 31st of July. So we are super happy for her. She is so cute. Yesterday she brought her 4 year old daughter to church with her who LOVES to talk, she never stops but she is the cutest thing ever. In Relief Society they pass around the calendar for people to sign up to feed us lunch on the weekends and all of our investigators were so excited they all wanted to give us lunch. They are awesome.
We had our last conference with President and Hermana May. They go home on Tuesday. It was a good conference, but weird to think that I won´t see them again for a long while. I haven´t interacted much with them, but I love them so much, they are awesome. It is going to be fun to get to know Pres and Hermana Essig when they get here. We have a conference with them on Friday and then we have personal interviews next week. Changes...crazy! When we said our good-byes Pres May gave the Sisters a hug. It was a little weird because I haven´t hugged a guy in 9 months but then it wasn´t too weird because its like he is my mission Dad. (ya ya, I know I´m going to be so awkward when I get home... haha:)
On the way home from the conference we were in the subway and I was standing up behind people sitting down and all of a sudden the old guy that was sitting there passed out and fell hard to the ground and I felt exactly like you, Annie, when the old lady passed out in the middle of the road (it was not a good week for people passing out in weird places). I wanted to help but as Missionaries we aren´t supposed to do anything, It was crazy. After a few min. he woke up and I´m not sure what happened after that, it was my stop.
Then we go to Sandra, who is another investigator who is waiting for her husband to get divorced so they can get married and then she can get baptized. But we were teaching about the importance of going to church and she said she didn´t know why it was important so I opened up the BOM to the 10 commandments and had her read and immediately after she gets done she says ¨I´m sorry Hermana, I forgot about this commandment¨ it was sooo funny. She felt so horrible to forget about one of the 10 commandments and she already says ¨I´m living in sin¨ because she isn´t married to the guy she is living with. She is so funny. She then proceeds to tell us a little bit about her life and she says ¨I´m still half hippie¨ and so we start laughing because she does still kind of dress like a hippie and she has the curly mulletish looking hair do. But then she says that she is only half hippie because she doesn´t do all the bad stuff anymore. She then tells us how she had smoked marijuana and whatever else. It was pretty funny:)
On Saturday, we had a ward activity. It was a talent show. It was pretty good. They had a little bit of everything. The Relief Society did a Flamenco dance, the YM and YW did a dance to High School Musical and the High Priests did a skit that was hilarious! It is interesting though, because everyone thinks they are the bomb and that they are going to be famous or something. But there was everything from rap to little kids singing. It was good to get a lot of non members, inactives and people there. It turned out good.
Well I have more to say, but I already ran out of time. Its not important stuff but just my usual ramblings. But I´ll tell you a little about my pics.
  Jorge and his dad Luis and us yesterday looking into the super bright sun :)
 the Mission changed offices and this is the view outside the new office. It is in a little sketchier part of town but this part looked pretty
 This is Esteban (the friend of Diego (the kid who got baptized about a month ago) who lives in our ward) He turned 14 yesterday and they invited us over to have some cake. Then his brother shoved it in his face.
 This is Glorian (who is going to get baptized next month (I´ll probably be gone)) and her daughter Constanza at the baptism yesterday

Hope you all have a good week! Tell everyone HI for me at the family reunions and I will talk back to you next week!


  1. Beautiful people! And you're getting a nice tan, too!

  2. PS HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (I thought it would be better than writing on Fb.) Have a grreeaat day for yourself. :)