Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jan. 3rd 2012

2012 here we are! We didn`t do too much to celebrate there were a lot of drunk people everywhere we went and one invited us to their BBQ but luckily we got out of that one. Then there was this guy who had a baby in his arms, probably about 4 months old. And he was telling us how much he loved him but it wasn`t his baby and all this jazz and he wanted us to give him a blessing. We tried to explain that we can`t give blessings but he was so drunk it was pointless so we told him that we would say a prayer. And afterwards he went around  telling people that his baby was blessed.,, haha:) It was pretty funny! That night, we went to this families house, the Mom is a member but the Dad isn`t. She is from Peru. They had a BBQ (everyone here has a BBQ for New Years) so we ate with them and they have a handicap daughter, Milagros (20 years old), who is SO funny. She cranked up the music and started dancing and singing. I think it was my favorite part of New Years. We were laughing soo hard. Then we watched fireworks from our balcony. We live on the 3rd floor so we could see pretty good. They just aren`t the same when you are far away... but it was still good.
Then on Sunday we celebrated the New Year with A BAPTISM!!!!! Matias got baptized!!! Everything went really well. He was so excited! His Grandma (who he lives with) is a member but both his Mom and Dad came to... so it was great! The primary kids sang him "I am a child of God". It was so off tune but it was cute. As a gift we gave him the movie "The Testaments." He was so excited to watch it, it was funny. Not much else happened this week. In the country we helped a lady peel beans. There is a member in our ward  from Paraguay and she made us this fruit salad stuff from her country. It was good. On Sat., I decided to keep track of how much pop we drink, because everyone gives you pop. In one day I had seven glasses of soda pop. That is so disgusting. It`s so hot outside you just want a glass of water but when you tell them that they think your crazy and give you a huge glass of pop. ah los Chileanos. 

Have a great week and a late Happy New Years and I`ll be talking to you soon
Luci (mom of the Milagros) member from Peru (there are lots of people from Peru here!, well, not in my area, but here in Chile)

Baptism of Matias (best New Year Ever)
 Milagros dancing :) Video wont load...Ill try again later

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