Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Feb, 6th 2012


This week was about the same as the last year and something weeks but I did do some new things. I tried horse jerky for the first time. It was actually pretty gross. We have an investigator who has a liqour store and we were there and he gave me some horse jerky. It was kinda tough and had a weird flavor. I don`t know if it`s just because it`s spiced with the things of Chile, but it wasn`t the best thing I`ve ever eaten. Also, we helped an investigator who makes flowers and stuff out of leather. It was pretty cool. It`s a lot of work but she makes barrettes for your hair, rings, necklaces, everything. It was cool to see how she does it. 

Also we had a zone conference with Pres Essig and I had to give my goodbye tesitmony because this was the last conference I will have. I didn`t even realize, I just thought my comp, Hermana Player, would have to give her testimony (because she goes home next week) so I just got up there and rambled a bit I think. But if they don`t want you to get trunky why do they have you give your final testimony 2 months before you go home? haha!! jk:)  I`m not that trunky. But we did do service of helping a sister in the ward learn how to make a red velvet cake. To say the least, it was delicious! Everyone loved it but they thought it was so sweet with the cream cheese frosting. They only put 3 things on their food: oil, lemon, and salt. So anything out of the ordinary is super sweet.

The bad news is, well I don`t know very much, but Claudia (the convert from the country who is pregnant) is in the hospital and might loose her baby (she is 6 1/2 months along). We don`t really know what is happening because her husband just called yesterday and said she was in the hospital. They are all so excited to have the 1st boy in the family so I hope everything turns out ok.

and how could I forget to tell Dad and Mom HAPPY ANNIVERSARY  33 years tomorrow! WOW when they said eternity, they really meant it :) You two are the greatest parents ever! I hope you are all doing grand and have a great week. There are transfers this weekend so I'll let you know what happens. dun dun last transfer! Well, keep it real, and keep it fun, but save some fun for when I`m there too :)


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