Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Skype Call!!!

So since they just announced that we can use Skype we have permission to e-mail you and tell you more of what the plan is. So here it goes:
We are going to use the computer of the Hermana who got baptized last Sunday. Clara Merin. We told her we don´t know how to use it but she is a pro so she said she will help us.  We have an appt. with her on Fri night and so we will probably have her look you up then and make sure everything works ok, so we are all set for Sunday. She does speak English so if you have questions just let her know.
We get done with lunch at 1pm (your time). Then we are going to go over to her house and talk to you. So it will probably be about 1:15 if everything goes according to plan. Or, if we are just so excited we might finish lunch a little bit early but I know you don´t get out of church until later and hopefully Dad can leave to be there the whole time too.
I hope this works out for you all. I am so stinkin excited to talk AND see you! It seems like it´s not really going to happen but I¨m excited that it is... haha:).
That is pretty much all I have to say. I am still doing good and not much is new. We are focusing on finding new investigators and talking to everyone in the street, but things are good. I just feel like a little kid on Christmas Eve X 10.. haha:) Everyday Hermana Player and I say ¨We are going to Skype our families!¨ I don´t know how many times. But don´t worry, we are still working :) just incase you were worried.
But have a good few days and I will be talking to ya on Sunday! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!!! 

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