Saturday, June 18, 2011

June 13th, 2011

Hi there,
How are things in the world? We hear a little of the stuff going on and sounds like a pretty good time to be in the mish and not worry about anything. But hope things are good. It sounds like Noah had a fun Birthday party! I wish I could have made some slime :)  I loved the pictures! The kids are growing up so fast! That is sweet you went to meet Buckners. I love her and miss her! I also can´t believe its almost Father´s Day- HAPPY FATHER¨S DAY Dad, Keith, Joel, Calvin and Grandpa. I hope you have a great day. Here is a hug and a kiss from me!
Not too much happened this week. We spent all of last Pday looking for freaking rain boots. There are a ton of boots here, but to find ones for the rain that aren´t expensive was a trick. And then when we found some decent ones of course they didn´t have my giant size so I settled for some fancy zebra ones. I attached a picture. I still had to spend 20 bucks on them but at least I won´t have wet feet... haha:)
Fabian still doesn´t know what to do because he doesn´t have the support of his family to get baptized and everything and plus he drank two beers right before we went to visit him. So we don´t really know what to do with him? He came to church though so that was good. I love it because he still wears his jeans, a sweatshirt and his beanie! But someday he will change.
Jose (the one that is a little crazy with the cat wife) understands better than we think he does. He stopped drinking tea because we took him herbal tea to drink instead . He is pretty set on getting baptized on Sunday so if that is the case we have a lot to teach him and hope that everything goes ok. He is one of a kind, I don´t even know how to describe him but he wants the Gospel so bad and knows its true. If you could only see us trying to direct the lesson, letting him comment but not too much because then he goes off on whatever problem he has (and they are always the same) but he is doing good. So if everything goes as planned, I will be letting you know how it goes with his big day.
Maria (who got baptized in Jan, yes I have been here that long!! haha) says "Hi". She is so cute, so concerned about how you are all doing and thinks you are the best to let me come here and teach her. I love visiting her, it makes my day.
That is pretty much all that has happened here, nothing exciting really. We are really tired because we play soccer at 6:30 in the morning 2 times a week instead of 1 (our zone leaders go home this transfer and the next so they are trying to get into shape, so we stepped it up a notch... haha:) The life of a missionary) It has been fun. I love this zone, so I guess it´s ok to have sooo much time here :)
I hope you have a great week! There are lots of exciting things going on, so enjoy the summer and tell everyone "Hi" for me, Happy Father´s Day, how is everything in Texas?? What exciting/unexciting things are happening? Anything else that comes to mind? Thanks for all your letters and love! I am loving the mission so far and as Mom said ¨It´s all down hill from here¨. Brooke Hall comes home this week so be sure to tell her "Hi" for me and to write me! I haven´t talked to her in a long while. But thanks for everything you do! I love you all SOOO much and will talk to you next week.
 My sweet new boots
The virgin Mary at the top of the hill
 There was a pub named Montana so I felt so close to home, just had to take a pic.
Enjoy :)

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