Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Jan. 30th 2012

It sounds like everyone has had an exciting week. Keith and Amber, I hope you enjoyed your cruise (although, how can you not, it`s a cruise) and it looks/sounds like Ethan had a rockin b-day party and Dad lived it up in Vegas. So many things going on it seems like. But I`ve been good here too. This week I learned a little quechua (it`s an indian dialect of Peru) a lady in our ward speaks it and taught us a few things but it`s so weird and I don`t remember anything, but it was cool anyways. And another sister in the ward taught us how to make a cake. It`s soooo moist and good. I am actually really excited to do it when I get home so you can all try it.
Hermana Player finishes her mission here in 2 weeks! She went to the temple and we went to go get her in the subway station. We were there waiting for a long time and I had to go to the bathroom so bad (yes, yet another bathroom story) but there aren`t public bathrooms here but I asked the worker anyway. He radioed his boss and said, I have some girls here who need to use the bathroom. His boss answered back that it`s just for handicapped and pregnant people. The worker said back, they are young women from the United States can they use it? And he didn`t answer back so they worker took us up stairs and we had to enter into a whole group of workers and they were discussing, if we could use it or not (I don`t know why it`s such a big deal to use the bathroom, but it was) and in the end they escorted us to the bathroom. I should have known there would be no toilet paper, there never is. But at least I got to the bathroom. 

On the bus ride back we were doing contacts and missed our stop, but we live almost at the end of the route so I thought, oh no big deal, the bus will just go up to the round about where it ends and come back to our stop on the other side of the road. So we just wait, we are the only ones on the bus. And then it pulls into the gravel place where all of them park and the workers wait their turn. Feeling so stupid we get out and are walking across nothingness and all the workers are whistling, making kissing noises, and yelling ¨I love you¨ in their best English... haha! It was so funny because we felt so stupid but at the same time I couldn`t help but laugh.

Then we were walking to an apt and this drunk homeless lady that is always in the street and tries to talk to us came up with her dirty face, ratty hair, and nasty alcohol breath and was talking to us and then when we started walking away she took me by the shoulder, turned me around, and tried to kiss me on the lips!!! Luckily, I turned my head fast enough and she just got my cheek. But now Im so scared of her whenever we see her we always take a different road. It`s so funny because my comps just laugh. 

We have been teaching the Grandma of this member who told us we had to paint our nails. She is so cute. She loves it when we come over. She calls us her angels. But her family always dresses her in the lowest cut shirts she always has her old lady cleavage hangin out, but she is so funny. She learned how to pray but she always forgets how to start. So she says she can`t do it but then when we tell her Heavenly Father she says oh ya, I can do it. She makes our day.

But that is my week in a novel of a letter. I hope things are going good there and that you enjoy your week. LOVE YOU ALL TONS!!!! Thanks for everything you do!
Some of the sister missionaries at the post office after sending letters (the position of the pic is super lame, thats what you get when you ask an elder to take it, but oh 

The subway station

We ¨heart attacked¨ a member that lives in the country. It`s cool because in the country there aren`t fences so you can go right up to the house.

Hope you enjoy

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