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May 30th, 2011

Hi ya´ll,
How has your week been? There´s so much stuff going on it seems like. But that´s good I guess, and that is what summer is all about. Keith, I hope you had a good birthday! Tell Clendon and Granny that I´m praying for them and I hope everything goes ok. Like we have always heard, ¨We die to live and we live to die.¨ Such is life I guess.
This has been a crazy week for me too. So we ate at a members house (the same member who served us half a lasagna the last time, you think we would have learned) but she invited us to eat sopapillas pasadas, which is basically a mix between a donuts and flat bread thing (sopapilla, but a little more weird) and it was in this soup cider stuff of brown sugarish stuff (chancaca, and that is about what it tasted like, caca) and cinnamon and orange peels. Basically it was like dumplings in this soup. It was SOOO NASTY and of course she doesn´t just serve us one, she serves us four!!! and we are sitting there dying. One, because it was so much and two, it was disgusting. But we finished and afterwards we felt like we wanted to throw up. Then in the night time, I went to bed and felt so sick. It hurt to move. I ran to the bathroom like 10 times about to throw up and I finally did and I was so grateful because then I could finally sleep. I felt bad for Hermana Player, she didn´t throw up and didn´t feel good for 2 days. But now we are all back to normal and are never going to eat those nasty things again.
On Tuesday we went and taught this old grandma who we had contacted. She is ¨catholic and will die catholic¨ so it didn´t go too far but she is so funny. She was saying that we are young and beautiful and said ¨you have to date¨ but not just any regular guy like my son (a creepy, drunk  35 year old who lives with his mom) you deserve to marry some handsome guy from your church... haha:) It was hilarious because she was so worried about us settling for a lame guy. I love old people.
I also learned about this place here (well it´s about 2 hours away) but they have empanadas that are 2 pounds. I want to go some day just to see them. This place is famous for em.  oh and then we were teaching Fabian (the 24 year old guy) the 10 commandments and we get to adultery and start to explain the law of chastity. We get done and he looks like he is pondering and we are thinking, oh this is good! (because he has a girlfriend and they have been together for a year and a half and don´t want to get married) and then he doesn´t tell us that he is going to obey it but proceeds to ask us ¨So... you two ...are....(a funny awkward pause)¨ and so we break in and say ¨yes, we are waiting til we get married to have sexual relations¨ and we are laughing a little bit then he says ¨Wow, that´s cool¨... haha:) it was so funny. I love awkward moments these days. But he is so funny I love teaching him because we ask him how is reading is going and what questions he has. And he says no, its all really clear but can we talk about the stuff that I liked, then he goes on to read like half the chapter. Its so great.
Then Sandra Galvez, an investigator who has read practically the whole Book of Mormon and still hasn´t come to church because she has crystals in her kidneys (she used to smoke, do drugs, and drink til we came along) and has to have surgery on her eyes because they are, well, I don´t know why, but ya... she has been really sick and all this jazz This week she told us that she knows she has to get baptized because God has answered her prayers and this is the true church. So she is going to get married in August (the guy she is living with is in the process of getting divorced right now) and then she will get baptized because she is ¨living in sin and knows it, and has to change¨.
So it´s been a good week. I also put Republica Dominical on my list of places to go. A lady in our Ward went with her company that she works for and showed us the pictures...LOVE IT! I best be saving my moneys to go some day...oh wait, I don´t have any money to save but someday I want to go.
Last Pday we went to this cathedral in Plaza de Armas and took some pics. This one is outside a church...

Then this one  is the mass thing (really I have no idea what it is but it was just at the front) that was there.

Then we went to this bridge that shows a little bit of what Santiago is like...
 If I could choose my next sector I would choose this ward. Its downtown and it´s huge (almost 200 people assisting). But we will see what happens. Changes are next Monday and there is a good chance that I will leave because I have 6 months in this area, but where I will go, I don´t know. I´ll let you know next week.  But the last street in my area is United States so I had to take a picture...
 so I felt a little closer to home (even though it doesn´t look much like home... but oh well)

That is pretty much my week. I will keep you updated on everything (if you haven´t noticed) and hope that things are good there. Enjoy the warm weather (the past couple days here have been pretty warm though. It´s a perfect day ¨All you need is a light jacket¨ ...haha:) Well anywho... Have a great week and I will talk to you all next week!

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