Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Noah

How are you doing? I am sure you are rocking the field in soccer!
I hope you have a great birthday! I can not believe you are going to be 6 years old!!! I bet you are getting so big,  reading, and everything. WOW!   You will have to tell me how your party goes! Grandma said you are going to have a science party, that is so cool! Are your friends coming or the family, or a little bit of both?
Amber, you are so great! I bet this party is going to be so fun, I¨m sad I won´t be there but next year, next year. :) How are things going? Are you staying super busy with Primary and everything? How is Easton?  I´ll tell you right now, I´m already excited to do your hair :) So put it on the calender... haha:). If you need anything just let me know!
Keith, how is work going? Are things picking up with the warm weather or are not too many people building/remodeling? I hope things are good. Tell everyone "Hi" for me!

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