Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jan. 16th 2012

This week flew by, but at the same time thinking back to what happened seems like forever ago. But things are going good in our little trio here. We always stay up late talking and then in the morning we are so dead. So at lunch we always try to eat really fast and so we can take a little nap. It`s a pretty good system. We decided to make things a little more interesting this week so we rotated cameras. So one day, I had Players camera, Bramwell had mine and I had Bramwells. It was fun to take some random pictures of our day. I now have a lot of mission pictures... haha:). But on Tues. Hermana Bramwell went to the dentist in the richest part of Santiago and there was an Applebess. So we ate lunch at Applebees (we felt like the highest rollers... haha) and fajitas have never tasted so good. :)  Yesterday I tried a new Chilean dish. It`s called Carbonada, it`s basically like a stewish thing with rice and veggies. It`s pretty good and I was grateful that they served it a little cool because it`s so ridiculous when it`s 95 degrees outside and for lunch they give you this steaming soup. (just a note for when you give the missionaries dinner)
And yesterday we ate so much food! We had this carbonada stuff and then we found this new investigator who was telling us about how she doesn`t have any money and she spends it all on her medicine for diabetes. And then she insists on giving us watermelon, a la chileana (this is how I explain that she is Chilean so she served us 1/4 of the watermelon. So we were dying to get all of it down. And we were laughing so hard because the whole visit was an adventure. I used her bathroom but the toilet didn`t flush and then I go to wash my hands and the lift up faucet thing just comes off, so I just decided to forget it and then find that the door knob is broken and I can`t figure out how to get out. Hermana Bramwell heard me trying to get out and she asked the lady ¨can she get out?` but she didn`t pay attention to her and just kept talking. But then I finally got out and we choose to sing I Believe in Christ, but we forget that it is different in spanish so we are slaughtering the song and laughing. But in the end, she enjoyed the visit and so it`s all good. 

Then a member told us to stop by and they gave us 2 pieces of cake and 2 glasses of pop. The cake here is soo good! It`s all moist and delicious. (She said she will teach us how to do it:)) So we were dying from all this food and passed by a ladies house and she gives us pop and a completo (hot dog with avacado, mayo, ketchup, mustard, and tomatoes) We went running to the house (because we were going to be late) like big marshmallows. 

But we did find some really good investigators this week. We contacted a lady in the plaza and she was so excited. She talked to missionaries in a different part of Chile about 10 yrs ago but then moved here and hasn`t gone since. Her, her son and daughter came to the primary pool party and liked it so, that was good. Then we found this family, like all the missionaries talk about but that I have never found. We contacted this lady one night outside her house and set up an apt. to go back the next day at 5pm. Things happened and we didn`t stop by until 9:30pm, so we started getting to know her and she starts crying and says, I know what you are going to teach is true because every time I have talked to you I feel this burning inside and I know that you are sent from God. So then we went back the next day and taught about the restoration and the Mom started crying and said she knows it`s true. So things are going good there. But there always has to be some kind of doubt if they really understand but they are a great family. They have a handicapped daughter in a wheelchair and the other daughter is a little hard of hearing but they are so great. 

I hope things are going good for yall and that you have a great week! Keith and Amber, enjoy your cruise! Play on the beach for me:) I`ll be here in good old Chile land prayin for ya'll. Thanks for everything! 

Hermana Player and I on the bus coming back from the country. She was so excited because we just saw an airplane land and remembered she was going home in less than a month

Yesterday my 2nd convert, Maria, came to our ward because she was making a skirt for Hermana Player and came to give it to her. It was SOOO great to see her. She is doing so good and told me to tell you all "Hi" :)

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