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December 26th, 2011

Hi there,

So I don`t have much to say because we just chatted yesterday but it was amazing to see you all and I`m glad you have a good Christmas and that Santa found you all. Don`t worry he found me here in Chile too :) All the members here are so nice. I now have a sweet key chain and a BRIGHT yellow shirt and a whole bunch of pens and markers and a Chilean map thingy. Also, thanks for everything you do for me. Yesterday I felt like I had never left, except all my nephews are freaking huge and I saw my little chunker Will for the first time. They are all so cute. I`m excited to hear how Easton liked skiing today. You guys will have to make a run or two for me :) 

This week went by a little slow just because it was a hard week for Sister Bramwell. But now we are starting to sleep a little more, so we aren`t walking about like zombies so much. We watched her Sisters funeral on Thursday. It was really good. It was funny at the end because people came up to the computer and said "Hi" to her. Her Grandma came along and said "Hi" and stuff then she came back a second later and said I`m so sorry I thought you were Dezi (Dezi is her sister that passed away) She was so cute and we just laughed. 

Then on Friday we went to the mission home for the party. We went caroling in the subway and had dinner. When we got back we were laying in bed trying to sleep and we heard a big crash. We look out our window and there was a car all smashed. So we go running outside and Sister Bramwell uses her sweet nursing skills and helps the lady who we think is ok. I felt like a tard because I didn`t have my contacts or my glasses so I couldn`t see anything or anyone. There were a ton of people and I was looking for Sister Bramwell and in the end decided that she will have to find me when she is done helping the lady. But everything was ok. Both the people were drunk but no one was hurt too bad. The car was like a hamburger and it smelled like crushed car all night long. 

On Saturday we went to a members house (the same place where I called from yesterday) and had a great dinner. The husband and ourselves were the only members there and so there was wine but it was good because they had lots of questions about why we didn`t drink, plus they loved our accents. So maybe someday they will listen to the missionaries. Then when we got home at midnight we decided to have a real Chilean Christmas so we opened our packages on the 24th. It was different to just be the two of us but it was fun. 

That`s pretty much all that went down in Chile town this week. We are excited for Matias to get baptized on Sunday for the New Year! I`ll be sending some pics :) What are you all going to do for New Years? We live on the 3rd floor of our apt. building so we are going to try to see some fireworks from the different communities around. I am excited, its going to feel like the 4th of July :) But that is pretty much all. I`m sure we will have some interesting drunken contacts and stuff to keep life interesting. 

Have a great week and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Christmas Eve with the members

I was excited to get some real chocolate :) (cadbury eggs)

caroling just outside of the subway

Hermana Sampson (in my zone, from UT), Bramwell (my comp) and me and the mission home dinner

1- I was excited to get some real chocolate :) (cadbury eggs)
2- Hermana Sampson (in my zone, from UT), Bramwell (my comp) and me and the mission home dinner
3- Christmas Eve with the members
4- caroling just ouside of the subway

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