Monday, July 18, 2011

July 4th, 2011

Hi my American Family,
I hope you are all having fun on your 4th or July! When you are watching the fireworks think of me :)  I didn`t realize how much I LOVE the fireworks until I knew I`m wasn't going to see them. So, next year I will definitely be hittin' up a lot of shows. I`m glad to hear that the family reunions went well (Good work Mom and Dad) Everyone is growing up like crazy (and Annie just keeps growing out... haha) But I`m happy you are all doing good!
Not too much happened this week so this might be my first short email :) Brace yourself haha..
We had a conference to meet our new President, President Essig. He is so great! He is super calm and humble, and excited to be here. They are from North Logan and his wife said that when she was 5 they lived in the Murdock house in Thomas for a year. That was all we had time to say but if I see her this week I will ask her more, like her name. But that was cool! They have their son here for a couple weeks, but then he is going home to go to the MTC and will then be serving in Orsorno (southern Chile). Everything has been a whirl wind for them but they are awesome. It is going to be good.
Also, I was talking to a senior couple of missionaries, Elder and Sister Taylor. They are from Texas ( I don`t remember what part) but they worked in the Temple for a long time and said that they knew of Granny and Grandpa. So, it`s a small world. I probably won`t have time to talk to them more because they are getting shipped out to Easter Island. They have been here for almost a year.
Glorian is still excited for her baptism on the 31st. She is making more friends in the church so thats good. Her daughters are so cute! Paz is 12 and Constanza is 3. I wish I could just put them in my suitcase and carry them around with me. We have transfers not this Monday, but the next Monday (the 18th) so we will see what happens. I imagine, I will be leaving but only time will tell. I am ready for a change though. Since I have been here so long, it will be hard to leave the people. This week we went to visit a member, Andrea Gonzalez, and she had pancakes (which are more like crapes here) and hot chocolate waiting. It was so good! It is so fetching cold outside, and she is so sweet! Then we got talking about how we can fix all the problems in the ward. Because ward council was horrible. I am so grateful for the orginazation that we have at home and that everyone knows what they need to do and they do it. But it all comes with time I guess.
That is about all that happened this week. But I´ll try to spice it up for next week. Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!!! I am going to have a great day and will be thinking of you all! I love you and hope you have a great week and maybe even get a little sunburned for me :)
 This is Hermana Moss from Mapleton UT (she knows Steve Whyte) and Hermana Hadlock from Mesa AZ. I freaking love them. We get together about every p-day and it's so fun. But Hermana Moss goes home in 2 weeks so I´m going to miss her.
 Pregnant ladies parking only. I thought of Annie when I saw this and had to laugh!! :)
Last week when everything was closed we were just walking around Santiago and found this fountain so we took pictures by it. This is Hermana Player and me (just in case you couldn´t tell :)

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