Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jan 9th 2012

So I feel super lame writing because I really don`t have much to say. Just some stories that, for you guys, probably aren`t that funny. Oh well, I`ll just tell you anyways.

Bueno, first things first. Matias got confirmed yesterday. He was so happy. It was great. We called to make sure they were ready to leave so they weren`t late but no one answered so we were a little nervous but then when we got to church they were just sitting there waiting... haha:) Oh and last Monday we went to a museum that was about the people that died when there was a bad government here in Chile. It was kinda cool but more just depressing. 
Oh, and if I forgot to tell you all. I am now in a trio. I`m still with Sister Bramwell from Rigby but I`m also with Sister Player, my old comp from Nibly UT (close to Logan) It`s pretty much the bomb to have 2 comps. I think if it was with other people I would go a little crazy but it`s so fun with us three. We are basically the same person so everything goes good.

As far as the stories. Well, for those who know me, know that I have to go to the bathroom a lot and when I have to go, I have to go. So it`s about 9pm we have an hour til we go back to the house and I am dying from all the pop that people give us. So we were looking for the house of this contact and we were on the right street but I just couldn`t wait any longer!! So, I just say "Hi" to this old guy standing outside his house and ask him if I can use his bathroom. He says he has to go ask his wife (and that is usually just stalling before they say no) so I was thinking, oh great where are we going to go? But then he comes out and says "Ya, pasen." So we go in and use his bathroom and before we know it we are looking at pictures of the grandkids and his wife is giving us all sorts of chocolates that she makes. It was so funny:) Then last night we were walking home and they pull up in their car and offer us a ride, so we get in and she starts driving towards our apt. then asks us if there is a liqour store close by. haha:) We told her where one was and were laughing because we are horrible missionaries telling people where they can buy their alcohol... but is was hilarious!!! They crack me up. 

Then 2 days later, it was about the same time and I, once again, needed a bathroom... bad! So we knock this door and they wont come out. So we start walking and the neighbor has the door open, so we knock it and it`s this old lady and just as she was about to say that she was busy I asked to use her bathroom and she looks up and says, the bathroom? And so she lets us in and she serves us pop and cake and her grandaughter gives us a bag of cookies. And then they start talking about their life stories. It was a great adventure with bathrooms this week. 

A Sister in our ward who is from Paraguay (who married a Chilean) made us this dish called Chipa Guazu from her county. It was good, kinda a corn dessert type thing. I don`t think I would eat it for fun but it was super fun to try. Everyone is so nice here! But ya that is pretty much my week. I'll try to make this week a little more exciting so I have something more to say than just rambling about random people who let me use their bathroom. 

I hope all is well and that you are all loving life and missing me a little :)

Bramwell, Player, and myself when Bramwell went to the dentist this week (in the fancy part of Santiago) there was a Starbucks so we went and got a frappachino. It was delicious!

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