Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16th, 2011

To all my fans, haha:)
How has your week been? Lots of stuff happening with summer starting. Mom in Texas, Liz and Joel back from their cruise, Karlee going to Hawaii, and who knows what other secrets you have... haha:) It sounds like things are pretty good, so that makes my week. This week was pretty good here, we didn´t find any new investigators BUT DIEGO GOT BAPTIZED!!! He is the cutest kid ever! On Saturday we did his pre-interview to go over the questions and we ask the question "Have you ever participated in a homosexual relationship?" and he just busts up laughing, so obviously we just start laughing too. Then he says "What´s it called- I like girls" haha :) It was funny!! And he was so nervous for the interview, when we asked him a question he just started telling us everything he knew (which is a lot). haha:) He is the sweetest kid ever.
His Mom came to his baptizm and he was sooo happy. That is the first time we, and the people he lives with on the weekends, has met her. I can´t imagine letting my kid live with these people every weekend for the past 3 years without even knowing who they are. But the baptism was so great. We had kids from the Primary give the talks on Faith, Repentence, Baptism, and the Holy Ghost. It was great. Then LuLu (his second Mom that he stays with on the weekends) sang ¨He sent his son¨ then us and some of the Primary sang "Ï like to look for rainbows"  It was great! His Mom, him, and a lot of people were crying. It was great. One of the Brethern in the Bishopric baptized him and gave him a tie. He was so happy. His Mom is going to get baptized some day because Diego realizes the importance of the Gospel. He has been giving all the pamphlets to his Mom to read and she seems pretty receptive. He wants to come to church here but he said if the Lord tells him that he needs to go to the Ward where he lives during the week so his Mom will come, he will do it. He is super obedient.
Oh and we had intercambios this week (sorry I can´t think of the word in English, but it´s where you go with the other missionary for a day) but ya, I was with Hermana Nielson in my area. She is SO great. We were laughing practicaly the whole day. She is from California, close to Sacramento and will be finishing her mission next change. So in July. She went to BYUI and is going to go there after, so I´m sure you will meet her because we will be hanging out. But we went and taught another investigator (Fabian) who is 24. He is the one who said he is looking for the truth but doesn´t want to be part of a "church." We taught him the prinicipals of the gospel and he accepted to get baptized on the 5th of June. He said he needs to make a lot of changes. He´s not a bad kid but he is from the streets (he dresses like it too, all gangster style). He never has been into drugs but hangs out with those type of kids still but has been changing little by little and realized the importance of being part of a church and all that jazz. It was so funny because he was talking about all this stuff and how rough he is but then he said "really, I just have the heart of a Grandma"  it was awesome... haha:) We busted out laughing and told him that it´s ok to have the heart of a Grandma. He said he would obey the Word of Wisdom so now we just have to work on the law of chastity. BUT he didn´t come to Church yesterday. We called to wake him up but he didn´t answer. So I hope he still progresses and gets baptized on the 5th. He said if hes going to do it he would do it before I left and I told him that it´s a good possibility that that will be my last Sunday in this area (because we have changes the 6th) we will see what happens.
On Tuesday we had a conference with President May. We watched a talk by Elder Holland he gave at the MTC in Jan. To say the least it was AMAZING!!! It talked about how "Preach my Gospel" came about and basically pumped us up. It was a good conference. It was more focused on us as missionaries being converted and staying strong in the gospel. It was good.
I hope things are good there! Have a great week and keep me updated on everything. I love hearing from you.
I LOVE YOU ALL LIKE....I don´t know, but it´s a lot... haha:)
That is pretty much all that happened this week

Diegos Mom, Diego and I after his baptism

  Alittle kid who is a friend of the family, Estevan (friend of Diego who lives in our ward, Diego liked being around him and started living at their house on the weekends) Lulu (Diego´s 2nd mom), Diego, Diego´s Mom, Brother Eugenio Lovera before the baptism. (I hope that´s right, I didn´t look at the picture, I just did it from memory)
So, yesterday we were walking and this dog starts to bark at us and we look down and what do we see... this dog and cat with these freaking collar things on. We were laughing so hard so I just had to whip out my camera and take a pic:)

This was last Monday in downtown Santiago in Plaza de Armas. I was walking and realized that it was a  picture moment I couldn´t pass up


That is my life in words and photos, so hope you enjoy :)

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